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  1. Agreed! The performance for a diesel is average off the line, over taking though is a lot of fun - bit like the IS in that respect. I would say mid range it's on par with the 300 (from what I can remember). The MPG is outstanding, no matter how hard I push it I get 47-51 MPG for a tank. Handling is also pretty good - I keep pushing it on the corners and its never let me down yet. Even performed well in the recent snow much to my surprise.
  2. Well when i asked the question i certainly didnt have the diesel in mind! we all know its **** Yeah, sorry. haven't been on the forums for a very long time - so fed up with my lexus. For some reason this thread ended up in my inbox so I felt compelled to reply - realise now you guys were talking about the 200/300. I had a 200 and a 300, both high milers and never had a thing go wrong with them. The 300 was a top notch car and I really missed it when I traded in for the 220d.
  3. My IS220d started to seriously go wrong at about 70,000 miles. I sold it (dumped it back with Lexus) at 140,000 miles when the diff went. It was the final straw having had am almost replacement engine and 3 head gaskets go, not to mention countless other problems. As a rough estimate the cost of maintenance and repair was almost what I paid for the car brand new. Worst car I ever bought. And it was 100% dealer services with FSH. Got a nice new Peugeot RCZ now which does 50 MPG, looks amazing and drives way better than the IS220d ever did.
  4. And the bluetooth for the phone, phone button on steering wheel etc etc. It's never gonna work.
  5. I like the TMC, as others have said it does provide lots of useful info and it is up to the driver whether to act upon it. I had one recently that showed me that a set of upcoming traffic lights were out of order - and they were!
  6. The proper iPod connection is an aftermarket add on from Lexus or another supplier. The Lexus connection is about £250 inc fitting.
  7. Gary, just a thought, do the seatbelt rattles still persist evan if you adjust the height? We had seat belt rattles on the wife's 807 which were fixed by playing around with the height adjustment.
  8. One thing to watch is there might be a clause regarding fair wear and tear - brakes/tires etc. My mate handed back a Discovery only to find they charged him for every scratch that had to be "fixed" to bring the car up to showroom condition. I understand that the finance companies/dealers are loosing money on these deals so might be keen to extract a pound of flesh.
  9. Sounds like a fault. I've never seen the windscreen button flash and the previous temperature is maintained every time. I have the MM unit so it's possible there might be a slight difference.
  10. I had some rattles in my 2006 220d which were completely sorted by Lexus with a special rattle kit. Since then I've been rattle free, so I would imagine that either the car you ate interested in has been de-rattled or you can ask the dealer to fit the kit. The areas of rattle that I had fixed were lower dash driver/passenger side and the top of the dash where the center speaker is. HTH
  11. We're getting close, I believe 2009 IS has folding rear head rests - just what is needed for flat pack Ikea furniture :D
  12. What is the change to Park Assist? I have the reversing camera but not the sensors. Also, does the voice command work with the iPhone? Cheers.
  13. Have to agree with SiWhite - my iPhone 3g call quality is excellent - evan when connected to the iPod connector in the glovebox it still works brilliantly. However, I have to agree with the others that the iPhone is lacking in the bluetooth dpt - with my old Nokia I uploaded the complete phonebook, yet with the iPhone I can't evan do one by one.
  14. Hi, I have the Lexus iPod integration kit and it's pretty sweet, showing 6 playlists, and the playlist name and song name for the current song being played. Integrates nicely with the steering wheel controls allowing you too change playlist and change sony in playlist. It also charges the iPod and pauses it when the phone rings etc. HTH Scott