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  1. Hi I have a IS200,2001 vintage, with 178,500 miles on the clock, I belong to a FaceBook group that is dedicated to keeping these cars going.see below! One member "Ricky Smith" breaks cars and sells various parts, (based Birmingham) will post small parts or will fix the parts in his garage. I have had suspension parts and various parts that cost from Lexus £200 new £29 posted, great guy!
  2. Hi read this thread😉 https://forum.lexusownersclub.com/threads/my-sc.305/page-16#post-285603
  3. Hi Bob is on the last post, on this thread🤙
  4. Hi my road tax is £570 for a year as its a 2007 model, so I only use it 6 months of the year (garage queen) as it drops to £330. I have two other cars that keep me poor as well. But certain facelift models can be purchased with the cheaper road tax, 2005 models. But when the sun is out and the top is down that's when owning a SC430 is well worth it 🤙
  5. Hi Thank you for your replies, it seems that there is little to offer at the moment, tyre wise to help prevent reversing scrapes... I also have Continental 245/40/R18's Neil, on my SC430 and they are due to be replaced soon, so I might just have to carry on looking. They unfortunately did not help with a very high kerb on one rear wheel😪... The reviews, on plastic coloured rim protectors from customers are reasons why they should be avoided. On another forum this was offered as a solution
  6. Hi all, which tyre has the best side wall rim protection lip. do not want to scrape my alloys, Goodyear or Michelin or any other makes, (for normal 245/40/R18's), any recommendations please!
  7. Hi Are you still selling parts or not??👍
  8. Hi Here are some pics after trimming 2inches off the side and trimming the front along the windscreen glass😀
  9. Hi Peter have just received my order from China of a custom dash cover from... https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B088626CDL/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o02_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 First for £25 it was good material," fit" it was 2inches too long, also trimmed, where it fits along the front touching glass! I notified them that it was for a SC430 on the order and the e-mail back So trimmed the drivers side and also removed front segment around blowers.I think it will be ok for the job now seemed to cut out any reflected glare as I have just road tested it!
  10. Hi Try "Ricky Smith" on facebook IS200 group, great guy, breaks IS200 for parts, get all mine from him!
  11. Hi Just looking into a similar problem of juddering at 70mph when breaking, could be ABS sensor worn or reluctor ring wear? See this thread from Lexus-World https://forum.lexusownersclub.com/threads/abs-sensor-advice.2695/
  12. Hi My RX450 runs with Michelin Cross climates "SUV", 235/55R19. I have 35psi all around and find this is great for a smooth/quiet ride!
  13. Peter I have just ordered a "Custom" Dash Cover Mat from Amazon for a SC430, (made in china) delivery in September, £25 inc del. So I will post its fit, etc, when I get it. Jack