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  1. I will be interested. Obviously cheaper the better! Lol but can we order for different Lexus models? Or does it have to be the LS?
  2. Make sure the terminals are the right way round obviously. Only thing that will need a reset is your clock and then windows. Apart from that you are good to go. Best to give the new battery and over night charge before installing. I assume you still have the original Panasonic yellow label on top battery?
  3. Nope it didn't but the part number shows they are the ceramic ones and you can get them for the ISF too via the states.
  4. Thanks. These are the ceramic ones right?
  5. Seen those. Would like to try these brembos though. Have you got a part number I can Google and then work out of ISF ones are available?
  6. Wonder if they do a set like this for the ISF?
  7. That's a damn sight cheaper than getting the later car spec suspension.
  8. I have read mixed reviews Re the H&S, some say drone, some say none.
  9. Hi All, So I'm after upgrading my factory axle back exhaust. I want something that won't give me drone. Switchable is an option. Any advice please?
  10. My F is wired to the positive and negative of the battery. I'm using the comfort connector with the indicator. Been using this method since having the F and no issues so far.
  11. Sounds ideal!!! Any pics and hows the remote control valves holding up?
  12. Yeah where it meets. They have put it through and waiting for the warranty company to advise, but more than likely will be accepted.
  13. So car back and running perfectly now. It was not the manifolds as I inspected them at the dealership when they were taken off. The gaskets were the issue on mine. A new set and boom no ticking on cold start at all now.