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  1. Some companies to plug and play wiring adapters, I'm selling the fascia adapter from a company that also do wiring adapters : Hope that helps.
  2. If anyone else is having a go . . #Shameless plug starts# I bought the mounting kit to put a standard ( DIN ) head unit in, but sold the car before the kit arrived from USA. Still in sealed bag, up for the list price ( hence you save postage and potential customs import ), buyer collects or send payment and I post. Its listed here : Contains : Housing Pocket Trim Double DIN Trim ISO Trim Pocket Rear Support Bracket Mounting Brackets (2) Double DIN Spacer Brackets (2) ISO Snap in brackets (2) Philips Truss Head Screws (6) Philips Pan head screws (2) Instruction booklet It says : 99-8151 Lexus IS300 2001 and up - TurboKit Auto Stereo Installation System - on the package. The kit allows you to mount a) DIN head unit + pocket B) ISO head unit + pocket c) Stacked ISO head unit d) Double DIN head unit
  3. Lexus is200 Sport Purchase : 19/10/02 £18,515 3,060 miles Sold : 19/06/03 £16,500 15,237 miles Costs : Servicing = 0 ( 10k service included in purchase price ) tax = 0 ( included in purchase ) loan costs = none Petrol = loads Insurance = £643 for 12 months = £428 for 8 months Tyres = 0 ( bugger all tread left on them now though ) New Windscreen = £35 Warrenty work = new wheels Pro Actually not bad to drive, VVTI is actually quite good Boot release on key fob Very GJOB ( should that be in Cons section ? ) Oversteer available Decent driving position, nice steering wheel Good dealer experience Cons F**king cold gear knob Clunk from drivetrain - TADTS Rear seats don't fold Small boot Picked up/shows stone chips Will never had a black car again /GJOB Nasty traction control - very basic Low profile tyres, not ideal for comfort = £309/month or 20p/mile +petrol Nice car, just not my thing.
  4. Hello *cough* 2002, 02 Black Sport, totally standard. Click for pictures of the car 14,750 miles, supplied and serviced by Lexus Leicester. Whats your budget, as its going back to dealer next week if does not sell this weekend.
  5. Been very impressed with leicester so far ( can bought and first service done there ), Nottingham is a bit hit and miss, Phil the sales guy is a nice chap though.
  6. Final question ( maybe ;) ), any one had the wheels changed at Lexus Nottingham or Leicester ?
  7. Cheers Zee. Will be interested to hear from other people too.
  8. I have just searched through and read lots of bits and pieces about the wheel situation. But just want to clarify how I should go about approaching my dealer. My car is a year old, and I am not impressed with the condition of the wheels at all, car is cleaned with soapy hand job every weekend if it needs it or not. I guess I just take car to dealer and point at wheels - what approach have other people taken and how sucessful ? Should I ask for Service or a Sales person ? Anything I should do / say, that ensures they sort my wheels ? What about a small mark on one wheel ( kerb parking ), will I be expected to pay something towards the new wheels ? Do they supply new or refurbished wheels ? Roughly how long from first mentioning it, to actually having new wheels on the car ? Can they swap the wheels and tyres while you wait ? Has anyone tried to keep the old wheels ? ( maybe paying something for them ? ) Has anyone asked about getting 18" wheels instead of the 17" ones and paying the difference ? Anyone else managed to get new wheels on a year old car ? IF the same thing happens to new wheels, will I be covered under warrenty for new wheels again in another years time ?
  9. Suppose it depends how lucky you are really, and how quickly you need to sell your car. 18K is a good price if the car is mint. Cheers, don't want to be unrealistic about price. Have put it up in the forsale section at £18,250 with the tax. I pretty much washed the salt off it every weekend through the winter, so condition is good. Thanks again for the advice.
  10. IS200 SPORT- 2002 - 02 For Sale Supplied and serviced by Lexus Leicester. Registered 20/03/2002, 14,750 miles, Astral Black, Exmoor interior, mud flaps etc.Taxed 10/2003 £17,100 ovno Stunning looking car, unmarked alloys, no kids no smoking in it etc. Selling it to run a sports car through the summer, and maybe get back into company car scheme. Contact here on message board or via email
  11. Been offered a Lotus Elise - would be nice for the summer, then pick up another is200 at the end of year, is my plan. Still waiting for call back from dealer so no idea what they are going to offer. I really need to get £18k for it to be able to do the deal on the Elise. I suspect the dealer is going to offer less though :( Do you think 2002 - 02' cars are selling private for £18k ?