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  1. I have one of my sensor offline according to techstream, thinking of replacing the battery as it is easy to do. Would this from the bay work? knowing my luck the nut and valve must likely stuck to the rim and break when I touch it 😛 Benson
  2. Went to dealer today and installed a second hand compressor, air con works again now 😉
  3. Thanks for the info Herbie! I will keep looking for a place to fix it
  4. Hi all, I have been to Lexus twice now and the latest news is that the air con compressor is faulty. The cost of repair will be £3142 as the compressor cost new £2800, I am trying to get them to fix it with second hand part but so far no news about that. My usual local garage would not take on the work due to unfamiliar with Hybrid system and the special lubricant required to charge the system. Is it difficult to change the compressor? can normal garage do that? Many thanks
  5. Been there today and waited 2 hours to get on the ramp. Once I got on they found that my Blitz Nur Spec - R exhaust sit too low for the jack on the ramp since they don't have the tyre I need Jim is going to call me back tomorrow for the price of the tyre and I will return there next week and may have to take off the back box while on the ramp China
  6. I am heading there now to have a look and see what equipment they have. Most likely I will get it done there next saturday as they need to order the F1s. Will post the print out here too. China
  7. Hi, I have uneven wear on the rear tyre, the inner edge is bald. I am planning to put some Eagle F1 on it but I don't want the same thing happen to it six month down the line. Goodwin which is 1 mile from me can do full geo and rear camber adjust and I think thats what I need. A lot of ppl heer recommand Tony in Watford? 98 pounds for geo check and all adjustment 4 wheels if needed. Eagle F1, 255/40/17 for 100 + Vat each sounds good? BTW I have a Toyota Supra TT China