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  1. Funny that this is mentioned as a few days ago I was thinking a similar thing. The lexus is the only car where i can have the seat comfortably set where I can lean against the head rest (eg. long motorway run) and still be comfortably driving without the head slightly angled upwards like on all other cars Ive driven. However never experienced pain on neck whatever car
  2. Most of these main dealer car washers are contractors and depending on their contract sometimes they are paid per hour plus per vehicle hence they accidentally do not see the do not wash signs. They are paid pretty poorly on the whole and equipment is usually just adequate. Cloths, sponges etc will not be clean and will be gritty. At busy dealers they work dam hard and definitely do not have the time and experience to wash a car properly. Don't expect too much as it is afterall just a courtesy wash.
  3. Saw a new red RX and a gen 2 black GS on the drive in Essex the other day, couldn't stop staring whilst driving past. Sure it is someone on here, stunningly beautiful in the sun and the way it was parked. Just want to tell you wow. 😊
  4. its worth exactly £10k... be there in 1hr to clear her out of the way for you 😂
  5. The Legend is very nice but I think the LS is quite a bit superior. However the Accord im looking for is a dirty 4 pot diesel😂
  6. Hi All, I was wondering whether anyone on here has a well looked after Honda Accord Type S 2.2 i-dtec that they may think about selling? If so, feel free to send me a message. Thank you I know this is not a Lexus so not sure whether it is allowed, please delete if not acceptable.
  7. ooooo, i saw these and bought some (can't remember what flavour though - yellowy box)
  8. More of a temporary fix but seach the bay for neck pillow support car or something, also cheap. It is for attaching to the head rest but they were great for back pain if you just lean back on it in a position that suits you. The bone shaped ones were ideal due to the size and way the shape moulds to your back. Feel for your lady.
  9. Most similar. A very german scene type wheel. If you want similar, try the above, compomotive TH, ronal turbo etc
  10. One thing I would say is the tyres make a huge difference on this car. Try and go for some comfort orientated tyres, changes the car completely, you will enjoy it so much more. If it still has the OEM Bridgestone S001. It will give a weird feel going over potholes and crevices. Not sure how to describe it but it feels rather heavy, harsh, inappropriate and tiresome. However they are really good at corner gripping but how often will you throw it through corners like that? Probably not that often. You end up weaving about on the road to avoid the imperfections. Any sporty tyre also gives th
  11. Used to drive a lot fo these for work. Firstly 28miles? Normal driving is around 20. Highest is around 25 in summer in perfect conditions and no aircon etc (not easily achieved). Winter, faster driving etc around 15. Car does feel a little heavy but it feels heavy low down centre of gravity. It has enough pick and go. Fairly comfortable but there were always thuds and funny noises coming from transmission, engine etc. The passat was much better in this area and more comfortable, isolated etc. Quite a few recalls regarding batteries and connecting parts and I think some pump, just
  12. Surely they are not charging £40 for 1x halogen high beam bulb??? What are they? H1, H7? 8) im assuming is the sidelight What is 7) bulb kit then?
  13. Thanks Upex, i was confused because they are charging about £65 for 4) and £40 for 5).Surely the halogen high beam isnt £40?
  14. Hi All, I need a complete headlight set. Ive been given part numbers but i cant find anything online for either genuine oe parts or non genuine ones. Can someone direct me? Dealer is requesting £1000 for: 1) 81107-30D31 COMPUTER SUB-A (is this the ballast?) 2) 81185 -30B91 LENS (will get from dealer as similar pricing on used ones on ebay anyway) 3) 81165-30B91 PLATE 4) 90981-YZZCC D4S HID 42V35W 5) 90981 -13066 BULB 6) 90075-60026 SOCKET & WIRE 7) 90981-YZZBP BULB KIT 8) 99132-YZZBA BULB 12V 5W I know where to get cheaper bulbs but the rest i cant find a
  15. Boo

    A Quiet Tyre

    I jsut had a call around and the best price is coming in at £200 a corner which is a little more than i wanted to pay, i was hoping for somewhere around 150 give or take. i cant seem o find a cheap online place that stocks them so ended up calling local tyre places. also some research on net showed that these tyeres are initially quiet but fter 12k or so, the noise comes back, not sure what people meant but i am thinking coz it is initiially so quiet that any extra noise that comes in at 12k they think it is loud but still quiet cmpared to other tyres?
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