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  1. I know. It's even in the terms that they will not pay for initial diagnostics. Only if there is an issue it will be covered. Also I can't take to another place other than lexus.
  2. you can add my car to this list too. 26K on a 2009 and its started to tick on cold start. Lexus have confirmed its there but need to investigate. So as its under warranty i may have to pay for the dia charge at 7.5hrs labour as they think the engine needs to drop. Well from this thread we know it doesnt. If there is a crack, it will be raised as a warranty claim and then see what happens. Dealer thinks as its part of the exhaust system it may not be covered...... Watch this space!
  3. Its personalisation settings. Look in your manual and you then ask your dealer to set them for you. It's done via techstream
  4. I'm running a wider setup too. I was running 40psi ok stock but it was too wayward when driving so reduced to 36psi cold. Been fine
  5. Only thing I have found is this:
  6. It was @Twellsie. I have messaged him...
  7. Or maybe not? I know he put them on ebay too...
  8. There was someone selling a set that were after market but I'm trying to find out who. Dealer had put the claim in but said they have had claims rejected on leaking as if they are not making a noise then the warranty company consider this as wear and tear.
  9. So this is main dealer with the lexus warranty.
  10. You can go down the GROM V-Line route and that will give you full android on the factory system