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  1. What do you recomend to polish this exhaust, mine is looking a little grubby?
  2. I have been waiting since July 2003 for Lexus Edgware road to replace my CD due to the almight Err3. Has anyone had to wait this long especially with this dealer? I am getting fed up with their excuse of having a big backlog. Shola
  3. G7 UHF de M0DMG, GD OM, I,m not sure a lot of people would know what you are on about, but if i do see on the road, the I will CQ on the horn. What lex you got? Mines an IS200SE granite sky. 73 S11OLA
  4. Anyone have a need for an IS200 Exhaust back box? I am moving Monday 31/03/03, and just found my standard back box in my loft. It's done 9000 miles, if intrested and can pick up from London NW10 or NW7 give me a call 0795623302, otherwise I will dispose of it. Shola
  5. Sorry ppl, but I am currently unable to make any of the Feb. meets, I have been pretty busy recently, I haven't been able to spend time on the forums as well. Have a nice time and catch you later.
  6. Sounds like a good deal to me, the only question is will your Lexus dealer invoice you or will they deal directly with the cover company?
  7. At least you are still insured! My old insurance coy gave me 3hrs to find new cover when I told them about my PECO exhaust (had to plead to get a 24hr extension). The good out of it was found a cheaper quote through and it also included my wife which the old one didn't.
  8. A bit late, but welcome back to this side of the Pond
  9. I've had my car for almost 3yrs and its done almost 13,000 and the tyres still have some tread left on them. They are bridgestones.
  10. I am putting an aerial for my radio, and there was need for me to use a long pole to get it above the roof. I wasn't sure I would be able to get it completely in the car without having to leave the boot open and tie down with rope. Opening the boot, and pushing the pole through the SKI Hatch, it swallowed it! So there you go, the IS200 shines again.
  11. Apart from a name change, more pages, I don't see anything different. Looks like it is still targeted towards Mature LS 400 owners!
  12. Yep a good meet indeed. Shame about the weather and the traffic on the M40. Its good to have a small car, as I went past Steve, Simon and Clare all stuck in the wrong lanes! :P
  13. Thanks Rick for clearing that up, I've wondered for almost 3 yrs where the extra 2 were!