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  1. Unfortunately the recent state of our roads, coupled with ill thought out speed humps and chicanes, will only serve to excercerbate the levels of financial hardship that motorists will have to endure from suspension problems. Parts of my route to work make my car feel like a wheelbarrow when I cannot avoid the bad stretches due to oncoming traffic.
  2. For future reference, record the number somewhere. I bought a car and found the key was missing. Luckily, the empty box was in the car with the number on it and my Lexus dealer lent me their master key. Excellent service! ( Especially as I bought the car elsewhere)
  3. Tough one! I'm sure there a number of technically gifted people in here who would be comfortable taking on such a wonderful car. At the end of the day, it will be worth what the buyer will pay! I would advertise it at the medium Glass' guide value and see how you get on. They are not very common so you never know - it could be just the car two people are waiting for to haggle over.
  4. I have had several of these done before and have walked away from three cars. I used : last time and ended up with a very comprehensive report that highlighted several faults on a 4 year old Toyota Hilux with low mileage that was eventually proved to have been heavily used on a construction site in Kent. The MoT would not have identified impending issues with the 4WD drive train. Being not highly mechanically savvy, I would not buy a car without an inspection now (If I am not buying from a Dealer with an associated one year warranty.)
  5. I like to have idiots where I can see them - in front - so I let them pass whenever possible. I would not confront them in that brave way though, you just never know when you might run into a real nutcase who threatens or even takes your life over nothing. I use a one track road every morning, there is usually one such idiot every other day.
  6. I would be happy with either. As Suman says, if you need the larger boot and don't spend too much time stuck in traffic, I would say opt for the 460. If you are undecided, then drive both and go with your heart. I have had Lexus cars since 2001 and I have yet to worry about reliability issues. Yes there are issues if one searches hard enough but having also run Mercedes cars I can honestly say Lexus has been far less stressful ! Have been running an RX400h since 2005, no battery issues so far! Whats more there are more than a few Toyota Prius taxi cars out there with 300,000 miles on the clock.
  7. The hybrid gives it extra power but without a hefty sacrifice on economy overall. Yet, it is just as wonderful to drive at 30mph as it is at 80mph. Plus it's 4 wheel drive. I have not bothered much with the power button. It is powerful enough in normal mode. I was very impressed with it when I hit a patch of black ice on a country road bend last month. Very impressed indeed. The electrics worked wonders with the wheels.
  8. None. We also have not had any issues with our 2006 RX400h. If it has full Lexus history (check with a dealer - Lexus do offer a diluted service plan - you do not want that with this vehicle). It is important that the big services have been carried out in full. Also check that any recalls were carried out - again a Lexus dealer can confirm (Assuming you are not buying from Lexus). If you are buying from Lexus, their one year warranty provides a very good level of confidence. If you are not buying from a Lexus dealer but it has Lexus service history, I think you can still get the Lexus warranty for peace of mind.
  9. None so far on mine. Have a descent test drive in both the 460 and the 600. If you are certain that the smaller boot space will not be an issue then go for it. In my view both cars are excellent.
  10. Perhaps as insurance fraud is on the rise, they might be using credit checks to descriminate against people with a poor credit rating. Whatever the reason , it is not acceptable that they do not make it explict that such checks would be undertaken. Hopefully, we have someone closer to the industry who could enlighten us. Would be good to have a definitive answer.
  11. I only have one car with Admiral but I am on their multicar policy and, surprisingly, they have been the cheapest for the last three years. £450 for the LS600h. Whether I shall recommend them after a claim is something I have yet to find out. My 400h is with Lexus Insurance and several claims (mostly car park dings from inconsiderate shoppers) have been dealt with brilliantly and with minimal penalty on the no claims bonus. (It also means you deal with Lexus, which is a bonus. Do check their quotes though, there is always one bad apple somewhere!) Consequently, that car has remained with them for 6 years. Remember, you can haggle - first quote from Admiral on the LS was £650! And check that they do not alter terms when they give you a better quote - like suddenly increasing the excess without your knowledge !
  12. Never knew this was available, thanks for the timely post.
  13. Thank you all, really thought provoking . Let's all be grateful for what we have and think less about those who are perceived to have more than we do, but think and care more about those who have less. In a world of finite resources for us to have more someone somewhere is bound to have less.
  14. Hello folks, Jumping in a bit late here and apologies for that. My only negative point on my 600h is the small boot but it is a small price to pay for all the pluses, unlike on the GS450h I once had for a week before I realised my error and returned it to get back into the RX400h I had traded in. I did not get on with the stiff suspension on the 450h on our rough roads. The 600h is super smooth, like the 430 and 460. Quite frankly I would be happy with any of these cars. I do not find parking an issue, partly because I tend to be picky on where I park anyway but I have been in fairly tight car parks - Bentalls Centre Kingston, for example, and it was a breeze. The lack of anti roll bars on the 600h L might be a problem for those who like to test bends at high speed. For me, I like long drives on the continent and the car is perfect for that. I can get up 4am Saturday morning, drive to Follkwstone to get on the 6:20am train to Calais and then run the car in Brussels for 10am and get back Sunday evening and Feel as if I spent the weekend at home on Monday morning . Driving to Rome or Nice is not a bother in this car. (We won't talk about the petrol bills but 32MPG is pretty good in a 5 litre V8) I love the RX400h too and is equally impressive in different ways. I am biased though, I just like Lexus, especially the service excellence the dealers provide. I do have a very soft spot for the Mercedes S class and CL too but the dealers really ruin that experience as do the reliability of Mercs compared to Lexus.
  15. You cannot go wrong with this unit... Additional information can be found at
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