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  1. I used to be the technician at Lexus Aberdeen. Loved my job, hated the pay. Peanuts and Monkeys spring to mind Saw the writing on the wall and started working offshore the week before the sales team packed up. The workshop maybe lasted 8 months after that. A sad day when I left, but I felt a necessary move.
  2. Front Suspension Noise

    Could be any of a number of things, Bottom Ball Joints, Top Ball Joints, Disc moving on hub, Pads moving in calipers, Worn anti roll bar bushes, even might be the front x member. Seen some needing a wee tighten. Best of luck
  3. Ne Scotland Motor Show

    Not a clue, I used to work there as the senior technician,(duck in case anyone throws something at me) but left for a different career path in September. There was bad vibes at that time but no one was saying anything. It was mostly to do with the sales dept. Anyhoo, I left and 2 weeks later the salesmen were either relocated to other Arnold Clark branches or paid off. Last time I spoke to someone from the service dept, they were still in the dark with regards to their jobs. Your guess is as good as mine. Might be time to open an independant Lexus garage? Bu**er that
  4. Sounds like the same problem that some mechanics have with GS. Try switching the ignition on to position 2 for 6 mins. This generally allows the immobiliser to reset itsself after the battery is disconnected. Seen this problem before where a car had been towed in 60 moles for me to do this. Worth a bash
  5. Thats something the dealer does if they are factory fit. Normally on SE-L
  6. Ne Scotland Motor Show

    Right Guys, This event is kinda still in its infancy, but here's the website. Its not only gonna beef up this event but its good publicity Will probably add a touch of class as well. Have look. If you are interested and someone at this end is willing to coordinate it????? Any takers????? Get in touch with the organiser, his name is Chris, contact him at I would get more involved but i just aint got the time nor the contacts within this forum. Neither do I own a Lexus, I just used to work on them in Aberdeen Thanks for your support fellas Brian
  7. Ne Scotland Motor Show

    Well the offer is there. Dunno many members from the Aberdeen area, but suppose there would b enough for a representation. See how many others get back to me over the next few days
  8. Gs Not Starting?

    I agree with Nige, Ignition on for 6 mins before you crank. This is how long the immobilizer takes to reset or something. Seen it a lot.
  9. Anyone in the Aberdeen area interested in having LOC represented in the North East Motor Show at the AECC on 31st May 2009( or at least I think thats thats the date TBC) gimme a shout cos I know the main organiser. Lots of car enthusiast websites have already confirmed along with some local dealerships etc. Aparently Grumpy-ian Police will be in attendance with their road safety unit. Oh and the local chap with the Bugati Veyron has been invited and aparently confirmed too. Might be worth a look at least. Let me know either way please. Granite
  10. Headlights Staying On

    Thats right, water/moisture runs down wiring from multiplug at O/S of windscreen, and gets into fuse/relay block at drivers kick panel. Just needs a good blow out and reseal screen at wiring.
  11. Cam Belt Change

    Lexus Aberdeen change the tensioners, As far as I know,Lexus advise the tensioner to be replaced
  12. Its a faulty washer pump. Had one like this before, had my doubts about a fix but its the only thing in common other than a switch. Worked a treat