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  1. Why Do My Tyres Keep Deflating?

    would that cause the alloys to be hot to touch? Jack up car and check for brakes binding if very hot . There is normally some heat transfer to the wheels but not much. If no punctures have wheels checked for corrosion, preventing tyre from sealing. Thanks i will try that
  2. Why Do My Tyres Keep Deflating?

    would that cause the alloys to be hot to touch?
  3. Every month or so i go out and find one of my front tyres flat, I have 18inch alloys and last month the passenger side alloy was roasting hot one day, turned out to be stuck caliper, £189 pounds later it was fixed. last night leaving work i looked to find drivers side wheel deflated, quick pump up and was fine until this morning I have notice both alloys are warm to the touch, when they shouldnt be. what is going on with my is200? i really couldnt be doing with new caliper again.
  4. Hi guys I have just taken ownership of an is200 SE 2001. Everything was fine until tonight as i went to turn on the car. When I insert the key in the ignition (the main lights came on) When I turn the key to start (the main lights go off) The full beams only work when in 'flash' mode (when pulling the lever back) It wont work when puched forward - the roper position. So now i can only drive at night with the lower bumper lights on, and holding the light lever on FULL BEAM. I have no main light. I have looked at the fuse box and it seems that they had a dvd music system or alarm hooked up with an extra wire coming out. Any thoughts on what to do? How much for an auto spark to rectify? PS theres no engine light warning or anything like that
  5. I have a 99 is200 sport, in average condition. Does anyone have the book price, its got 100k on the clock. cheers
  6. How Watertight Is Kwik Fit Guarantee?

    Thats fair enough but I want to know if i can get cash back from the work that was done last year.
  7. Hi guys, last year I got the front brake pads and discs replace by kwik-fit. They gave me that guarantee thing where it said all parts and labour is guaranteed a lifetime. Dont know how you can guarantee brake pads a lifetime??? anyhow, my rear ones have now gone - and i brought it to a local garage who; looking at all wheels said i needed them all replaced (shoes & discs), i explained the fronts were done last year, and they showed me the front discs and shoes, which were pretty well worn and some grinding had started on the disc also. So I'm thinking of taking this up with knik-fit........ surely they should have lasted longer than a year no matter how you drive (i'm not particularly agressive). What do you think? am i wasting my time? thanks
  8. Hi steve, no it sounds fine, got the timing belt changed last year. Does P1349 no cover a whole plethora of problems? What should i do?
  9. Got a problem - the obd2 scanner throws up: P1349 01/02 P1349 02/02 Anyone know what its teeling me? thanks
  10. thanks guys will do, and get back
  11. As i was travelling to work today, wasnt particularly pushing it - when the dashboard lights up the engine light and the trc light started flashing. eek! whats this? i had the timing belt changed last year, and its just passed the mot last week. anyone have any idea? cheers IS200 Sport 1999 - 82k
  12. thanks mate, i think i'll give it a go. PS Where is it located? The oil level and plug that is?
  13. not really a crunch, just very difficlut to get into gear, bit of blockage. I can get it in by jigging it a little, but it used to be so smooth.
  14. Hi, has anyone experienced difficulty changing from 5th to 6th, its ok going from 4th to 6th but is this a common is200 problem? How difficult is it to fix gearbox? any pointers?