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  1. Steve

    Happy Birthday vic!

  2. ok so ive wired this up and I have taken the power for the lights on the buttons from the green wire on heater controls. It comes on and off with the lights but the led's are really really dim. can anyone advise?? I have tried both places recommended previuosly on here, above the earth wire and next to the red power wire. Anybody got these going well and where did you plug them in?? Cheers! Vic
  3. Hmmm Now I am confused lol :)The wire im talking about must run through all the electrics so that the interior dims and brightens when you turn the knob. Anyone know which one this is?
  4. Nice one clifton thanks for that, So my next question to you guys....anyone know what wire i can take the power feed from so the buttons can dim with rest of interior? I'm guessing they do dim as standard?? Cheers! Vic
  5. Hi all, I'm an old member who hasnt been on for years so thought I'd say hello!! My name's vic and I'm from Cambridge, I've got a 2001 IS200 Sport which I bought new and its still going like a dream! So hope to catch up with most of you soon! Thanks Vic
  6. Hi Clifton, Many thanks for the reply, when you say the wire above the you litterly mean the wire above the earth or do you mean the top left connector? + the wire you have this just a standard power feed or does it dim with the rest of the interior with the dimmer knob? Cheers Vic
  7. I had the same problem, sounded terrible, lexus cambridge greased it first of all & it stopped for a day..then they changed the pin in the strap..all sorted now, apparently the securing pin wears after a while...mine started after about six must have had a dodgy one in the first place!
  8. hey :) Im vic from cambridge, im 35 years old, I have two daughters one of 3 & one of 5. No longer with their mother..but I have another :) :winky: rachel, who ive been with for over 2years. I have owned my own computer shop in cambridge for the past 6 years (More IT!!) but have recently gone into partnership with a good friend and am now a licenced mortgage broker! Winding down the computers to go full out on the new business. Anybody want a mortgage....I can get you it! LOC discount on fees of course ;) I also organise all nite parties on boats on the river thames as a hobby, been organising parties for 14 years now!! other hobbies include..backgammon, clubbing, eating out & never washing my car :) keep meaning to get to a day i'll get there!!
  9. Does anybody know much about the wiring loom in The IS's? Basicly Ages ago I fitted a non standard sat nav in my car & modded an IS console to take the screen. Its all good apart from its not wired up to open & close..I just do it manually. I got the console with the ecu from a scrap yard...& from what ive been told..for the console to work it needs the relays in the ecu to if thats correct then all i need to do is connect the console & the ecu...but i cant find the connections. lexus tell me that the connections arent there..if you wanted sat nav then you had to order it from new & a differnt wiring loom was fitted at the factory. Every auto electrician under the sun tells me that there is no way that a car manufacturer uses a different loom for different models/specs..its too costly to the company, they just tuck the connections away........So can I find the connections?? Like hell i can! can anybody confirm this to save me more agony in searching???? Cheers!
  10. Ive seen a kit on ebay for £50. Its described as a 'Demon Eyes' Kit. Sure its the same thing..check it out...saw it last night...searched under lexus is200.
  11. Has anybody found a soloution to this problem? I Have a 2001 is sport..been great up until about six months ago...could a hear a rattle/knock coming from the sunroof. Took it to lexus cambridge....fixed it..couldnt tell me what it was...opened the sunroof twice..back again!! It is now going in again for the 4th time!!! Ive told them im not happy about this & they have promised to sort it. Even though they spent a whole day on the 3rd visit & packed the sunroof out with anti rattle foam & to my dismay..didnt reconnect the sunroof switch!!! When they did reconnect it...3 sunroof opens later....knock knock knock!!! Gutted :(
  12. Well ive had two Is200's my first was an SE Auto & I wound that up to over 140Mph & it still felt like it wanted to do more! My current is a Sport...the best ive had out of it is 130mph....but i thin k speedos are always out at that speed so go by the book! :)
  13. Ive just had a handsfree kit fitted in my is200 (a 7210 version) when i went to collect it they told me they tried to connect it but it didnt work properly as there isnt a real tel mute connection. So a bit cheesed off I went home in looked in the wiring manual & guess what?? There it is marked out on the amp a specific tel mute I went back to my nokia dealer & showwed him the diagram...he looked pretty stupid then umed & ahh'ed and z that he would do it...when i went to pick it up he hadnt done it and z that he couldnt work it out!!!!! so I still have no tel mute : ( gutted! Im pretty disapointed with my kit as i can only really use it when im driving at max 50Mph..after that cant hear it at all!!!
  14. I had my pads chanaged at quick fit once, but this was a couple of cars ago...a mercedes 190E Cosworth. I was gutted because the pads they fitted didnt have the brake pad sensors in & every time I went to brake It sounded like I had a chicken in my wheels sqwaking away. I think after about 900 miles I just couldnt take it anymore and just took it back into mercedes and got originals fitted. I havent been back since.....but that was a good 5-6yrs ago so things may have changed by now & it could just have been the parts they had for my particular car.
  15. Hi steve, I still think the site looks great, I know I havent been on a while but, youve done a top job mate!! As Always. The only change I didnt like is the forum link on the home page, it's too small. For new members who arent that computer literate I think they might notr be able to spot it easily enough. Oh yea, tried to log in the other day & kept getting a screen saying too many people trying to log in???? Was there something up with the server?? Cheers vic