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  1. Very clean and I'm sure not standard seemed very quick . Sent from my STF-L09 using Tapatalk
  2. Hi Rich1068 Definitely worth investing in an Alignment with a Hunters
  3. Hi all well had my IS200 since 2001 and tried many different manufacturers tyres and for past 3 years been running Falken fk 453 for price and wearability .best advice after all these years is get alignment done properly I had some Pirelli p zero tyres 15 years ago didn't last 10.000 miles cause bad alignment.The Falkens grip well and last.If anyone has any questions for a long term owner fire away
  4. Hi been a while since last post in fact just seen joined 10 years ago still have the same car all I ever seem to do is clean it get it serviced once a year its been great .
  5. Hks Silent Hi-Power

    Hi been a very long time since i posted .Recently purchased silent hi-power exhaust had my garage fit it .sounded really good certainly not loud.very shiney.the but though is i am now of an age where i cant live with the size of the tip. I have had the car since 2001 kept it standard and the exhaust stands out a little to much for my conservative taste my son has put it on Ebay as i not capable .exhaust is now off the car selling for £350.
  6. Coil Packs

    Sorry for delay in reply .The local garage diagnosed which one and sure they quoted nearer sixty quid each
  7. Coil Packs

    Hi my is200 had covered approx 70000 miles definitly on original coil packs .One coil pack packed up car ran very lumpy garage said no way you could no when they will not work .i asked if it was worth replacing them all but the cost at the time seemed a lot so just replaced one covered a further 11000 miles no problems
  8. One For The Car Cleaners On Here

    Have none of you got kids
  9. Driving Test

    Datsun Sunny.Gold colour coupe 1974 model it had heated rear window and a radio as standard.
  10. Autoglym

    Thank you for that info just placed an order.
  11. Parking Tickets

    Hi yes you are definitley allowed a period of time to get change im not to sure how long but its at least 5 mins and this is the case in a council carpark Try a website called pepipoo thats about help in these matters
  12. Parking Tickets

    Hi yes you are definitley allowed a period of time to get change im not to sure how long but its at least 5 mins and this is the case in a council carpark
  13. Lowering Springs Is200 60mm?

    Thats a great stance you got their.Are you going much faster than everybody else or are they all hanging back and admiring :winky:
  14. Replacing Rear Discs And Pads

    The tutorial by Trevman is clear and concise and if i was in anyway confident in my ability with tools this run through seems foolproof and would be happy to use it.I had my front discs and pads replaced this week and paid £90 labour+got ebc discs and greenstuff pads not bad as also they informed me that a piston had siezed in one of the calipers{it had feltsluggish}THEN 2 DAYS LATER A COILPACK packed up.Got the newish goodyear tyre replaced {pothole damage again}so all in all diy tips are great and wish i had the confidence
  15. Event Tyres

    Had a bulge in the side wall of a rear tyre so needed replacing decided to get both replaced Eagle f1 asymmetric xl.Tried giving 2 days notice to the main tyre companies but none could fit me in.So thought i would give event tyres a go they could come to my home when it suited me.They confirmed my request with a prompt e-mail and phoned the day before to confirm.Phoned this morning to say would be with me in approx one hour turned up as promised,was polite effecient clean total cost £220 fitted so cheaper than competitors i tried .result.Would highly recommend.
  16. Dampness In Headlights

    Jap parts do original headlamp.i ordered from their. one had plastic lug broken they replaced straight away no problems
  17. Hi,I use a company called Wheelbase in Burgess Hill,have done for past 3/4 years their honest trustworthy and seem reasonable on charges. After my Lexus warranty ran out iwas wary of who could look after my car ,never a problem with them.Ask for Jamie tele 01444248754 they are on the Victoria trading estate hope that helps.
  18. The total price including tensioner & idler which should be changed too for real peace of mind, seems normal enough - but you should also think about a new water-pump while you are at it because they are inclined to start to dribble at the age of your car and will probably need to be replaced soon. It will of course add to the cost, but will be cheaper to change at the same time as the cambelt than separately later. Aside from servicing, tyres etc, and with a little bit of luck, that will probably be all you ever need to spend on the car. Great minds think alike,yeah i will do waterpump too-its a false economy not to-thanks Ipurchased my is200 se auto from Lexus brighton a few years ago had servicing carried out by them always polite effecient,i definitley only trusted them at the time to do the cambelt+ it was 3 years ago but i assume their technicians are fully up to the job still paid around £500-550 so doesnt seem a bad deal .
  19. Hi one and all.Was out and about night before the snow fell last week hit a pothole at about 40mph the vibration through the car was really teeth rattling.I now have noticed i have a slow puncture probably caused by the afore mentioned.If i hve damaged the alloy wheel is it repairable by one of the companies that offer wheel refurbishment service or will i have to buy new wheel(they are stock alloys)or can any of the tyre suppliers help ,any advice appreciated
  20. Pothole Damage

    Yes you can if you take photos and measure depth /width i dont have figures to hand of what constitutes a pot hole size you can claim on.After the recent snow 20 to 30cm and now the melt because the roads here in the southeast of england are old and the local councils dont spend to much on road maintance there are stretches of road covered in holes on our local trading estate there are literally hundreds of holes teams of local council workers have started to fill them,they shovel in a mix of tarmac pat it down i guess thats all they can do but it doesnt seem very permanant in fact we had snow early 09 and what they filled the holes with then lifted again.
  21. Pothole Damage

    Yes new tyres about 2 months ago.stange though pressures set at 35lbs after impact and when i noticed tyre going down checked on gauge and it read 25lb pumped it up.Few days later it reads 30lb that is a slow and inconsistant puncture what do you reckon weird or what.
  22. Pothole Damage

    Ah that could be possible what you say about old alloys the car is a 1999 v reg
  23. Headlights Staying On

    I've switched the auto lights off for now and 3day's now no problems...fingers crossed....but the car has a good 4inch of snow on it after I parked it and with the car still warm, it will melt and find it's way to the plugg that is of concern.... well it has been 2hrs and still off so looking good up to now.... Still annoying that a bit of moisture can cause a huge problem... Had quite a bit of rain here in the south before the snow and i was suffering with excessive moisture inside the car on the windows i discovered in the passenger footwell was soaking wet i found twigs n muck in the sunroof gullys(cant think of the technical name)cleaned that out and seems better