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  1. Steve you were there did you not see it
  2. There was one at Lexus Pools open thing knowone see it it was one that had been done by lexus GB not the specil ones coming in form Jap but it gives you an idea there is only a very limited number coming in cant remember but i think it was one per dealer or some thing like that (not 100% on the numbers)
  3. To much detail on an open forum guys
  4. This is as bad as eastenders who was it come tell us phill
  5. Its a very shady are at the moment with the Iraqu thing some shipper even have to show there passports inorder to ship thing the security is so tight now the USA have what is called a Know shipper register and they would be silly to mess this list up for themselves it hard enough to ship from there as it is. The amount when you dont pay duties is only about £50 so it would have to be pretty smallfor them not to want to inspect it.
  6. If they will replace it under warranty then you cant do much
  7. One of my dealers fitted a system to an IS the Guy was up north some where he came to weston for the weekend and stayed in a hotel he got a few days at the seaside as well as a booooooming system.
  8. Take it from me when it comes to car audio you dont want to be looking for the cheapest place and i would not recomend bying it any were were you can go to them One place to try is car audio direct they are internet based but also have a shop and they are in oxon Just a thought for you they also have a forum if you want to ask any questions ect
  10. 5 words for this topic They cost to dam much
  11. Dont talk to loud it a very serious affence you never know who is reading You do not have to pay duties for some countrys if the product you are byeing is low production it that country and the they are a lowe growth country or some thing like that
  12. They picked it up wed and droped it back friday but they are 100mile away and they talked me into its first service Iv been told it's a 8 hour job The Dunlops, that just me i'v never been a lover of dunlops Need a race trck to try it out now
  13. I have also taken this up with lexus and they stated that if the items fitted where not directly at fault then your warranty would stand i tried to get them to fax me this but could not get it out of them Merc fax it to me same day?
  14. When we hadan IS i found that if you left the boot closed for a long period it would only open about 1/3 of the way but if you used it a lot it would open about 1/2 way Even if you have not got a spoiler i would get the better springs just so you can be sure that it opens every time
  15. Wow this topic got a bit messy what is it you realy want to do and how many people are asking