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  1. I went one step further and replaced the whole units for the LED versions that the CT200h come with! So so much better
  2. Arqum

    Theft prevention

    So was this guy after the 1st one got stolen.
  3. Arqum

    Theft prevention

    This article is about a good friend of a friend: If they want your car then they will take it no matter what....
  4. Be very interested to see how you get on with the OEM facelift lights and it's a mod I want to do.
  5. I went for the osram bulbs. So much more better and brighter than the stock bulbs. Damn sight cheaper too
  6. But arch rolling is needed to make sure all is OK right?
  7. Would these fit the standard car setup? Or you deffo need the spacers?
  8. Now that is one sexy wheel.....
  9. That's what I said.... Lower case 's' was a typo...
  10. Hi Mark. The PS4s are the replacement for the Super Sports.
  11. Check out Costco if you are a member. They usually have good deals on for tyres.
  12. Arqum

    NX wanted

    Great car! Beats a MK1 Merc B class hands down!
  13. Don't forget the Gripe Water @Big Rat
  14. Sorry for the late response @NothernDan been bus at work. Feedback for Lexus Derby has to be given as exemplary. Great service from all, especially Alex. From the off I was greeted by Nick as I pulled into the car park on Saturdayand made to feel that extra bit special. Alex was great and very attentive. If they were closer then i wouldn't hesitate switching dealers! Hats off to the whole team at Lexus Derby.