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  1. Steve

    Happy Birthday Ryo!

  2. just thought id pop in and say hello, and hope every ones having a nice holiday, and their '300's are actually moving in the snow , and not like mine was , and used to spin at every flake. useless thing it was , and despite the you tube vids bmw's are quite good in the snow :) even m3's right after xmas i will have some gear going up for sale , when i clean em up and take pics , seeing as there no good to me , HKS silent , exhaust ,only covered about 2k miles ,with guarantee paper work. 4 tte sport alloys with tires, will get makes and tire depths after exmas i dont want to put em on ebay really , i thought id give you lads first dibs any way, take it easy , dont get too blathered , and be carefull out there Steve
  3. got hold of a 1996 mk1 sport, but the harmonic damper on the pulley has gone, and ive not got the proper tool to get the crank bolt off :) my local garage says he will remove it for me , but ive to get the car to him, i cant put the car back together as im awaiting parts for it ,so its a tow job, can you tow a gs300? the distance between me and the garage is say 15 miles Cheers Steve
  4. well she has had anauto electrician out to it and he recons is a crankshaft bearing , pully thing thats collapst and its causing the belt to slip im not 100% sure ,could be tho, seems plausable? i didnt think there was any bearings down there, only the actual front crank bearings,
  5. well i got another one , mine was a broken alternator , that was easily fixed, however my bezzie m8 has a simular problem, her lexus threw exactly the same probs as reported above, i said alternator, so she got a new alternator, highest it read from the alternator was 13 volts, that then fizzled away to nothing, ive swapped alternators with mine as i know mines OK still nothing, ive checked the fuses for the charging circuit, there ok, all cables look ok, im getting tone from all the earths, nothing looks off, but theres NO charge going to the battery it even ran no problem at all with a reading of 10v volts, then a few mins later it died :) any ideas, as this ones doing my head in
  6. mine was absolutly rubbish , worse car ive ever driven in the snow , even my supra was better , which is weird
  7. well im going to dig this thread up , as this is now the same problems im having now it started a few days ago the same warning lights come on the instrument panel, and the battery slowly discharges, right to the point where the car eventually stops, luckily i was parked out side my house at this point, thinking it was the battery which is 2 years old i took the car to lexus, after i charged the battery up for a few hours, technician said the battery was ok, but a little discharged and suggested a bench charge for a few days to get i up to 100% on driving home i get the nearly dead lexus (typed above) charge it up again and everything will run till the battery disharges, any way, while the car was running i stuck a V meter across the battery and i got a whopping 11.8v across the terminals when the engine running m so obviously the alternator isnt working , i had a look for the 100 amp fuse and if its the one in the engine bay, even tho i couldnt remove it to test properly it visually looks ok. *update today* i went out today after reading this post to see what i can see, fusae looks ok, wiring looks ok, everything looks ok, belt ok. i have notised that there is a fair bit of oil and crap on the alternator, which apparantly they dont like, plus i went out and started the car, it started after 8 hours so its not a slow short as battery still had enough life in to fire up it up, listening to the revs there seemed to be a noticable difference in rev speed, once speed gave me no volt increase on battery , other speed gave me 14.1 volts, when it settled down , i got 11.5 volts across terminals, car is a 1996 with 133k miles on, alternator is origional , im thinking its just given the ghost up , what you think , oh a new alternator is 150 to 250 £ Steve
  8. welcome to exclusive part of the loc.......... the 1996 sport owners bit :) expecially the black subsection of this club :) enjoy it
  9. after passing my bike test and riding around on a little cbr125 , ive decided to go spending. im now the (well when its ready) proud owner of a purple :) cbr600, full history, 6k miles and one owner from new, ive had to spend a little more than i wanted , getting the alarm and the resricter kit fitting , but hey ho heres the link http://search.autotrader.co.uk/es-uk/www/b...icleRegLetter=M
  10. hmmm mk3 toyota supra 2.5TT aero.... i had a mk3t..... (the aero model was like the scarlet pimpernuckle :)) and another for the skyline GTR sierra XR8 volvo t5 for the shops and im sorry , but it has to be done a suzuki hyabusa just for the shere speed of it
  11. i cant buy anything bigger for 2 years. but seeing as ive not got any NCD on my bike insurance, there no point , after all i got the bike for commuting , currently got a cbr125 2006 in repsol colors, not a bad bike fast enough for me , oh its the A2, looks like i put the wrong one in, , restricted to 125cc for 2 years then anything goes.
  12. just told insurance, bloody thing didnt go down any :( im waiting now for Georgina my 11 year old to come home so she can do a few jobs for me ,, taking L plates off , and picking herself a bash hat :)
  13. Well. had my practical A1, test today , and must say what a bloody nightmare, radios went dead on me 3 times, which didnt do alot for my confidence i can tell you , we did the stop and the u tunrn , which were the things i were ,, well crapping myself over , as the rear brakes on my cbr are lets say "keen", so did them and carried on riding , , radios went dead again, so i thought well thats it , ive failed , so just rode , as i thought i had nothing to loose really . THEN !!!!!!!. Passed 0 . serious 0 . minor YIPEEE
  14. hullo, mine had i'd say 70% of the leds that wernt working its a simple repair tbh, but ive had years of electronics practice,. the way mine got removed is a pain tho, you have to remove the entire spoiler, tip it upside down so you can see the brake light there are 2 plastic clips at either side of the "brake light" pop these off and there's 2 screws inside, remove them and away you go thats the easy part , getting the "brake light taken apart is mucho fun :) all in, its not a bad job, just fiddly Steve
  15. Ryo


    if some one wants to nick the bog after my 11 year old daughters finished on it , there welcome to it