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  1. Reading the small print on the listing, they charge extra for the xenon fitment, and also extra for the halo fitment, so it looks like a £450 set of lights really work out to be £600......! They do ask to specify left or right hand drive when ordering. I thought it might give my IS200 a different look on the front end.
  2. I've seen a set of headlights on eBay for my IS200 and I was wondering if anyone has bought a set, and if they are any good? Here is the item number, please let me know your thoughts...........130598501781
  3. I've seen a set of headlights on eBay for my IS200 and I was wondering if anyone has bought a set, and if they are any good? Here is the item number, please let me know your thoughts...........130598501781
  4. I bought my 53 plate Is200 sport a few weeks ago and the off side trim on the front wing was damaged, the front part of the side bump strip that runs down the side on the doors. So I bought a replacement piece in the same colour, platinum ice, off a car being broken on eBay. When the piece arrived, I then learnt that it's not completely the same as what is on my car. Having thought about it, I'd like to remove these pieces of mouldings completely, and flush the area over and have it re sprayed. Has anyone done this or know of one done? Any pictures anywhere? I need the front and rear bumper re painting, so asked my body shop and got quoted £800 for all the work. I'm told the locating holes will need welding up then all filling and painting both sides of the car, plus bumpers. Anyone know of a good, reasonable priced body shop near Kettering?
  5. Mines gone all Matt in colour, it was once all shiny on the end but isn't anymore. Was going to see the doctor, (car doctor)!!!!
  6. I'll be up for a mini meet if you plan one, let me know. I just got my second IS200 after owning one 11 years ago.... Would like to meet up and chat.
  7. What do you think to these guys? Are these expensive to buy new from a dealer?
  8. Hello guys and girls. Both my father and I own IS250's and some little S*** in norhumberland has kicked my dads off side wing mirror out from the folded position while parked up outside an Italian! My question to you people is, can the cogs be replaced/repaired in the mirror or does it all have to be replaced by the dealer? He's had a quote for the complete motor and everything.......£525....!!!! Has anyone had to go through this before? Cheers in advance. :D
  9. I start the engine and turn on the DVD function. Then as soon as i release the hand break (foot break) and engage drive the screen shuts off but the sound carrys on playing. Then when i break to a complete standstill, the screen will not come on untill the car is in park and the foot break is re-applied. I've found a company today that will link my car to a computer and fint the codes to over-ride the multi media player. they then transfer this data onto a curcuit board and plug the board into the multi media player. this will make the DVD player stay on, including the screen when driving!!! The kit should cost £250 but as they have never done one for the IS250....My car will be the guinnea pig and i get it for free!!!! How pleased am i?!?! :D Also this may give me access to the other things that shut off when the car is in motion......such as, phone book as well as speed dial, sat nav address entry etc... Looking to get this done as soon as possible. I'll let you know the outcome.
  10. I thought £400 was way too much too! I have noticed if i drive slowly with the handbreak slightly on it still cuts out so the gear position must play an important part too..... Still trying to fond out how to over come it!
  11. I thought this, but the gear stick plays a part in it too. When you take the car out of park it does the same thing...... Thanks for your reply. :D
  12. Hello all. I have owned my new Lexus IS250 for about 4 weeks now and am enjoying the whole lexus experience again after chopping in an Evo 8. The luxury is to die for, and something the Evo never had! Any way, Please can some one tell me if the multi media system can be over-ridden easily to make the DVD function work when the car is taken out of park and the parking break is taken off? Not that i would think of watching a DVD whilst driving.....because that would be silly! However, my partner would lov for this to be possible as she gets bord on long journeys....! (more than half an hour) I have been to my local car stereo specialist and they have quoted me £400 for a by pass lead but this isn't available for another month or so. Surely its been done before Thanks guys and girls. :winky:
  13. I have found the exact same problem with my IS250 SEL.......going to call lexus now to tell them!! How strange!
  14. Hello, its been a long time since i've visited this site. Just bought a new IS 250 S-EL Loving it! They're so different to my old IS200 sport. Glad to be back though. If anyone knows of any body styling parts available for my new car please let me know. Hope to hear from you all soon.......Regards Russell :D