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  1. have u cleaned the throttle body? altezza has a tendency of bein very sensitive towards dirty TBs. clean it out with carb cleaner and reset the ECU to see if that helps.
  2. hey folks .... its been quite a while since i last logged in and posted ..... was chattin with derek just now... n decided to say hi to u folks. if anyone is interested ... i also have some recent pics of my car ..... enjoy ;-)
  3. heater during the winter ...... and AC during the summer :D we dont have central HVAC in hk ....
  4. ok guys .... im probably goin to go pick a setup for another member next week. If u want a set, PM me .... I dont wanna have to go to the shop several times!!
  5. wats wrong with 4 cylinders and dual exhausts? my CL7 Accord has 4 cylinders and dual exhausts ... hahahha ... i think its pretty fast also ....
  6. No, they cannot be controlled electronically. This is because they do not have stepper motors attached to the back. You just leave the original plug, unplugged, and adjust using fingers as IRLRs200 said. I can get them and ship them to you (original TRD ones). They cost around 280 GBP including shipping (1 week). The ones without the bluetint are about 30 GBP cheaper. It aint a cheap piece of kit i tell ya! ... it felt like pulling my own teeth, when I bought my set.
  7. tires are the most important part of your car ... as it essentially are your shoes and the only contact you have with the road. So even if you have to save on cheap gas, engine oil, air filters etc etc .... you shouldnt compromise the quality of your tires. That said, I think the best choice for you would be toyos. Choose a sedan/touring style tire from the toyo range, and you should be fine. They have decent quality and are not expensive.
  8. They are being made, and are still available (at least in HK) .... FYI, the headlights have a rotating toggle behind them to adjust the beam level manually. The JDM black housing headlights do not differentiate between the L and R side.
  9. refinement? .... i thought that it was ... if you want "rattles", then 250 is a must .... no?
  10. Know the feeling! ... still trying to get over my IS ... even tho I'm loving the EuroR .... but still ... a totally different feeling ..
  11. if u got it at an auction, and the score is 4 or higher, and interior is A or AA, you will have no problems. Japanese folks, do not lie on the auction inspection check ... which is good for the consumer!
  12. BernardTamHK


    autowatch is wat u need.
  13. Good guesses folks! Derek: .. i know ... this is probably the worst time in my life to be changing cars, but the opportunity came up, and it was irresistable! Regarding DC5 .... its a great car, and I'd love to have one, unfortunately its a 2 door! Anyways, my new car is .. [drum roll] ... as some of you have guessed, is an 04 Grey Accord EuroR Here is a link to some official honda pics:;vt=&ib=6 and some crappy pics from my phone: I know i know! .. i need to lower it by a mile! .. rite now, not much money .. so will wait a month or 2 .. I plan to install Spoon coilovers ... enjoy!
  14. Folks .... Its been a while since I last updated u guys. Just wanted to let you know today I will be leaving the Lexus/Toyota family, and joining the next door neighbour, that starts with an "H". Its kinda a sad day for me, as I loved my IS .... I love the look, I love the quality, I love the handling (seriously), and I totally enjoyed driving it with the mods! (when i sold off all my stuff, i felt bad, cos it felt totally different and unknown to me). Driving it for the past 3 yrs has not only given me a lot of fun, but also gave me an opp to meet a lot of good friends via our local club (and of course, the virtual friends I have on LOC too! HAHAHA) The sole reason I am selling it is because of 2 things, my IS is an AT and its yr 99. Thats about 8 years to the date, and for the 2nd hand market, its sell now (to get some decent money in exchange), or drive her til she dies (dont think I can bare that thought! her dying that is!!!) I am going to pick up the car later tonight .... but I wont tell u guys what it is just yet. Anyone interested in taking a few guesses? Anyways, pics to come (dont worry) .... but i have to pick up the car first before i can take em! Bernard
  15. that is natural .... it will return to normal after a week or 2! did u reset ur ECU?