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  1. Happy Birthday ashpilot!

  2. The AV bits are under offer. I've also got this kit for sale. Sensible offers please. This kit sticks over the existing wood trims with double sided foam. It only fits the mk1 is250 sel with heated seats, otherwise you will have holes. It also need black tape stuck around the edges to hide the wood trim. While removing it I have caused a couple of minor cracks in the edges which cannot be seen when its fitted. If anyone is interested I can send photos etc. I purchased this from member mr singh, this was the advert:- I have for sale a LSP Carbon Fibre interior kit. This is for the Right Hand Drive, there very very hard to get hold of, rare as rocking horse poop! - Black fine woven carbon fibre - Right Hand Drive - Vented Seats - Auto Only - 3M Tape Preinstalled for DIY installation - Black Vinyl Tape For Covering Excess areas Production of these have STOPPED for the RHD, i know because i am friends with the actual manufactuer of these... I was going to offer these to LOC members but i've not got the time. There was an IS1K version which i can get but only 10 black sets were made and sold to Carsons in the US.
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    my IS250 pictures
  4. I was thinking around £300 the lot, but have not carefully removed them yet,I've got some decorating to finish first. Next week hopefully.
  5. Its time to say goodbye to my 2008 IS250 SE-L Multi Media. Before saying goodbye I will be removing my additions which are Audio/Video input interface for the satnav (ordered from the states) Just plugs into the rear of the satnav unit to allow two switchable av inputs, select using the aux button and switch between the two channels using the track button on the satnav unit. Like this one Twin tuner digital tv tuner with two aerials details here The toms satnav overide unit found on the prolex website Details Here Boot liner select boot liner from this page All items above are now sold.
  6. I was told they all have the piston slap noise, when they removed my engine one of the cylinders had worn oval. Listen to the loan cars when you have yours serviced, they are usually lower mileage and in my case all are quieter (fuel pump wise). Ive had this car from new, 98% of my driving is constant motorway speeds for 90 mins at a time, so its not my drving style.
  7. This is a wear issue, as the car does not make this noise when new. I will be insisting on a new fuel pump on its next visit as the noise does get louder over time. My is250 has around 56k on it, its had a new engine because of a knocking noise (Piston Slap)which was pronoused as perfectly normal initially.
  8. We need to have mass organised boycotts of certain petrol retailers. This could help drive the prices down. Why are the lorry drivers quiet?
  9. Here's the whining noiseLooking at the engine, its either inside or off the accessory belt drive, Ive turned of the aircon, so it should not be that, the only other items are the alternator, water pump and idle pulleys. Have you had this noise? What was it? Also cleaned the car, managed to polish out the scratches. Any ideas how to get rid of the disgusting blackcurrent smell the dealers cleaners have sprayed inside, my car now smells like its ready to be used by avis as a rental car.
  10. Well Lexus Sheffield had the car for 2 weeks, to look at the engine noise, rear bumper (Paint scratched due to gap clearance) and damaged paint on my alloys done during services. They painted the bumper, didnt bother with the wheels and replaced the block and pistons because some of the cylinders had worn oval causing the piston slap on a 52K car. The this noise has been cured. However since the work has been done it has developed a whine (like power steering noise). They had the car back for another week to repaint the wheels and look at the noise. The noise is still evident and I've collected yet more scratches to the paint work. I will be recording the whining noise and placing it on here as soon as I have washed the car and checked out the job on the alloys etc. I thought Lexus/toyota were supposed to be reliable!
  11. It sounds worse because of the location of the microphone, initally. As I reverse the car out of the garage(you can hear the parking sensors beeping) the noise is like having the window open. The tappet noise while accelerating (starts around 1:05 mins into the recording)can be clearly heard in the cabin, although the injector noise seems to be damped out by the cars noise insulation. Any techs or engine experts comments are welcome.
  12. Here is a youtube link, this is what my car sound like from cold start, the injectors are noisy, but from standstill you can here the tapping noise on top of the injectors as the car accelerates. Does yours sound the same?? This noise is getting worse and can be heard once the car has warmed up after a long motorway trip. Help anyone.
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