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  1. I wouldn't let autoglass touch my screen tbh. I used my dealer to install a new screen on MY ISF and they used a private guy to install. I was there when he did it. Took great care and was a genuine glass.
  2. change of plan @NothernDan. I am now staying over night
  3. pulled the trigger... Im staying the night. Hotel all booked
  4. More I think about this the more I may stay over the night....
  5. Arqum

    Man Vs Food

    Top man @northernDan
  6. im feeling a bit left out with my standard ISF.......
  7. Pete glad you are coming as we discussed yesterday. Will add you to the WhatsApp group now.
  8. Hi @Womble72 Pm me and I will setup a WhatsApp group for us southerners going to the meet.
  9. @Cezar B hey mate coming up from SE London so can meet you. PM me so we can sort.
  10. Good man. Will be good for me to stretch the F legs...
  11. I was in for the day tripper. I did vote.
  12. i maybe up for coming from down Saaarf! Just got to see if the wifey lets me :)
  13. Wonder if they would extend this offer to an ISF system?