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  1. I have a2007 facelift model and as said a smooth ride/gearbox, but I have changed my tyre size, to give the car a softer ride. I have gone from the standard 245/40/R18's to 245/45/R18's as the roads in Wales are full of tank traps and pot holes🙂 So far no real difference in speedo and a slightly softer ride on rough roads!
  2. Hi Roy excellent recommendation, hope no one objects🙂
  3. Hi, advice please ...about to change air filter and cabin filter. On the web a Spanish video on utube.... the chap was going through the air filter change and disconnected the battery before removing the electrical connection by the filter cover......?. Also mine is face lift model the cabin filter in the glove box it has a trap door.........easy to open?😗
  4. Hi I have a made to measure cover from this company, ignore the model quoted and contact them direct with your requirements. One of the best things I have bought for my Lexus SC430, glare which blinded my view has gone and it is much safer driving now!
  6. Hi just looked at Trailing Arm Bushing Kit from USA....... At aprox £281....... purchase and delivery cost..... this seems a cheaper alternative to purchasing the whole rear lower suspension arms
  7. Hi Just had my MOT done on my RX450h 2010 model at Lexus Bristol, part of my 3yr service plan. It seems both rear lower suspension arms front bushes show excessive wear/splitting! Total price from their quote is parts £672, part numbers= L48760-48060 ARM ASSY, TRAIL and L48760-48090 ARM ASSY, TRAIL. Their labour charge is £174 an hour for 4hrs labour, £696.17 total £1,368.17 all up! This post comes at a fortunate time as I checked out Herbie's link to and to my surprise with FedEx delivery charge it come to £187.38 total......for parts, a saving of £484.62.......! Have not ordered parts from USA before are custom duties payable, any other pitfalls? Jack
  8. Hi Not sure... I belong to a dedicated SC430 site and that info was from there! check out this thread, from this link about reluctor replacement.......
  9. REAR ABS RELUCTOR Ring for LEXUS GS300 LS400- SC300- SC400- SC430-GS430-IS200 | eBay Lexus GS 2004 JZS160_, UZS161_, UZS160_ [1997-2004] Saloon 300 Saloon 2997ccm 219HP 161KW (Petrol). Lexus GS 2004 JZS160_, UZS161_, UZS160_ [1997-2004] Saloon 430 Saloon 4293ccm 283HP 208KW (Petrol). Lexus GS 2003 JZS160_, UZS161_, UZS160_ [1997-2004] Saloon 300 Saloon 2997ccm 219HP 161KW (Petrol). REAR WHEEL BEARING BOOT. Febest TT-GX110 4056111031163 | eBay Febest - TT-GX110 REAR WHEEL BEARING BOOT. Official FEBEST distributor. REAR WHEEL BEARING BOOT - Febest Car Parts. Vehicles listed above may have variations which include country of origin, build month/year and driveline options.
  10. Problem solved at an indy garage (cancelled Lexus look and see) Driver's side calliper not retracting and constant pressure on pad causing major damage. Refurbished calliper ordered £150, plus Indy's time plus two new pads and labour £145=£295. Since lockdown I have not driven the RX as much so calliper had rusted on one pot. Thanks for all your advice guys...!
  11. Hi thanks for your comments and it is true what you both say, if it was a wheel bearing I would take it to an independent no worries. But the electric motor is at the front, by the wheel....... I'm letting Lexus report. I have my yearly services done at Lexus Bristol and my Hybrid Health check as well. Which supposedly covers those components, after it is completed, not an expert in this area so happy to see what is diagnosed! Then maybe take it to an independent after for repair if it is a bearing.
  12. Hi On Sunday went for a long drive in my RX450 2010 model and noticed a slight scraping coming from the front... As I got closer to home one and a half hours later it was very noticeable, quite worrying! I have contacted Lexus Cardiff and it is in for Wednesday, for an "investigation" £140.00 inspection charge, which is supplementary to a fixing the problem charge! I was also informed it is out of warranty, I have 88,000 miles on the clock...? Rather hoping it may only be a wheel bearing! Always had the services carried out at Lexus Bristol before, now in the Motorline group as Lexus Cardiff. Has anyone had a similar problem coming from the front wheel?
  13. Hi any think like this interior ......
  14. Hi Megazip might be worth having a look at..........10% sale on 17hours to go
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