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Found 150 results

  1. Got an intermittent but frequent problem with my IS200 The headlights come on and the relay box by the battery buzzes, even with no key in the ignition Only way to stop it is disconnect the battery Don't get buzzing when lights are switched on Had a couple of auto electricians look at it without success Relay changed - no effect, no water in relay or fuse area, steering column switch seems ok Any suggestions welcome
  2. Hi guys hope someone can point me in the right direction so a couple of days ago my is200 started making a thumping/thudding noise when turning either right or left followed by a dragging kinda noise,the dragging noise that follows the thumping noise only lasts about half of a second I’m just wondering if any of you guys have had this problem before and what the fix was,the noise is from the rear of the car
  3. bigdave1227


    I have a IS200 which I no longer need. Drives great and has served me well for 8 years but MOT was due last week and I haven't put it through as I bought another car. Done 166,000 miles but still drives like a 3 year old car. Bodywork good for age. Wondered if anyone was interested for spares or a project.
  4. 2004 IS200 car broke down, won't start, noticed smoke from engine bay, there is oil all over rocker cover, engine is roasting hot, no warm air in car or temperature displayed on the clocks is at 0. The TRC Light started flashing just before it cut out. Would it be the gasket cover or a bigger problem like the head gasket or engine gone?!
  5. Hi all, lowering springs posts never seem to go away I know but really need some help with my 'new' 54 plate IS200 SE....... coilovers will be a bit overkill for what I need so going down the direction of springs, but, looking at the Tein ones which still seem available it says SXE10 chassis type.... my log book says mine is GXE10!? Is it true these are the same? Also, then with the eibach pro kit its 30mm all round and my car is currently lower at the back than the front on standard springs, so will that make it look uneven!? What's people's advise on the best ones to get for an even, subtle drop suitable for daily use - don't want it on the floor!
  6. Hi, I'm new in this forum. I just purchased an IS200 a couple weeks ago, and I have to do general mantainance stuff. But I've encountered a problem in the steering. It presents the following symptoms: - The steering is a bit hard and tight - The steering is not straight(I guess I'll just have to do an alignment and that will be it ) - The steering doesn't come back to the center smoothly and even at some point it doesn't even come. (The power steering fluid levels are alright, but it is quite dark, so I guess I should just flush it right?) - The powersteering pump's pulley is a bit bent, it doesn't spin straight, but it doesn't present any issue with the belt or anything, it doesn't make grinding noises. I've got a receipt from the previous owner which says that the pump has been replace not a while ago, but that pump came from a scrapyard. I hope that it isn't the steering rack or the pump that needs to be replaced. If you guys know anything about this issue, or have some clue about it I would really appreciate your help. Thanks
  7. Hi all, new to this forum. Just wondering if anyone has any advice. I have an old is300 estate, 2002. There are some rust bubbles on the bonnet, and I haven't got a clue how to tackle this - how would you go about it !? new (aftermarket) bonnet / scrap yard / bodyshop...
  8. Hi all. New to this forum...apologies if this post is in the wrong bit... just trying to find some advice from people who might already know this - I have an IS300, from 2002. It seems to ride a bit high, especially at the back. Do you know how to go about lowering it slightly? Not sure of the best way to go about this (1" at front, 2" at rear maybe...). Hope you can help...
  9. Hi all, my wife owns a pretty nice is200 and it has had a fair bit of money spent on it over the last 12 months, one being a new engine as the original just failed from multiple places for some unknown reason. For her birthday I am going to be tinting all her lights but wanted to surprise her with some sequential halos and Demon eyes, the problem is the headlights are a pain to remove and I wanted to ask if you can just remove the lens, if not, I still need some advice on how to remove the lens if possible please? are they glued or screwed? Thanks, Craig
  10. Hi fellow Lexi Lovers! Just joined club as considering adding a 300 Sportcross to the family, having owned a 200 Sportcross since 2013 with almost 120k on the clock now. Really love the twisty bits but would love to hear from anybody with a 300, especially if you've also had a 200 - how do they compare? Also can I fit a rear-mount bicycle rack - will need to carry 3 bikes.. Any 200 Sportcross questions I can answer, happy to help if I can! Thx, RG
  11. Joeshippers

    Newby Lexus Owner

    Hi, I'm new to the forum, have a new love in my life. 2004 IS200 only 72k full Lexus history. Had it a week and fallen in love, just got around to the detailing. What do you think ? Now should I keep the wheels as is, do need a refurb or change the colour ? Possibly 'Shadow Chrome ?
  12. Sadly mk1 IS now go to the stage in it's life-cycle where I keep seeing poorly maintained and abandoned examples. This particular one was sitting in the same bay for at least a year and for at least 7 month had the notice stuck on the window warning that car will be towed away. Sadly, it is on private land so it will stay there - in other hand if it would be public land the car would already been crushed. It is kind of anointing that there are now way to save such cars (legally).
  13. Hi, In need of parts in kensington green 6q7 : front bumper nearside wing nearside front door nearside rear door I don't need the door cards, just the door with window, exterior handles and electric folding mirror for the front, plus if the bumper has the washer jets that would be great! How much would I be looking at paying for all of these parts? if I could get these delivered that would be excellent! Apologies if this has been posted in the wrong section, a bit frantic at the moment. Best, T
  14. Laim1987

