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  1. Hi Just got back from a trip away ,not in the SC430 though. I have had a go at setting the wing mirrors and as you select reverse in the car, the mirror tends to jump a bit on the cogs as it drops and does not return to normal position after drive is selected. I have spent some time checking youtube videos and setting the middle position of the left/right wing mirror adjuster, this is supposed to turn off the dropping in reverse. Tried it but still getting a jumping on the passenger side mirror as reverse is selected, the adjuster inside the car seems a little loose on the front drivers panel perhaps this might be the problem. The previous owner says it was all right when it left his place, but I only drove it home to my house 40minutes?? Could WD40 sprayed behind the mirror make it smoother? Jack
  2. Hi thank you for your comments and advice! jack
  3. Hi Just drove home my new purchase of a 2007 SC430 the colour is Twilight Amethyst Pearl with Ecru cream leather. Only a slight wind noise near the drivers side mirror area with the top down? Any one had this and is it the rubber side strips between roof and doors? Jack
  4. Hi I had my tow bar detachable fitted at Westfalia Bristol branch, cost £896.40. This, if so called "fitted" by Lexus would be £1100, so go direct. Have Michelin Cross Climates which give a smooth ride with no noise.
  5. Hi I purchased my IS 200 sport June 2001, it has 168,750 miles on the clock. I do lots of motorway driving and I am on the original clutch. I have had the radiator changed 5 years ago and ball joints and some suspension parts. Most parts I buy from a breaker/repair guy in Birmingham for suspension bits. My rear sill is showing small bubbling on the drivers side and the sunroof roof rubbers inside have deteriorated. On Facebook there are some good groups offering advice on IS 200's. I have a regular service of the engine oil, every 8,000 miles and recently had transmission, gearbox oil changed, which came out clear! Body work is great to date and I drive below 80 miles an hour mostly on the motorway, not to tax the engine which is still silky smooth, a superb model. Good luck
  6. Hi There is another sc430 forum and I suggest you contact sc430club@gmail.com The forum is run by "Lexusman" who sells and repairs sc430 cars, his first name is Rich. https://forum.lexusownersclub.com 2ddesign
  7. Hi cannot edit link on my first post....new link do you need a breather tube as fitted on a Panasonic battery?
  8. Hi I also started a post about a new 12v battery for my RX 450h 2010 model....https://www.lexusownersclub.co.uk/forum/topic/118405-replacement-12v-battery-for-rx450h/?tab=comments#comment-1078909 To date it is £197 for a replacement, or £146 + shipping from Japan, is the cheapest OEM battery I have come across. Although on an Americian Lexus forum some people have fitted cheaper batteries ( FYI....Cross Tyres & Auto". They're in Crosshands about 60 miles from Cardiff did not get back to me and I contacted them twice.... they fitted Steves battery for £70.)
  9. Hi Paul Thank you for your reply, contacted Lexus Bristol parts dept, who have one in stock and its £217.06 without fitting. I will check out your link, still waiting for Cross Auto Tyres to get back to me..... where Steve had it done for £70.
  10. Hi Steve As i live in Cardiff, would you be able to e-mail the contact details of Stuart so I can get quote from him? Regards 2ddesign
  11. Hi steveledzep Thank you for your reply! what a great price! Do you have a special make battery for the larger capacity and did you have to rest all the systems, eg radio, windows, seats etc? Regards 2ddesign
  12. Hi Have just asked Lexus Cardiff for the price of a replacement 12v battery for my 2010 RX450h. The original battery is inside and Lexus service reception say that this should be replaced every 5-7years. The price from Lexus Cardiff is £266.36 all inclusive, which I take to mean fitting as well. Is this a good price for the battery? Have over people used different replacements? Thanks 2ddesign
  13. Hi My IS200 has 169,568 miles on the clock and I source all my parts now from a chap in a group on facebook "LEXUS IS200 GROUP" or "LEXUS IS200 classified's" Both are closed groups and easy to join, Ricky Smith is the main supplier of any part for an IS200 vehicle, he breaks Lexus cars and will fit parts if you go to his place or posts them via delivery companies,(payment in advance). I recently had a part for my suspension, Lexus wanted £110, he £25 including postage...join the group and contact him! 2ddesign
  14. Hi My IS200 had banging from the rear drum, Lexus in Cardiff stripped the brake area and the weld had rusted away holding the "cable run" and it had come away.It caused a lot of banging as it hit some parts of the brake system.After some straightening of some components with a hammer it was all put back without a cable run! 2ddesign
  15. Hi I had a tow bar fitted for my RX 450 2010 model at westfalia in Bristol in 2016, cost £896 .40. The exact tow bar that Lexus fit to their vehicles, with a removable tow bar! 2ddesign