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  1. This was an SE-L so had all the toys but it was abused. When you see metal washers and screws holding engine bay covers down you really need to walk away. I will keep looking.
  2. Thanks for all the advice. Saw the RX today and yes left light cluster had a slight misting of condensation and the rear footwell wet. Walked away.
  3. Arqum


    Take a look at the Metatrak VTS tracker. Knocks spots of the others on the market. Or the Ghost watch is a good system too.
  4. Thanks Colin. RE the clusters, is it easy to see the seals coming away without removing the lights?
  5. Hi All, Going to see one tomorrow for my parents. It's an SE-L spec so has all the toys. Anything I should be looking for apart from the usual bits as any car? Cheers
  6. i went through 2 Toyota/Lexus batteries that just died. After the 2nd one Lexus gave me my money back and i bought a Bosch from Tayna Batteries delivered to my door. Perfect fit and so far so good.
  7. Ah ok. Do you mind putting a pic up of it, I'm still wanting to get one.
  8. Is it integrated into your system so you can control it from your nav screen ? I wanted DAB on my 2009 car but they said it's not possible.
  9. You seem to have missed the point @DAN@ADRIAN FLUX. Your advisor seemed to be more concerned in getting me off the phone then actually going through my details and quotes. This tells me that if you are like this before even getting my custom, then if I do need need to claim your service will be the same if not worse!
  10. I will give Chris Knott a shout tomorrow. Let's see what they can come up with.
  11. But a credit card has flexibility. The key card doesn't.
  12. I know someone who had the same issue and it was due to the fact it used to be in their wallet and the wallet in their back trouser pocket. They used to sit down with their wallet in. This caused their key to crack.
  13. Arqum


    And they wonder why no one really insures with them. If the beginning of the service experience is poor, how bad will it be in the event of a claim.
  14. As per the title. Called them to get a quote on an agreed value policy for my car and the advisor on the other side of the phone was not interested in the slightest. Didn't even want to confirm any details. Just truly shocking....