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  1. Yep the wheels r still for sale, make me an offer i cant refuse.
  2. Hi Tom, The grille is the normal sport grille from a lexus dealer. It come with the L & sports badges. Yeh you might be able to get away with the grille being astral black and your car being granite sky, It should look ok.
  3. Hi, the wheels do have some scratches on them, but they can be easily repaired. The outer edge of the wheels are highly polished and the inner wheel is dark chrome. All 4 wheels are 8 wide, with a 215/35/19 tyre on them. I got narrow wheels and tyres because i didnt want the hassle of having to get my arches done. Ash
  4. Yeh they should be fine, i had my lowered on Elbach springs with no problems. I had no rubbing even with 4 heavy people in the car.
  5. Due to selling my car, i have the following items for sale: Astral Black TRD Sports Grill excellent condition £100 19” Mania Pursuit With Pirelli P7000 215/35/19, 4mm of tread left on tyres, wheels could do with a referb. Great lookin wheels Offers around £700. cost new £1650. No arch work needed to fit, even when lowered. pics of wheels:
  6. Its not a camera proof plate, its a tinted plated with custom font. scotts have a website, heres the link:
  7. Hope this helps, the guy that owns this IS200 is a friend, he works for Next at Riverside. The number reads (S700P P) Snoop p. The wheels are TSW from Scotts Tyres in Npton
  8. The reason im changing my 19" rims to standard ones, is because, i don't want ruin my chrome finish rims, the salt eats into them.
  9. Hi, I want to change my 19" wheels for the standard is200 17" wheel for winter, but i can't find my orignal lexus wheel nuts. Has anyone got any for sale? or could you point me in the right direction of getting some. Thanks.
  10. Congrats number 6, welcome to the club! Black is definitely the best colour. i might be a bit bias owning a black car. lol. I hope you enjoy keepin your black car clean.
  11. thanks claire, Im waiting for the postman to arrive with my Max Power stickers. lol
  12. finally got my copy of banzai, i went to 4 whsmiths tryin find it. I read eariler there was a pic of black is200 in it, i was hopin it was mine, and it was. Its a great little pic. It also says the Team Lexus stand was the best club stand.
  13. hi, does anyone know where i can get some uprated shocks from. i have an is200sport 99, ive fitted 19" wheels, with a 215/35 profile tyre. Ive also lowered it with Elbach springs. I find the ride very bouncey! my orignal shocks are fine, my cars just been serviced & checked! Anyone have any ideas?