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  1. Hi These covers are used by some other members, but not cheap! https://www.classicadditions.com/en-GB/car-covers/prodcat_1052 2ddesign
  2. Hi I have a RX450h 2010 model and three years ago when I purchased it, I had a Westfalia detachable tow bar fitted. These are Lexus approved fittings and I had it fitted in Bristol for £896 inc vat, fitting was about 5hours in total. I pulled a Trigano Silver 310 caravan 850kg unladen. The RX450h proved to be a brilliant tow car pulling easily this light weight caravan and I found no major problems except getting used to reversing a caravan. I have since sold my caravan recently, as the weather proved such an obstacle for touring!
  3. Hi Michael Great News about the spare, really need one! Could you let me know how much you want for it please? Jack
  4. Hi Gary I am also looking for a spare wheel for the boot area, if you have one going? Jack
  5. Hi Gary Have you a working plastic cup holder you are selling as mine has stuck and could be broken! Jack
  6. Hi My SC 430 was in for the airbag recall and the fitter reported the plug behind the dash had been disconnected from the system, so no warning light! Not that I have any sensors on my wheels.... 2ddesign
  7. Hi Try posting for sale on this SC430 site, they have a large membership! https://forum.lexusownersclub.com 2ddesign
  8. John In used car purchases you have to accept some variations in condition and you have to compromise on your expectations. If you buy from Richard you are offered a 6 months warranty. I had my SC checked out by Lexus after and had a service there, just to make sure all was OK. Recently all SC430's had an airbag recall, some models have the cheaper tax and are facelift models, as always a good Lexus service history is useful. Mine is just a fun summer only vehicle and is wonderful to drive with the top down, expecting to use 6 months only a year. Jack
  9. Hi Peter Cardiff is my home, I purchased my SC430 last year, from"Lexusman" Richard who runs this website dedicated mostly to SC430's https://forum.lexusownersclub.com. He repairs and sells them, currently selling Number 52 at the moment. Jack
  10. Hi Welcome to the club. I have a SC430 2007 model, currently in my garage with a SORN, as the road tax is high and I have two other cars. 2ddesign
  11. Hi John solar panel on order, I will set it up this w/e on the garage roof weather permitting.... Found this on an American Lexus site, Lexus own recommendations for storage! Jack L-SB-0018-09-Long Term Vehicle Storage Guidelines.pdf
  12. Hi John Thank you for your advice! The Solar panel idea could be the best way to keep the battery going without the battery becoming sulphated. I do not want to remove the battery and loose all the car settings, ecu, etc, only as a very last resort. Looked at this unit on Amazon would this be ok? Jack
  13. Hi All, Looking for some advice and tips on storing my SC430 over winter in an unheated, no electric, garage. First I have waterproofed the roof and hung a tarpaulin under the garage roof to collect condensation drips. I plan to inflate all the tyres to max air pressure, some searches I have done on this and other forums show tyres on stands, thick foam etc. I plan just to leave the tyres on the ground at the moment. Also I will place a bowl of salt inside the cabin to collect moisture a trick I used in my caravan. Is it recommended to start the car up and run for 10 minutes every month? plan to leave it inside, end of November till May next year! So battery, unable to leave it on charge, but can I use a booster ie TACKLIFE T8 Mix jump starter connected to the battery to provide it with power all the time and then remove every so often, to charge up to the return to vehicle. Or should I only place booster pack on the battery to fire up the engine every month? Any tips and thoughts appreciated! Jack
  14. 2ddesign

    Sc430 amp

    Hi Just seen your post on here, re-post on this dedicated UK site for SC430s! https://forum.lexusownersclub.com Jack
  15. Hi Had my SC430 2007 replacement airbag from Lexus 2 weeks ago, (2nd replacement). Checked DVLA site to see recall notice on there and soon after had the letter from Lexus main dealer. Service reception said at least 10,000 vehicles affected in the Lexus range!