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  1. Hi, Looking for 6-7 hundred or around that mark. BUMP!!!!! Bump Any reasonable offers?
  2. Hi, Looking for 6-7 hundred or around that mark. BUMP!!!!!
  3. Hi, it was maybe it was bad timing? I would rather give it to someone on the forum. This forum and members have been great.
  4. Thanks, so far so good, amazing drive, its a 2008 330I M Sport Coupe with quite a lot of extras. A rare find with 20,000 miles.
  5. I have now gone to BMW im afraid. The car has a lot to live up to after owning a Lexus.
  6. Hi, Looking for 6-7 hundred or around that mark.
  7. Hi all, I am selling my beloved plate no. I have sold the car to my cousin (gone to a good person who will look after it as much as I did) and the plate is still on there. Plate no. reads "L3 USX" ANY OFFERS? Thanks Dino.
  8. Ok People, I really need to sell it, how about £600 including transfer fees. Any reasonable offers will be considered, thanks.
  9. Hi all, Before I place the private plate "L3 USX" for sale on the no. plate websites. I thought I'd offer to the people on this forum, who have been exceptional on giving advise, tips and trick. Thanks again for all the advise given. The plate has been cherised for 8 year on my Is200. I am looking for £700, which includes the transfer fee.
  10. Thanks, ans yes it is supposed to say "LEXUS" without the 10-15 grand price tag. The plate was given to me as a b'day present, but I have now sold the car after 8 years of happy motoring.
  11. Hi all, It has been a pleasure to be a part of this forum. Unfortunately I have sold the car and am also selling my beloved private plate. I thought I owe this forum, hence I am offering the plate to the Lexus Forum members first. It has been a privilege to be member of this forum. The private plate reads "L3 USX” Please PM me for any offers, reasonable offers! Thanks.
  12. I have L3 USX if you are interested. Buyer to pay for the transfer etc.. Any reasonable offers?
  13. Hi all, Its been a while since I was last on the forum. Guess the car has been great all this time. Anyway how do I become a Gold member, the site has changed a lot since I was last on here, and I cannot find the links. I have something to sell. Thanks
  14. I had one for 1 month and took it out, still have it in the box somewhere. The throttle body gets very dirty, and it does not make any difference to acceleration etc IMO, if anything requries more maintainance than the OEM. Prefer the OEM filter lasts longer than the K&N. K&N filter required cleaning/oiling virtualy every month. Just vacum the OEM filter and housing every month to keep it clean. Make sure it is a OEM filter used and not an aftermarket one, as they do not fit properly and the filter fibres are not the same.
  15. Ahhh, so it is the same as a normal cabled clutch, just making sure I know it does start slipping before I get stranded somewhere. Thanks