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    It happened yesterday afternoon around 3 pm on my way to Japarts in North London (Holloway Road) to get calipar paint. I was behind a car which was about to turn right into a side road just waiting for the oncoming traffic to slow and give us a chance to go through. Since it was a slow moving traffic, a white Van slowed down and flashed the car infront of me to go and it went and it flashed again for me to go, so as I was turning my left eye cought a black shadow coming fast and guess what BIG BANG, scooter collision at 30 miles an hour. the rider was in the inside lane of the Van (between the pavement and the Van), no chance for me to see him at all. I came out the car called both Police and Ambulance checked on the rider and it turned out to be a 16 year old boy laying on the floor, I asked him not to move but he wouldnt listen, he just kept saying I am alright, I am alright, emergency services requested to speak to the rider if he needed an ambulance or not but he refused at the end. In all this mess 20 to 30 people around us, I saw this lad identifying himself as the Van driver (Witness). Police arrived and questioned all of us including the witness and the teenager admitted he was on the inside lane. Police straight away said that the teenager was at fault. the parents of the teenager arrived late at the scene, they were shocked and horrified. It was shocking / scary experience as I was more worried about the little lad. but thank god he was fine, his scooter is a write off, front end damage, buckled suspension and unable to start it. Camera phone pics Passenger door and side skirt damage. you could see were the head hit the frame. rear door dent (not visible) and scratches along the car side view on funny note, the coppers were more interested in the car rather than the accident asking me about the perfomance and how much Bhp is pushing, funny enough one of them had Celica GT4 and I told him that both cars share the same engine except that mine is NA.
  2. Hello m-tec & welcome to the club, nice car and my colour of choice :winky: . I just came back from Eindhoven I was there for a week and didnt see any Lexus at all, must be a rare car there, I missed the carnival too I wished if could stay a little bit longer to enjoy it.
  3. I am off work today, too much snow in here, will be nice to drive around drifty j/k
  4. gutted for you mate, I use tom tom too, I always clean any marks left by the suction pad on the windscreen after use. this is what the thiefs look for.
  5. Voted, you still in first place with 93 votes vs 46 votes for the seocnd place, Good luck :D
  6. Tony , I am so sorry for your loss, May God rest her soul.
  7. I always watch Best Motoring videos for car tests, I love the way they test the cars with Pro race drivers. check the two videos below:
  8. Welcome to the club matey, love the colour too :D
  9. welcome to the dark side of the club matey ;) , glad to see more tezza owners in here :D
  10. Good choice, check this link, should answer all your questions.
  11. I like all the above cars , but only love this one simple and cool, not too flashy. :D I was almost there with my old tezza, only thing left was the body kit and nice coils before I wrote it off
  12. I copied the information I found in the user manual @ Chapter 3 – Usage manual 3.1 Supported USB storages All USB Mass Storage Devices up to 32GB including: - USB sticks - USB Hard Drives - MP3 players and smartphones with USB Mass Storage interface GROM-USB supports only FAT12/16/32 formatted storages. NTFS is not supported! 3.2 Supported formats GROM-USB supports the following formats: - MP3 with bitrates up to 320Kbps - WMA with bitrates up to 389Kbps - AAC with bitrates up to 389Kbps
  13. Hello everyone, at last I got the dreaded error 3 message and took my head unit a part, I managed to remove the two cds but the cd changer mechanism is f**ked. I was trying to get the GromAudio ipod kit but few altezza owners had problems with it. looking at their website they introducing a new kit which I think will be better and more universal. it will be available from 19 Sep onwards, here is a summery: GROM-USB MP3 kit is a digital interface that is designed to integrate USB stick into OEM car stereo. It provides direct audio interface to a car stereo via the CD changer port. GROM Audio interface insures CD quality sound from MP3 / WMA files on USB stick to car stereo speakers. It allow to "fool" your stereo into thinking that fully featured CD changer is plugged in. This way you can have thousands of tracks divided into playlists or full shuffle mode if you wish. Endless amount of music ! Available at It is that simple: - Transfer your MP3 / WMA files to USB stick / disk - Connect GROM-USB car kit to your car stereo via CD changer port - Plug-in USB stick /disk into GROM - Play MP3/WMA files through the car audio system instantly - Browse your music files using car stereo buttons - Navigate through directories and map them to the disk buttons on your car stereo / steering wheel - get the CD quality sound directly to your car stereo Main charatteristics: - Build-in high quality MP3 / WMA decoder - Supports USB disk / flash drive / mass storage devices - FAT 32 filesystem supported - Direct connection with CD quality sound - No battery required - Full control by steering wheel or car stereo panel - Playlist function same as multy CD Specs: - Dimensions 3.5 x 2.5 x 1.25 (W x D x H) - 6 FT total cable length with the possible cable extensions Package: - GROM-USB adapter - Vehicle specific data cable - USB and AUDIO cable - Installation manual Compatibility: Can be used with any USB disk / flash drive / mass storage device Current car makes supported are: BMW (97-05); VW, AUDI (98-08) ( please refer to our compatibility list) Coming in September 2008: Acura / Honda (91-08); Chrysler / Dodge / Jeep (02-06); Toyota / Lexus / Scion (98-08); Mazda (02-08); Seat / Skoda (98-08) Price around USD 125 link: I might order one but I am not sure if it will work with a unit with error3 messsage
  14. lol, I thought I was the only one cleaning his car at night. another thing is everytime I pass by a shop or few shops, I always check the reflection of my car on them ( don't tell why I do it , cause I dont know why )