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  1. Around 36mpg - car does mostly long trips, e.g. a Horhsam to Havant commute every other week.
  2. I'm with you on the look of the RX facelift that's coming. Looks like something out of Battlestar Galactica to me! Still enjoying wafting about in the current 450h as it's only 2yrs old, hopefully Lexus will have a whole new model for consideration by the time this one's up for replacement.
  3. Unfortunately I don't have access to mine, but many thanks for the confirmation
  4. Hi there, I am trying to find out the dimensions of a 2003 IS300. The length is easy, but I'm not sure if the width quoted of 1725mm (67.9in) includes the wing mirrors or not. I.e. is it 'wing mirror tip to wing mirror tip' or is it 'door handle to door handle'? Unfortunately I no longer have my brochure which I think used to have a diagram of the car dimensions (and would have shown if the width included the mirrors). It's all to do with the car fitting through a rather 'narrow' garage door!
  5. ...and the Soarer of course, but then I would say that Looking at the CT - can't say rear visibility is going to be that great.
  6. Talk about a tight fit! Good job they lent her the demonstrator... Think I'll have to attach something to the back wall of the garage, like one of those camping roll mats.
  7. It came to about 4% off in the end. Was told that it may arrive as soon as 6 weeks, as there was one of the spec she wanted in the supply line that they were able to reserve. Had it been a factory order they said she'd be looking at 20 weeks potentially :o
  8. Well, shopped around and got a dealer that was prepared to negotiate. Got offered a good package including freebies as well, so she's done the deal! Now just the 8 weeks or so of waiting... then I can be ferried around in luxury :D Being back in a Lexus showroom (not the bunch who stitched me up all those years ago I hasten to add), and driving their cars again after so long has reminded me what nice machines these are B)
  9. Many thanks for all the replies. She does have her heart set on the Lexus, and while she's looked at the X5 and does think it's a very nice car - at 4857mm long (compared to the 4780mm of the Lexus) it won't quite fit in the garage while the Lexus should do, just. Actually, could extend the garage with the money saved on say an X5 3.0d The Merc is out as her sister has one, so there's a bit of sibling rivalry plus it doesn't seem as comfy as the X5 or Lexus. I did mention Land Rover/Range Rover to her and all I got was a funny look I was surprised the dealer won't offer anything off the price, but as you say - time to try another dealer, although they're a bit scarce in the south east (maybe that's what the dealer is relying on). Useful to know that the target should be around what the brokers are offering. Did have a look online for GAP insurance, and can get Return To Invoice or Vehicle Replacement for around £410 for 3 years, which doesn't seem too bad. I'd guess the Lexus own GAP insurance is going to be more than double that. Sounds like it is going to be a very expensive car to own from new, so maybe a 2nd hand one wouldn't be out of the question. Did a quick search on the Lexus site for 'approved used' and there are a few SE-L's about... trick is it has to be red with a cream interior (women!!)
  10. My other half is looking to buy a new RX450h SE-L, and with metallic paint as the only option she wants, the price looks to be around £53K. First thing the salesman said is that she can forget about any sort of discount, but if they're feeling generous they might chuck in free GAP insurance and possibly some sort of deal on servicing for 3 years. Sounded a bit harsh seeing as on-line brokers will do the exact same car for about £3,500 - £3,800 less, and one of the biggest brokers even arranges the deal through your local Lexus dealer!? What's also a bit worrying is that if you opt to finance the car on a lease-purchase, the Guaranteed Future Value after three years (based on 10,000 miles a year) is just £19.7K... that sounds to me like the car is going to depreciate over £33K in three years, or around 63%. Is that right? The salesman was talking all about Lexus exclusivity and strong prices, but he obviously didn't mention any figures - the ones I got are off the Lexus finance calculator. Don't get me wrong, it's a lovely car, but it sounds like the dealer is playing tough plus the car is going to be very expensive to run, all things considered
  11. Have been away so haven't done much about selling the car, but now I'm back I'm going for a quick sale. So how about just £13,995... for a 3yr old IS300 Navigator with just 24,300 miles on the clock! That's practically giving it away :winky:
  12. UPDATE... The car has just been taxed for six months, plus it will have a years M.O.T. from March 9th :)
  13. FOR SALE 2003 (03 reg) IS300 Navigator in Platinum Ice All the usual extras including factory DVD satnav, and don't forget the full leather, HID headlights, auto-dimming mirrors, rear spoiler, etc. Also has the sports grille, front tints and colour-coded parking sensors (supplied & fitted by Lexus). Pristine (un-kerbed!) 5-spoke 17" alloys fitted (replaced under warranty 10 months ago). Superb condition. Car has done 25,000 miles. MOT due on March 9th but it will sail thru (and I can always MOT it before if necessary). Pictures: IS300 Side view IS300 Rear view You could mortgage yourself to the hilt and go for a new IS250, which equipped to the same level would probably cost you £30K or more. You could go to a dealer who'll relieve you of about £17K for one of these cars. Or you could snap up mine for just... £13,995 That's a saving of over two grand on what a dealer would have off you, and if you're worried about warranties and all that stuff, remember - you can buy yourself the same warranty a Lexus dealer would give you for about £250, (plus these cars rarely go wrong!) PS - The car is near Brighton - email me on for questions, details, etc.
  14. Any Lexus dealership is only as good as its staff. I have long been a staunch defender of my local Lexus dealer and the cars in general. Needless to say the dealership has changed hands, most of the sales and service staff are new and as a result, the whole Lexus experience has taken a slide. Whoever said there's no loyalty any more was spot on.
  15. Ok it's NINE WEEKS and I still don't have the car back! Last Saturday (Jan 28th) I complained to my local Lexus dealer about this. To take this long to fix my car, to attempt to return it to me in such a poor state and to fail to keep me informed of progress is totally unacceptable. As the repairer recommended by the Lexus dealer they fall way short of the level of service I'd expect, so it's looking like they'll soon be named & shamed over in the Gold Forums. :tsktsk: Courtesy car? The repairers only offer Ford Ka's as courtesy vehicles and there is no way on earth I'm driving one of those!! Have been using the Soarer plus I have the use of a company Audi A3 (which I have to say apart from poor build quality and rubbish dealerships, ain't a bad car to drive).
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