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  1. i wanted too but they would only let people over 30 drive it gutted Two lads aged 23 turned up they couldnt drive anything!!!
  2. Did anyone attend this. I went myself and drove the: IS250 C - thought i was nice car but bit sluggish off the mark - dont think i would buy this car IS250 sport - Like this car and if i was to get a another Lexus would look at this RX450 - really impressed with this - was a lovely car to drive and surprised at the room inside this car
  3. I am going to the Liverpool one - How long do you drive the cars for?
  4. I was in the same situation. I am glad i did it but gutted it has to go due to company car. On the motorway i was averaging 38mph and around the City i was getting 30mph I have No regrets
  5. lexus for sale IS220D look in car section

  6. I have just got a new job which means i get a company car. I have been with Lexus for 6 years previously owning a IS 200 SE now with a IS220D. I have only had the IS220d since Aug 2009 so a bit gutted. I have tried to get the mrs to sell her car and keep mine but not working. So its going up for sale :( I had the Nokia CK car kit installed if someone wants to take this out and install it into there own car then PM Gutted!!
  7. Linux experts - Do we have any on here? Need some help?
  8. I have had the Nokia CK100 fitted to mine no problems with it
  9. Haven't got mine anymore, so I can't check, but my recollection is that there is a manual switch on the light in addition to the auto switch that works when the boot opens. If it is switched off at the manual switch, the boot remains in darkness whatever the position of the lid. cheers this sorted it
  10. Is there meant to be a light in the boot when its open on the IS220D 2006???
  11. Hi, thanks for the reply, what made you choose the Nokia over the Parrot (which most folks seem to install nowadays) ? Cheers. I didnt want a screen on show in my car - just that risk of people thinking its a sat Nav - i am very pleased with the Nokia kit Is there meant to be a light in the Boot on the IS220d
  12. Gaz i have just had a nokia Ck100 installed for £196 which mutes the radio and comes out car speakers if you want the name of the company PM
  13. I have some Lexus IS200d 16 inch Wheels - will these fit on a GS300 2000 model? Cheers
  14. I have some Lexus IS200d 16 inch Wheels - will these fit on a GS300 2000 model? Cheers
  15. I am thinking of fitting the Nokia CK-100 Car Kit to my IS220d For this to work through the stereo do i need to buy the ISO leads -if so where is the best place to ge this from? I have just found these I fitted the CK 7 kit to my IS 200 no problem Can this be done with time and care ?
  16. did you resolve this Resolve what? Tony It was more aimed at David with the problem of outer tyre wear I have just got a 220d had 4 new tyres fitted so was wondering whether to get geomtry sorted I am sootylfc from your site
  17. i will get it to you tomorrow as i am going to paint mine then i think
  18. Do not believe they are available. I gave dimensions for the front calipers to Janey a while ago but have yet to see any in the LOC shop. The rear calipers have too small a surface area to apply decals. Yep Steve & I did look at them to hopefully get some made up but the rears are tiny and it just wasn't a big enough surface - it would be so small that you probably wouldn't even notice it. The problem with producing something that small but still readable is the cutting out as it would have to be pretty intricate ;) Is it going to happen then or shall i look elsewhere
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