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  1. OK, I'll have a poke around my garage and see if I can find it. I've got so much junk in there and it really needs sorting out!
  2. Does this mean that Japanese spec cars have different ECU software? I doubt that there are any physical differences between engines in the 2 countries. I know that Japanese cars have speed limiters too. My car seems to hit a brick wall at around 110mph (180km/h) where it seems like it has more potential but does not want to go any higher. The dealer claims that it should be able to do close to 130mph but cannot explain why my car simply won't.
  3. When I ordered my car, I was told that the power was 153bhp@6200rpm. Yet a large number of books I read from Japan state the power output is 160bhp@6200rpm from the same engine. Does anyone know which is the true figure for our cars or is it just the case that our cars are slightly 'de-tuned' when compared to our Japanese counterparts as is frequently the case? A typical example is the current Honda Civic Type-R which boasts 200bhp in the UK but the identical car in Japan (which is coincidentally also made in Swindon) has 215bhp to spare? I don't quite understand the rationale. Can anyone cast any light on this?
  4. I think the stock LSD can go in the menual gearbox but have read reports that some people have managed to get one into the auto box too, although I'm not sure how that can be done. Why don't you get yourself a TRD LSD too? The performance is much better than stock and you'll probably even find that the price is very similar to buying a stock LSD from a dealer. Your best bet will be to contact Garage R in Singapore because they specialise in getting and fitting such stuff. Their number is +65 64539136.
  5. I have already replaced the standard LSD with the TRD one. It works fine in dry conditions but the car can still be a handful when the road is very wet. As a matter of fact, I fitted the Racelogic after the new LSD and I found that the combination of both increased the threshold level of grip a lot higher. At the end of the day, even with an LSD, there are situations where both rear wheels can spin together. The LSD is only useful when there is a differential in wheel spinning. The Racelogic takes readings from all 4 ABS sensors and hence detects any difference in wheel movement between front and rear too.
  6. I've got the Professional system in my car but with hindsight, would have been just as happy with the basic adjustable. Don't bother with launch control because its pretty much a clutch burner and that's it! The adjustable system is supreme though. You can switch it off in dry conditions because you don't need it at all but I've driven in heavy rain with it on, and you can nail the throttle coming out of tight corners and feel the rear wanting to step out a little but the Racelogic kicks in and makes it fully controllable. Its pretty much the best traction control system I've ever used if you occasionally want to have some fun without needing serious concentration on what you're doing.
  7. Mark, That's exactly what I thought when I got a HKS set for my '01 Sport. However, the drop was measured at 50mm all round and now the shocks easily run out of travel when taking relatively sharp bumps on the road. I think I'm just gonna get the coilover set and replace the entire lot.
  8. hhmmmmm.......... its interesting they suggested going with a thicker oil. In my case, they used a thinner weight oil and its done nothing to cure the problem. If anything, the clutch release bearing is making a much louder noise than it has ever been. Even that is meant to be a normal 'characteristic'!!
  9. They did that to my car as well, when I started the car and drove out of the dealership, I was still having the gears sticking, took it back and pointed it out to the service guy. The response was to give it time. I'm now 6 months down and they still don't want to accept that there is something wrong with the gearbox. Pity that Lexus is so tight with warranty stuff after having spent so much on the car.
  10. I recently got my hands on a set of HKS lowering springs which quoted a 35mm drop at the front and 25mm drop at the rear. After fitting them, I found an all round drop of between 53-55mm which I think is an awful lot. Does anyone else have any experience with these springs and is there anything I should worry about?
  11. My car came with NGK Iridium plugs. I changed both that and the air filter to TRD ones and the difference was noticeable. The engine did rev smoother. The only difference with the TRD plugs is the heat range again.
  12. Yes the law does stipulate that your car should have headlamp washers and automatic levelling with HIDs. However, not all of us with IS200s have this luxury of having factory installed Xenons like in other countries so as long as you fit the lights sensibly, I don't think there'll be a problem. When it comes to MOT time, you might have to plug the halogens back in but with HB4 bulbs, you'll be able to do both lamps in less than 30 secs! As for cost, I bought mine in Japan for around £300 and I'm sure that loads of companies will have online shops for them. The only thing is the light from the Bosch system has a very intense white colour and not a bluish tinge that most people seem to like. After fitting, my dealer set the beam such that it was right on the uppermost legal limit when the headlamp levelling button inside the car was on position '1'. This made a big improvement to the range the beam covers since the bulbs are so much brighter, but they are still within the limits so that they don't dazzle other drivers. Hence I can lower the beam a fair bit if the car is loaded, or I can raise the beam if driving in very secluded areas.
  13. I fitted a set of Bosch HIDs to my car and had the headlamp level adjusted. It took me around 30 mins to do the whole lot. Now I keep the level in check using the level adjustment in the car. The difference the HIDs made is incredible. The spread of light is so much better and I've also adjusted the range of the lamps so that they throw a lot further forward now. The only thing about the Bosch HIDs is that at normal operating temperature, the light is white in colour and not blue like a lot of HID systems. However, as a result, I feel that there is more light intensity than the factory Xenon systems on my other cars. TRD328, what did the EPA do about your car? Hopefully they've just left you alone. So far I've not had any trouble with the HIDs or any of the other mods (touch wood!).
  14. I misplaced one of my master keys and had to order a new one, which the dealer promptly programmed to work on the car. However, they cannot delete the lost key from the alarm system and hence in theory, anyone who finds it can use it to open and drive my car, and we all know the insurance implications of such an occurrence. Does anyone have info on how the missing key can be deleted? According to the dealer, you need to have at least one master key to reprogram a new one and if you lose both master keys, you will need to order a new ECU together with new replacement keys. Therefore, they claim the only way to permanently delete the missing key from the system will be to order a new ECU. I can't imagine that the Japanese manufacturers didn't think of this when they were developing the car.
  15. Can you post the details of the breaker you got it from? I'm very interested in doing this too.