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  1. make sure the boy does not use scotch locks!!!!!!worst thing ever invented. Thanks for the tip! Any update on this yet? Have you had the towbar fitted yet? Does it clear the rear bumper? Jon
  2. Try getting your local Kwik-Fit to put on a set of Sc430 runflats!! That should keep em busy for a few hours!
  3. Try this one - you can select the track.Very difficult!
  4. Lower the number,better the score. Personal best for me is 5 for both runs.
  5. another game here for the bikers among us.
  6. Sorry should explain,I work for Lexus and we had one in for service today with 121,000 on the clock!!!!:)
  7. V plate IS200 in for service today with 121,000 miles.
  8. These alarms are very sensitive to heat and metal objects in the centre armrest(coins,keys,etc).Clear the console and try it or press the remote twice when you lock it and the interior sensor should turn off.Jon.
  9. The screws are a five sided type of Torx designed by Thatchem.Dealers were issued with sockets to remove them.Jon
  10. I am a Lexus technician in Essex.Have been for 10 years.