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  1. As per the title. Called them to get a quote on an agreed value policy for my car and the advisor on the other side of the phone was not interested in the slightest. Didn't even want to confirm any details. Just truly shocking....
  2. You seem to have missed the point @DAN@ADRIAN FLUX. Your advisor seemed to be more concerned in getting me off the phone then actually going through my details and quotes. This tells me that if you are like this before even getting my custom, then if I do need need to claim your service will be the same if not worse!
  3. I will give Chris Knott a shout tomorrow. Let's see what they can come up with.
  4. So all it's that time of year again. I'm looking at agreed value policies this time. Any advise on who to speak to or go with? Before people say Adrian Flux... I called them this morning and the guy at the other end of the phone was not remotely interested and said we can't insure you. So sod them.
  5. But a credit card has flexibility. The key card doesn't.
  6. I know someone who had the same issue and it was due to the fact it used to be in their wallet and the wallet in their back trouser pocket. They used to sit down with their wallet in. This caused their key to crack.
  7. Insurance

    And they wonder why no one really insures with them. If the beginning of the service experience is poor, how bad will it be in the event of a claim.
  8. Insurance

    Already mailed them but I'm not holding my breath tbh
  9. Insurance

    Never had a good experience with them. I find their customer service poor tbh
  10. Insurance

    Honestly the guy had no interested. Kept asking me what have I been quoted already when I told him clearly that it's the 1st time I'm getting quotes on this type of policy. I even said I can give you the renewal quote on my normal policy. Again he couldn't care less
  11. Car veers left after Service

    You can prove them wrong by taking another IS300h out with them in the car at the dealership and see if it does it. i doubt it will. Honestly some of the tech's are useless.
  12. Car veers left after Service

    Then I would get them to do the front properly. To create a square setup otherwise the rear will pull you left even if the front is spot on. Drop Tony at Wheelsinmotion an email sending him this pic and see What he advises. But I'm sorry that is not factory spec as it will pull you to the left. Doing tracking correctly is a skill and there are too many idiots out there who just follow a book rather than use there mind as translate the readings to real world feedback.
  13. Car veers left after Service

    From what I can see, it doesn't look correct. It seems with those settings the car will pull to the left. Are you having to hold the steering slightly right to go straight? I would adjust the right rear camber to the right for it to stop pulling to the left. The the left rear camber to compensate for that shift to the right. For the front I would do the same so it's as square as poss. Does that make sense? Your before measurements tell me that there was a slight pull and the after that there is more of a pull. I'm no expert so please don't take what I'm saying as gospel. It's just my understanding. I maybe wrong.
  14. Car veers left after Service

    can you put a better picture up as the light reflection is messing up some of the readings.
  15. Car veers left after Service

    what are the rear readings? If the rear is out then you can exhibit your symptoms too.
  16. Hi mate, im near you and have TechStream. PM me.
  17. Car veers left after Service

    They usually check and top up tyre pressures as part of the service. Check that 1st. Best when the tyres are cold.
  18. Nice and dirty.... your front wheels seem the wrong way round...
  19. RC-F Tyres

    Pilot Super Sports are discontinued now. The PS4s have replaced them. I have just fitted them to my ISF and they are so much better than the OEM Bridgestones in everyway. Grip, noise and performance in the wet. I would never go back to Bridgestones.
  20. We don't have AGM batteries in the ISF
  21. I only use recon once a year before winter kicks in.
  22. I've been using the ctek 5.0 for a very long time on my ISF. No issues at all.
  23. All sorted!!! The factory LED has a slight angle hence why it needs to be in a certain way.