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  1. Happy Birthday Usually007!

  2. Accumulated the parts buit never put the whole kit on the car. No longer havce the car and so no longer need the kit! Anyway, it is now all up for grabs to you guys with Superchargers installed or those who have just managed to purchase one.
  3. ALL SOLD NOW! Thanks for your bids everyone! :)
  4. :o Hi, Attached is a photo of the scratches. Too many speed bumps round my way playing havoc with a lowered car! Alas I don't have any recordings of the exhaust note. Sorry. :o DON'T KNOW WHAT HAPPENED TO THE ATTACHMENT! :duh:
  5. Hi Fredrico, Sorry but I can't get a box big enough to pack it and send it. Good luck trying to get one.
  6. All, Having a garage clearout and decided to post the first round of spares for sale HKS Silent Hi-Power Exhaust My HKS on Ebay Toms Radiator Cap My Toms Rad cap on Ebay 10mm Wheel spacers (Set of 4) My 10mm wheel spacers Hoping those links work
  7. Topman! :D Look at that! Loads of them! Cheers Kam
  8. Usually007

    Is200 Radiator

    Anyone know where I can lay my hands on a secondhand IS200 radiator for a reasonable price???????
  9. SOLD to Mr. ColinP! Congratulations
  10. Any advance on £60??? I was hoping for more than this for the exhaust!
  11. Hi, I am interested in the TDI induction kit complete with cold air box and Apexi Filter for my Supercharger arrangement. Are you prepared to sell this seperately?
  12. Hi Guys, The answers you need are as follows:- gsportscars - It is the noisy one! I swapped it for a HKS Hiper Silent as I am considering a cold air box arrangement for the Supercharger and a combination of the two would be far too loud! ColinP - Yes I bought it new and have done about 20K with it. Besty - Thanks for the bid
  13. Sorry guys the graphic wasn't meant to be so damn big!
  14. Roll up, roll up. I now have a used HKS Super Drager II exhaust box recently removed from my IS200 for sale. I am looking to close the bidding at 6pm on Sunday 17th July. It is sporting a few scratches underneath due to the large amount of speed bumps in my area but I have cleaned it up as you can see from the photo(if I have managed to add it in). Unfortunately the buyer will have to either collect it from the Salisbury area or pay the postage. Let the bidding commence!
  15. Cool. I'll be in Bournemouth in the morning. B) What time and where are you thinking