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  1. Quick update, sorry if I missed PM's from anyone..... Chassis braces - gone Lights - gone Air scoop - decided to put it back on the car Sub - decided to put it back in the car Wheels - still available: looking to get rid of them so currently available for 0.00GBP to anyone that can come and collect from Canary Wharf, East London - need to move out of my flat pretty soon so ideal collection would be this weekend!
  2. Sorry for delays in getting back to everyone, just replying to PM's now.....
  3. Also a Diamond Audio TDX 12 Subwoofer (slight dent but works fine) Wheels are in need of a refurb and a clean Lights are brand new, never been fitted Air scoop is a bit damaged on the areas where it bolts down
  4. I am leaving the UK in late January / early Feb for a business transfer for about 1 year (maybe more), I don't want to sell my car but looking for somewhere to store it long term that isn't too expensive. Any suggestions?
  5. And also a TDi airscoop (pretty worn out looking) First "sensible" offer accepted on each item!
  6. Probably leaving the UK soon for a while so having a clean up at home, have the following items all up for grabs but you have to come and collect (East London): - 4 x 17 inch wheels from IS200 (originals) with tyres - Toms blue tinted headlights - Japsai chassis brace
  7. Hello, Please add me to the reserve list - will paypal you the amount if you end up with spaces. Keiran
  8. Having thoughts of selling my car in the new year, any idea roughly what it would be worth: IS200 (2000 - register October 1999) 32K miles (30K S/C) TTE S/C TDi Stage 1 pulley HKS suspension etc... (see gallery for full list)
  9. 270hp & 300lbft was on a dyno, but one of those dodgy ramp dynos at a car show so way off the mark. Mark (TDi) has a dyno of it somewhere compared to Si Skippys old car.
  10. triple checked, s/c is not turning, pulley on the front is but the internals are not. it seems that the cover does more though, the main pulley turns and there is the cover on the front (not turning), between the two is another metal area which also does not turn - the main bolt in the front also does not turn. It seems from looking that the three screws on the front don't hold on the plastic cover at all (the central bolt does this) - it seems that the three screws are what connects the pulley to the shaft for drive - any comments on this?
  11. nope, was driving normally on approach to traffic lights, then on pull away from lights it was gone. there are 3 screws on the front plate, 2 were missing and the 3rd was hanging out, so hopefully just the screws worked loose over time and last one went at the traffic lights. i guess its fine to drive home tonight then since its not going to be doing any damage.
  12. 5 minutes before getting to work this morning had a big drop in power - basically supercharger not boosting any more. Took a look under the bonnet and the damper on front of the pulley has no screws in it anymore - and it seems that when the pulley turns the SC is not spinning internally. To fix this is it a simple matter of screwing the damper back on? And if I leave it as is for the drive home (5 miles) will it do any damage?
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    Pics of my car
  14. Minimum I can get away with - thats why the defender is tempting! Probably some sort of direct relationship between car cost and bedroom fun though :(, so defender not so good on those grounds.