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  1. Settings > More > Tethering & portable hotspot > Bluetooth tethering. Make sure that's checked. I find BT to be best but on my Pixel that setting occasionally turns itself off.
  2. Lovely, been waiting to see a blue 17. The difference is even more striking...
  3. So those on leases didn't have their car blessed whilst drinking fragrant Japanese tea?! How will the car survive without blessings?!?
  4. The shape they make, gotta be 88mph...
  5. Congratulations, I'm loving mine so far!
  6. Yep, like I said, never had a single issue with all three Lexus I've owned... So bulletproof is definitely the word... Also, all confirmed for pickup on Saturday! Can't wait!
  7. Not really, but that's just because I'm aware of the quality of Lexus Approved Used and the brand in general so 20k miles is it being worn in! Colour was a factor also, I simply prefer the Ultra Blue to the 2015 update which is Azure Blue. Also due to me going for a two year deal only, so I'll be able to replace with a 2017 facelift model when it's up or go for an RC perhaps...
  8. I'd definitely go for an F Sport, the improved spec is worth it for sure... I just have myself and should be picking it up on Saturday! Had a couple IS200's and an IS250, but replacing a BMW 320D coupe that I bought after a write-off. Can't wait to get back into a Lexus, never had a single issue with any of them, but not been the same with the BMW! It's a 63 plate in Ultra Blue with red leather and premium navigation, little under 22k on the clock...
  9. Got an ebay link mate? Not sure on the size!
  10. 18" To 16" Wheels

    18s to 16s... !!! Little bit of sick came up reading that...
  11. Mic placement pic. Gonna get a retractable mini USB cable to connect up for charging.
  12. All done! Just need to get some better double sided tape for the mic holder as the one that came with it didn't stick at all. I couldn't get the mic in the same place as it kinda blocked the view to the sat nav but mainly as the strip bit wouldn't stay down no matter what I did! So, mine comes from underneath and sits facing upwards. The holder is stuck in the space to the right of the snow and traction control buttons. I'll post a pic once I get it permanently on, using the old skool loop technique with some black insulating tape I found in the house at the mo! Everything working spot on, streaming music, calls, and charging via the USB cable. Excellent bit of kit!
  13. That's perfect Stuart! Thanks man. Had a 1st gen, then a 2nd and now back with the 1st!
  14. Stuart, can I ask how and where you hooked up the mic for the BT dongle?