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  1. Lexus Croydon: 168 quid!!!!! for 10k, BUT Excellent service, and over a grand of warrenty work/replacement bits!
  2. I had same problem. If you are adventurous enough, find a CD that you are not TOO fond of first. What you must do is continuously go back and forth between the CDs in the changer, then try to get to the CD that is stuck. If it doesn't come out after a while, then the computer might suggest that there is no CD in the slot at all. So after this, press 'load' to load a CD into the slot that has the stuck CD in it (it will be allowed by the hi-fi), then see what happens - it might realise that something is wrong, eject the newly inserted CD and then show that there is another in the slot, then you could eject that one - once you have it back, never put it back in! I have had problems with only one particular CD, had to go through this twice.
  3. Just read the new Topgear survey. I think the lack of 20bhp will be more than offset by everything else on offer! I love driving it fast, the straight 6 engine and the 6 speed gearbox makes it so much fun to rev, so it should have no problems keeping up with an Audi/VW/Seat/Skoda 1.8T (150-180bhp models, not the 225bhp ones!), if not faster on a tricky road!
  4. Oh.... forgot to say.... how nice it was to see the 3 series SOOOO close behind... NOT!!!!!
  5. I am glad that everyone else agreed with me about the pros and the ...... 'lack of' cons for the IS!!!! So delighted for me for chosing the car, for Lexus, for my dealer, for everyone here!!!!!!!!!! HAHa! Also very glad that my last titch of a car came 3rd! Happy reading everyone... go buy it.... and frame it (for your car!)!
  6. Who was that? A beautifully new Sport in Black, 02 plate near the aforementioned store, giving the guy who was standing behind the car (while you were trying to reverse) hell (with the engine revving), Lovely!!!!! I have never heard 'my' car being revved before from the outside.... sounded a bit strange..... cold engine/exhaust?
  7. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, those were the days..... can't wait till I get a new car again!
  8. Is it that case that ONE brake light is out then it is not roadworthy or does it have to be all of them? Nowadays there are so many brake lights at the back, not to mention the LED strip, so what if there is only 1 LED left?
  9. Having previously been a Smart car owner, I have got to really understand that all the safty systems work AS A WHOLE in the event of an accident. So I wouldn't rely on it if the airbags are not as they should. And as we have mentioned here as well, it could be the pretensioners as well, if they fail and the bags don't, then say a big hello to the bags. But anyway, hope they fix it now. How come it'll cost u a tenner?
  10. That's really annoying and dangerous, these people! Twice I have been in a hurry and following people in C. London and then realise that they don't have brake lights! Had to be a good samaritan and pull up next to them and tell them each time. One of them was a well reputed C.London people transporting company's (A. L) car! Imagine if you were sat in it! Good point about the legality..... I wonder too..... p.s. 100th post!!!!!!!!!!!!! Whooopeee
  11. Glad someone agrees! :) How come I haven't seen this bright red motor when I am there! Definately don't judge a book by it's cover, took it to 1st service and my reaction was.... oh, is that it (the service place), then everyone was so friendly and helpful and my car came out feeling and looking new. As for the 993, don't worry, I will let you guys know how it fares against the Lex in terms of build!
  12. I think coming from a R75, you would be in a bit of a culture shock, plastics (although pretty high quality) and the firm ride! But then it will corner a lot better, no doubt, and give you the RWD feeling like no other. I think with everything you have read on this site regarding problems, they are more irritations then real real problems. As I think here we have room to complain about irritations, whereas with other cars they would be tempting fate to talk about them!
  13. Happened to me once, it didn't like a brand new CD that I bought! :flaming: Swallowed it whole and then wouldn't eject. In fact it doesn't even recognise that it is in there. Eventually, I worked out the timings, etc of what it was going when changing discs, then I put in another CD to that slot, and then ejected them both, one after another, from apparently the same slot. So, no need to go to dealer. I play CD-Rs fine, although the pick-up is a bit weaker than on my computer, normal cd players, but the one that got jammed wasn't a CD-R
  14. Yes mate, that one... All I can say is.... I have been a long term Londoner near that area, was genuinely interested in buying a one year old IS200SE, had all the money there, and they didn't wink once or offered me a test drive (twice!). I ended up with a very good dealer and a near spanking new car instead of a one year old one! And one happy Lexus customer.... had it not been that episode. What am I going to get next? Well, I am moving to the continent and will be working hard, so might not need a car at all, but might need a shopping trolley for the weekly shopping run, so as it saids on a tin, a Smart car probably, a 1-2 year old one so it doesn't depreciate anymore. Because I am going save to get to either get a 993 Carrerra 2 Coupe with about 30k-40k on the clocks, or a Nissan 350Z within 2 years. Help me choose guys! I am a little weary of 2nd hand cars above 15k. But it would be lovely if it turns out to be a nice one, 993 should have impeccable mechanicals. I might by then be tempted by the IS430, but have been a Porsche fan all my life.
  15. What I meant was... for that kind of money, you could have easily bought a V70R AWD, Boxster, IS300, etc, etc.... so why are people so silly?