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  1. 2ddesign

    IS200 bushes costly to replace?

    Hi My IS200 has 169,568 miles on the clock and I source all my parts now from a chap in a group on facebook "LEXUS IS200 GROUP" or "LEXUS IS200 classified's" Both are closed groups and easy to join, Ricky Smith is the main supplier of any part for an IS200 vehicle, he breaks Lexus cars and will fit parts if you go to his place or posts them via delivery companies,(payment in advance). I recently had a part for my suspension, Lexus wanted £110, he £25 including postage...join the group and contact him! 2ddesign
  2. 2ddesign

    IS2000 problem

    Hi My IS200 had banging from the rear drum, Lexus in Cardiff stripped the brake area and the weld had rusted away holding the "cable run" and it had come away.It caused a lot of banging as it hit some parts of the brake system.After some straightening of some components with a hammer it was all put back without a cable run! 2ddesign
  3. Hi I had a tow bar fitted for my RX 450 2010 model at westfalia in Bristol in 2016, cost £896 .40. The exact tow bar that Lexus fit to their vehicles, with a removable tow bar! 2ddesign
  4. Hi On facebook there is a closed group "Lexus IS200 Classifieds (+IS300/Altezza)", apply to join no problem, 21,400 members! It is full of enthusiastic Lexus owners, with many spare parts from cars, that have been broken for parts. I use it for my IS200 158,000 miles. Recently purchased suspension parts, Lexus £200, Lexus breaker £25 inc postage! 2ddesign
  5. 2ddesign

    WANTED - IS200 Bonnet Stay

    Hi The person to contact is Ricky Smith who breaks IS200 's all the time, sent me a suspension part, Lexus new £225, him secondhand £25 including postage and would have fitted for free, if I could visit his garage in Birmingham! Top man! Call 07866 104 047 2ddesign
  6. Farqui Adrian Flux was £56 with European cover 60 days,includes Home Call Service, UK & European Roadside Assistance and Recovery.
  7. Thanks all for your suggestions! Green Flag was £62.72 Lexus roadside assistance with European travel was £135 paying by bankcard, £125 with standing order. Nationwide was £10 a month, but as Malc says lots of other benefits
  8. Hi Purchased a second hand RX 450h last year which came with RAC Breakdown cover. Now nearly a year on it is up for renewal at first contact £123, after chatting to an advisor on the phone it was reduced to £94. Cover is unlimited rescue, Roadside recovery & at home rescue. No onward travel, courtesy car as these are extras to the policy. In previous posts someone mentioned Car Breakdown Cover from AutoAid, A full year’s wide-ranging cover for just £43.31. Also if you click the link above you will see that it comes with the package below Roadside assistance Car and passenger recovery Home breakdowns Emergency travel or overnight accommodation Cover for caravans and small trailers Cover for theft or vandalism Message Service This seem a very good deal has anyone had experience of this service or any suggestions? Thanks 2ddesign
  9. 2ddesign


    Hi Looked on Westfalia Automotive tow bars, where I had my RX450h fitted with one for you, only IS200, IS 250.? Might be worth contacting them direct! Westfalia link 2ddesign
  10. 2ddesign

    Failed MOT

    Lee Thank you for your post, my tow bar set-up is the best you can get from, Westfalia automotive in Bristol, recommended by Lexus for the RX450h. I take your point about suspension, but this is for the coil springs that fit around the suspension arms. 2ddesign
  11. 2ddesign

    Failed MOT

    Rayaans You are correct that this does put an extra load on the springs! I do not live with salty air though. I just had the Lexus technician phone me up as I am typing this......the part has not turned up...... so it will be tomorrow when it is sorted! But I asked him if pulling the caravan was a cause, he commented that the other side is ok and more likely a fault in the metal of the spring? So at least I have a new NX 300h with 2000 miles on the clock to drive till then... 2ddesign
  12. 2ddesign

    Failed MOT

    Hi David Still waiting to pick-up vehicle, so have not had a chance to discuss this with them! My caravan is a Trivargo Silver 310, one of the smallest caravans you can get and the lightest 850kg. As to the cost it could be £430 approximately waiting for the part to be fitted today! 2ddesign
  13. Hi All My RX 450h 2010 with 47000 miles has failed the MOT with a rear suspension coil spring snapped in two places? I have seen the evidence video of the part on the vehicle, sent by Lexus Bristol, showing the item in situ broken in two places. So how does a vehicle of 47000 miles carefully driven get a snapped coil spring? OK, could it be because I have started pulling a caravan recently? Ideas, happened to anyone.... 2ddesign
  14. 2ddesign

    Performance exhaust swap for standard one on is200?

    Hi Try this site for "all things" IS200.... IS200 link 2ddesign
  15. Hi Try this group on Facebook Lexus IS200 Classifieds (+IS300/Altezza) Ricky Smith is always breaking IS200's and posts stuff to your address. 2ddesign