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  1. Happy Birthday maddywork!

  2. I have exactly the same problem, since last year when it snowed real bad. Would love to hear about a possible solution.
  3. just wanns say used this guide and got my 6 disck top loading player working again!!!! a big thankks
  4. i had mintex front discs and pads fitted about 2 years ago and their still going strong, not had a problem with them. two weeks ago had mintex rear pads fitted. so thumbs up when it comes to mintex from me. bought the mintex discs and pads off ebay and like u sed had a local garage fit them. it's not a big job.
  5. my cars been playing up for the last three weeks, left standing for a while it just wouldnt start, the time on the dash was resetting itself so i assumed it was the battery...after turning the ignition on it was showing about 9 volts on the dashboard. it would start straight away after connecting jump leads, replaced battery and it starts first time now. not had a problem yet.
  6. Dont mention it, glad i could help for a fellow lex owner :-)
  7. Hia Dan Glad u got it sorted! Did u get a hire car to drive around in when your's was in the garage? Maddy
  8. i'm an idiot and i used the same guide, very easy to follow. and got some help from sparkystav on here...don't know about the MOT yet ..should be ok as i know the man personally at the MOT staton but i will defo ask him when it goes in for MOT which is next year anyway lol. i did this conversion but i also did the flashig brake light conversion at the same time , since i wouldnt have to start pulling off boot liners again if i did the flash brake light seperatly.
  9. I've recently put some led's in the rear license plate aswell....the same ones as the ones in the picture from Lexus2D....they are brightest as i've tried a few...not tried the inverted ones but the ones in the picture from lexus2d are same as mine..have them in the sidelights at the front aswel....they don't show up during the day at all but the really are bright at night...i've recently got into all the light business aswelll lol. just had the led lightstrips (eyebrows) put on front, got the brake/fog conversion done...and also the rear flashing brake lights done aswell. .one thing i've got to's rather alot of work just to replace the license plate bulbs....have to pull the inner liner on the boot lid, then have to do 4 nuts...the two that are in the centre are the hardest to get to... i ordered all my bulbs and light strips from a seller called gxxled on eeeebay...brilliant next day delivery..from london i think, ordered afew times from him.
  10. i've just used this topic to replace my two boring license plate bulbs with super bright xenon led's...WHAT A MISSION just to change a couple of bulbs!!! the furthest two bolts werent that bad...but the middle two bolts were a nightmare, especially since i had no extension to undo them..just used a normal 8mm spanner. end result is nice though...alot brighter! thanks again LOC members.
  11. ive had this problem twice now and got it sorted,its come back again now but the garage im usings having it back next week had a new fuseboard and alarm/light ecu, how did you sort yours? lex manchester sorted it...just like what u said a new fuseboard and something to do with alarm...and cost 600!!!!but been fine since then and it's been like 2 anda half years now.
  12. blimey!!!!! just been reading my old posts on this headlight staying on after car is off issue. first time ive read this topic in like 2 and a half years . wish i knew back then what i've read in this topic about this problem....coz it would have saved me £600 pounds at lex manchester!!!!! RIP OFF B*****DS!!!
  13. how much did the cost you?..mine have corroded at the back of the fogs and need a new set so am looking to buy a set/ cheers
  14. hia and when i get the new ones....what exactly am i coating with silicone? the metal bit inside the plastic housing that you fit the hb4 bulb into...the one with the three screws around it? cheers
  15. just called them and they had two in....and both bumpers have gone!!!..DARN!