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  1. Hay Nick, We should arrange a meet up of the Aristo Owners like we did a few years ago in MK, just not sure which sites/clubs are now still going now, been out of the shows/ meets for to long Thanks BR Paul
  2. Hi Jane, how are you & Barry doing, trust all good Family growing, got 2 children, boy 9 & girl 4 You’d think by having kids, I’d at least try & grow up - lol, naw !! Still a little modest boy racer at heart - lol Its a same JAE has lost some interest here, used to be great, loved it Thanks BR Paul
  3. Hi Tommy, Remember some of these names, also remember JAE - night of the storm IIRC - lol, miss these good old days with Rob, Dave, Swampy, yourself, Keith, I'm sure there were more - lol, also remember the boot not being big enough for the drinks too - lol Isn't Steve B running LOC anymore then, I know things will have changed since my last visit In regards to any mods to old girl - not really, just a re-vamp is in order, recon alloys, engine over-haul/check/mod, nothing major, like the old girl the way she is - sleeper in disguise if you know what I mean - lol, still got the old mods, coils, stage boost, hybrid T's, AV, straight-through exhaust's, etc ... Does anyone still attend JAE from LOC, have seen a few pics from last year but seems to fallen off I bit since I last went Should be getting the car back next ready for doing a bit of rolling road tests to make sure no boost lag as well as the remap ECU
  4. Hi Guys, Been a few years since I've been on here, just in the process of getting my lady back on the road after a lengthy period of being sorn'd (6 years - lol) Wondered who on here is still an Aristo owner, knew of a few members back in my time - Rob, Harry etc.. but wondered if anyone here is still an owner Thanks BR Paul
  5. Get Well Soon John Hope it's nothing too serious mate Take Care
  6. My brother-in-law has just got himself a rather nice looking "R" plate LS400 but he's in need of the complete wiper assembley - arms, motor etc.... breaker yards around bucks have no LS400 in or around his area - Wales Any help would very much be appreciated Thanks Sorry no piccs avaible at this time BR Paul
  7. Does it do this when starting from cold or all the time Could be due to low oil level in the gearbox When you change frpm "P" to "D", have your foot on the brake slightly (reduce the load on the gearbox) to see if it's down to the gearbox, you may even find you have a loose pin in the brake caliper that's making the noise, the car will jump forward so make sure no-one is in front
  8. The good thing about the MK I's are that they look the nuts even without makeup, you can only make it look better with the right kit Mines pretty much standard apart from a few small mods
  9. A bit to far for me to travel too how-ever we could always meet up if your coming to JAE later this year Always look forward to meeting a fellow Aristo Owner BR Paul
  10. Same Here Happy Birthday Hope you've had a great day
  11. Hope you had a great day Aido Happy Birthday Mate
  12. Happy Birthday Gord Have a great day mate
  13. Hope you've had a great day Ahmet Happy Birthday Mate
  14. Thanks for the B'day wishes Had a nice evening, felt weired going out just by ourself's but had a nice meal and a few beers to chill out by the lake before going back home
  15. Here you go young sir JAE Forums All latest info will be posted here
  16. Not having much luck Dan Hope this gets resolved without too much hassle mate
  17. The old fashioned way ..... Asked her parents first and then my now wife over a night out dinner That was 10 years ago
  18. Hope you've had a great day Chris Happy Birthday Mate
  19. A few things spring to mind 1 - May need to download the updated/newer version of Activesync, some versions will need not recoginse the USB Device to be syncd 2 - The USB Drivers on your PC maybe outdated/incorrect version to allow the sync to correctly see and configure the USB Device (Service Pack 3 sometimes had this issue) 3 - USB Port or Cable faulty Being USB, you should be able to charge the Sat Nav from the PC, I'd check this first to see if there's a connection between the PC and the Device, this would then tell you if your looking at hardware or software You also may have to tell the device that you intend on using a USB Connection and may need to turn on in the settings
  20. I'm with Admiral Multi Car Policy, only pay £700 for both cars, the Aristo is only £400 odd with modds Will be worth shopping around Chris
  21. Gone in 60 Seconds for me aswell, the intro music also
  22. Same here Steve, will look out for the thread
  23. I went and got a little run around instead, save on the fuel during the week so I can play at the week ends instead NO WAY I'M I SELLING
  24. Some cracking piccs there, the best JAE ever Was good to meet up and see some new faces aswell which what this is all about Roll on next year, looking forward to 2009 already - sad or what
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