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  1. Steve

    Happy Birthday adz!

  2. She's gone mate, buyer's very happy and has replaced the Airflow meter and MOT'd her already. Well chuffed that she's still going strong. This topic can now be locked
  3. If someone offered me £800 i'd take it off ebay. I realise it's not MOT'd at the moment but it's way nicer than most of the dogs on there. I just don't have the time to mess about with it, it might just need a long run. I've bought a new shape diesel Toyota Avensis T-spirit and just want to "move on"
  4. Hi Guys As the title says my Lex went for its MOT today and failed on emissions. It was high last year but some fuel treatment sorted it out but this year it 's being more stubborn. The garage I use are trying to give it a run tomorrow, and hoping to bring the readings down, but i'm not too optimistic. I'm thinking maybe Cats or a Lambda sensor but the garage admit they can't diagnose it and don't want to randomly change sensors/ ecu's. Is it best to take it Lexus (Nottingham) if the treatment doesn't work, and will they be able to make an accurate diagnosis? Sorry about all the questions, feeling a bit panicky . Hi to everyone by the way, i've not been in for a while. Regards Adz :winky:
  5. I use a snooper S5-R detector and a Garmin I3 Satnav with monthly updates, less than £300 all in and the Garmin I3 has postcode search satnav as well. They're both really simple (like me) and plug and play There are so many sneaky cameras now a good detector plus Satnav with monthly updates seems the way forward IMHO.
  6. There's some corkers on there. i well fancied that bird out of Black box, and technotronic. And Enya Check out Mr.T "treat your mother right" That's awesome, hes's nails (i pity the fool) :D .
  7. Gimme a chance! Thay're Scorpion aftermarket ones and sound very nice(much quieter than the Micron full race system on the blade), i've ordered a MotoGP double bubble screen and a HID kit already, well yesterday actually. That was before i'd even got it.
  8. Hi peeps I just bought a '99 Suzuki Hayabusa 1300 today to go with my '94 Blade, which i've had 7 years and can't bear to sell. I took it for it's maiden voyage and it is soooo 'kin fast it's unbelievable. I'm so excited and still in shock about how much torque the thing has. It feels like it's got twice the power of the blade. I'm off to work on it tomorrow so the 190 mile trip should only take about an hour :shutit: . I've attached some piccies if you fancy a look, i'm very happy :D :D :D :D :D
  9. I've got a Rado ceramica mulifunction and it's very understated, not at all bling. Breitlings are wonderfully made but they're usually pretty chunky, skinny people look funny wearing a Breitling. My mate can barely lift his skinny arm up when he wears his and feels self-conscious as it's really expensive, so he wears his Omega instead. I agree about the TAG looking fake, as that's what put me off. Omega make nice watches too, although the James Bond connection puts me off.
  10. Thanks for the tip, I just bought one for my 'Busa, which i'm getting tomorrow. At over 3 miles a minute (on private roads) you need to see where you're going
  11. That's cruel ... but funny :D :D :D
  12. I'll post up the pic's when I get it, bought it privately from a chap in Lancashire who's getting a new ZX10R. Black/ Red, 17500 miles and new tyres/ service/ chain and sprocket kit etc at 17000 miles, He's chucked in a few extras as well for £3700
  13. I just bought a full power Hayabusa! Well I put the deposit down. My wife said i'm only allowed a Busa if I keep my blade, as she likes it (what a girl). 200mph (ish) here we come! on a private road.... :D I'm so excited, and a bit scared. :o
  14. You must be strong Ellz! R1's are the work of the Devil. (Gorgeous bike's though, especially in black/ silver or the old blue ones)