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  1. I have had the car done and drove the 3 hours back. Excellent !!! I'll get some pictures up when I get a chance - even includes colour coded filler cap :-)
  2. By the way, I am sat in the Aussie pub in Plymouth having a bite to eat while OZON finish off the conversion on my car :-)
  3. Unfortunately the prices at the garages for LPG moves much slower than that of petrol. The garages shift much more petrol so fill up their site tanks more often and price changes can be reflected quite quickly. With LPG, they buy it at one price and then can take quite a while before they buy new stock at a lower price.
  4. Hi Mike, I found the following sentence on the UKPLG website: "Insurance companies may not accept a conversion undertaken outside the UK as the vehicle would not appear on the Vehicle Register." This does infer that any vehicle converted to LPG in the UK must be on the register to get insurance :-( Guess you are right Chewy
  5. Hi Mike, Wish our garage did an offer like that - but 44p is not what you always then? Chewy
  6. The average price of LPG in the UK is currently about £0.61/ltr (not sure where Mike above gets it for 44p?). The average price for petrol is £1.07 / ltr. Based on this and around 25mpg for petrol and 20mpg for LPG and covering say 12000 miles a year. Petrol cost would be £2,311.20, and LPG would be £1,647.00. This gives an annual difference of £664.20. You will also use some petrol as the car uses it until warmed up, so the saving may be in the order of £500.00 per year. As the differential if petrol and LPG decreases, the time required to recoup the cost of an installation will obviously increase. Average prices are from Chewy
  7. Just a quick note - OZON are NOT on the UKLPG List, so again no bias from my side. I guess I will not make any further comment as the topic is drifting away from the question asked by the original poster. :-)
  8. Hi, If you could point me to the bit where they claim to be Government backed I will point it out to them and I am sure they will remove it. Chewy
  9. Hi, As I said "some" insurance companies ask for the UKLPG certificate. I also said that UKLPG is not a Legal Entity. I disagree with the comment that they are "Con Artists". I believe that the group was initially set up to try and regulate a totally unregulated industry. It is still the case that there is no legal requirement for a fitter to be registered, but at least it as an attempt at getting things on a more professional footing. Anyone is quite in their own right to go to anyone and get them to fit an LPG System to their car, which I am sure many people do. At the end of the day, word of mouth and satisfied customers are the best way for a business to promote itself. I think also that Profess have now understood that you cannot fit a LPG system in a single day and make a really good job of it, as they now state this and ask for two days - they do however offer a free of charge loan car, which is a really good thing :-) I also, have no axe to grind with them or any other LPG installer. All I do know is that OZON in Plymouth do a good job. Chewy
  10. I would suggest that the majority of the well established firms are pretty good at their job :-) The guys at Profess in Wales "probably" do a reasonable job, just using low cost systems. The guys at Ozon in Plymouth quoted the following for my LS430: AC STAG ISA2 £1300 (This is similar to that supplied by Profess is Wales I believe) LPG TECH £1600 - Highly Recommended BRC £1800 PRINS VSI £2000 All Prices include VAT
  11. Hi, Just another thought. The guys you are looking at in Wales are not on the approved installers list at UKLPG. Although it is not a legal requirement to be a member of this group, your insurance company will usually ask for an installer's certificate from one that is on the list - something to check out. Profess Gas told me they would get a certificate from an independent company for this purpose, this did not fill me with confidence. Chewy
  12. Hi, My email is I can send you the quote they sent me only last week for £1200 + VAT. However, this is for a Sequential system NOT a Multipoint Injection System. I have previously had 3 vehicles converted to LPG and can highly recommend the guys down in Plymouth. Chewy
  13. Hi, I am getting my LS430 done on Wednesday/Thursday by these guys: They are charging £1600 for a multipoint injection system. I have used them before and they do an excellent professional job. The £1200 one offer by the Profess in S.Wales has to have VAT added to the price. Also, they install the very old STAG system which is a sequential system that can cause BIG problems if you have ignition issues. They did quote me for the same job. Chewy
  14. Ah.... Ten Years.... Okay :-(