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  1. I have L3 USX if you are interested. Buyer to pay for the transfer etc.. Any reasonable offers?
  2. Hi all, Its been a while since I was last on the forum. Guess the car has been great all this time. Anyway how do I become a Gold member, the site has changed a lot since I was last on here, and I cannot find the links. I have something to sell. Thanks
  3. I had one for 1 month and took it out, still have it in the box somewhere. The throttle body gets very dirty, and it does not make any difference to acceleration etc IMO, if anything requries more maintainance than the OEM. Prefer the OEM filter lasts longer than the K&N. K&N filter required cleaning/oiling virtualy every month. Just vacum the OEM filter and housing every month to keep it clean. Make sure it is a OEM filter used and not an aftermarket one, as they do not fit properly and the filter fibres are not the same.
  4. Ahhh, so it is the same as a normal cabled clutch, just making sure I know it does start slipping before I get stranded somewhere. Thanks
  5. Hi all, Does anyone know how to tell if the clutch on an is200 is running out. I say this as the clutch is hydrolic, does it start slipping like a cabled clutch? Your advise would be much appreciated. Rgds Dino.
  6. Go and see Tony, I will always go back to him for any car I own. I got 35k out of my tyres after Tony set it up. My front lower arm is being replaced and I will go back to him again to set the car up.
  7. Hi, That must be the stuff, I was quite amazed that the creaks went away with some spray for a while. Thanks for the info.
  8. Thanks for confirming this mate. Mechanic sprayed somthing on the joints (not WD40) and the noise went away for two weeks and came back, but not as bad. i will get both sides replaced and then see dr Tony Bones for allignment.
  9. Hi all, Need som advise, when I take off the car makes creak sounds. When driving its fine and then when braking creaks again from the front driver side. is this the lower arm or the ball joints. mechanic has checked and advised it the lower arm. Does the whole arm require replacing or just the bushes. I thought it might be the ball joint? Cheers.
  10. Thanks mate, will ask my friend to try that. Will post the results, thanks again for the replies all.
  11. Hi all, It's been quite a while since i've been on the forum, hope the forum has been helpful as ever. Anyway let me get to the point, my friend owns a rx400h, he has a realy bad smell coming from the air vents. It only happens when the normal fan is on, and not the aircon. I have checked the pollen filter and used air con clear, which kills bacteria. The smell is pungent to say the least, a kind of pissy smell. LOL. Any ideas what it could be? :winky:
  12. Only GOLD MEMBERS are allowed to offer items/cars for sale matey :)
  13. Like I said I as I approached the junction the lights were green. He took off without looking as he assumed the left lane was clear before he moved. The junction is not sqaure, going straight means you will need to vear right slightly as the exit after the junction is not in line before the junction due to one lane. When I noticed passing him I stepped on the pedal to try and avoid him. As Partiban said assume al drivers are idots, which is what I have been doing for the past five yrs and avoid quit a few idots by not placing my self in a position where an accident could happen. But this time I could not avoid it as I had passed him. I cannot post the picture of the junction for some reason, but have a look in google 3d maps. Its Kenton Lane at the junction with Kenton Road, the exit after Kenton Lane is Woodcock hill.
  14. Is that the junction that has an HSS hire shop on the corner? Yup thats the one.
  15. Hi the accident happened not even a mile from my house. I was on Kenton lane approching the Kenton Rd junction to go to Preston Rd.
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