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  1. Loving the footage. Would totally be up for this
  2. very interested in this mate for my ISF. Have you got all the bits and box?
  3. My car auto locks when you hit 15mph. And then unlocks when I put it into park. I programmed this via techstream with no issues.
  4. They get them within a couple of days from what I remember.
  5. I replaced by rear one a while ago and it came unpainted...
  6. The AFS won't work as the motors will not be present in the headlights. That's why it flashes up.
  7. Won't having the AFS light on flag up on the Mot?
  8. Hi mate. I would be interested too but always been very reluctant as I have AFS which with the later headlights would make the like come on the dash. Put your VIN into See what it tells you.
  9. Yes uk dealers can get it but will take longer. Also its special order and you won't be able to refund once it arrives.
  10. These are the cars that they use as taxis in Japan.
  11. That's one sexy set of wheels...
  12. I went one step further and replaced the whole units for the LED versions that the CT200h come with! So so much better
  13. Arqum

    Theft prevention

    So was this guy after the 1st one got stolen.
  14. Arqum

    Theft prevention

    This article is about a good friend of a friend: If they want your car then they will take it no matter what....
  15. Be very interested to see how you get on with the OEM facelift lights and it's a mod I want to do.