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  1. OK so when you remove the wheels off a Lexus you need to make sure the ignition is not on. This ensures that the pairing of the sensors stays with the car. You need Techstream to pair up again. It takes 10min to do. If you were closure I would do it for you. Do you remember if the car was running or ignition on when they changed the bits?
  2. It's a con. Read the add and given email address. Please look at all the other cars.
  3. ok then i think the issue is you need to pair the new sensors to the car then. Thats why you see the error. Techstream will take 10min to do. Dealer can do it for you.
  4. i assume they transferred the sensors to the new wheels right? Were the wheels taken off with the car off? I mean fully off, not in acc mode? If the car is on and you take the wheels away from the car it looses pairing. You have to re-pair the car to the sensors. Techstream can do this.
  5. Mu400's are for street right? How are they in performance compared to OEM?
  6. Its in great nick mate! Mine is black. Yes im local. Message you on PM
  7. Im near you Billy. Fancy installing mine?! On a side note, is it your IS i see at Welling station sometimes?
  8. This is the one you need: S4 026 Bosch Car Battery 12V 70Ah Type 068 S4026
  9. Pitty it doesn't fit the ISF... I would have been all over this
  10. I so wanna fit mine but need to find a trusting local that can