    Wheel spacers

    HI im new here. I looking to put 10mm wheel spacers n maybe some one knows do i need new bolts or something else? Or it's fits on original bolts? Thnx
  15. Hello, So I recently got into a little accident with my is200 manual and now need a new rear hub, and maybe other parts although unsure what yet. Question is will parts from a is200 auto suffice. So I wanted this post to outline the differences. I know the differential is different with a higher ratio i believe, and obviously the tranny. But is there anything else? I have a guy ready to sell me a bunch of parts from an auto is200, but I'm sceptical with mine being a manual thanks
  16. Hi.. I have a 2002 Lexus IS200 Auto, I am having a transmission problem. At first I thought it was caused by my ABS sensor, my ABS light on and TRC OFF flicking, which when diagnosed it was front right side. After replacing that sensor the transmission was working fine for two days but started doing its thing again. The car will just refuse to change from 1or 2 untill it redlines, if it does change to another gear it will be just for a second or so and back down. Some days it will drive smooth for two hours or so and if you going slow there is a slight jerk as if the car is changing up and down.
  17. I have a 1999 Toyota Altezza 1GFE, which recently has had the engine light come on after driving it for a few minutes. Every time i restart the car it goes away but comes on again after a few minutes. I have done the paperclip diagnosis on the ODB1 port, but all it does is make the engine light, ABS light and the ECT light flash continuously. Does anyone know what it might be? Cheers,
  18. Yobosoku

    ECU pinout required.

    Hi, new to forum, there may be an already existing thread but I cannot find anything......ANYWHERE! I need an ecu pinout for a 2001 is200 using a 1gfe with an ecu number 89661-53200. I need this pinout diagram and expertese to fit a bee*r limiter basically because I want one and I like being a loon in my car. There are people who hate/disagree with them, however I would like one in my car and I would appreciate help fitting it. any help appreciated.
  19. wezsleigh

    IS200 Turbo

    Hello im looking to get install a turbo into and IS200 and looking through this forum and various other forums I've not really found a clear answer to my question. Can you just install a turbo onto the is200 without having to buy this £2300 kit? For example, could I just change the manifold and install a turbo without having to spend all that money. I understand that some stock internals may need to be upgraded however e.g. flywheel, manifold and such.
  20. mondo35

    Is200 weight

    Hi guys, i have owened 3 lexus is 200s and I absolutely love them, just recently i thought about having a caravan so i sold the sport and got the is 200 SE I have the tow bar and everything, i want to know how much the standard is 200 weighs. as my car and caravan must be 3.5 tonne or under. Now can anybody please tell me how to find this out, i have looked online allready but have had no luck thanks in advance for all the replys, much appreciated
  21. Hi guys, first time posting here on this forum looking for help. I currently have a 2000 Lexus is200 as my weekend (fun car) while my daily was in getting repaired I was driving the Lexus as a daily but when my main car came back I parked the Lexus up starting it every so often. Then when I went to start it one day it just kept turning and fuelling but would not spark. I had to charge the battery also. I checked power to cool packs and they all have power going to them. I've checked all fuses and nothing seems at fault there. While I was driving it as a daily the plastic part of my key, which is the only one I have for it, split. I glued it back together but I've a funny feeling this is the issue that the chip isn't sending out a signal. When I put the key in the ignition the red dot security light is not lighting up! Does anyone have any ideas or people who could sort this for me ? I'm in the Meath area of ireland. Much apprecited.
  22. Hello everyone! I picked up my first IS200 SE last week for the princely sum of £650. She has 97,000 miles, one owner, full history and lovely in every way apart from the bodywork. My plans are to slowly restore it to a nice standard. Primarily lots of small bodywork and paint repairs including the seriously scuffed alloys. PLANS Remove major scratches and minor dents. Repair deep dent on rear panel. Deep polish to remove the pretty bad swirl marks. Alloy repair and respray. Tint rear windows. Spray chrome rear light inserts red (sorry, not a fan of lexus lights). Make sure everything is fully rust proof and pristine for longevity. Cruise Control retrofit (if possible). Wire folding mirrors to central locking.
  23. Hi All, I'm new to the Lexus scene, previously owned a BMW 125i E82, which was perfect, but I ended up selling to clear a loan. I'm now in the market for a cheaper car (£2000 all in inc. insurance/tax) that will reliably get me from A-B for the next year as my other half and I move into a house. Unfortunately for her, I get bored of cars easily, but the IS200 seems to be a relatively good compromise. I have seen an IS200 Sport on Gumtree for £1,400, FSH at the correct intervals and 103K miles on the clock. Cambelt was changed at 68k, oil service with microfilter and sparkplugs at 90K. All sounds promising.... The problem is, it's been 11 months since the last MOT, and it's done 20k miles. It had new brake disks and pads at this stage, and there doesn't seem to be any reports of corrosion. I've asked for a new MOT, but the "story" is that the owner is the vendors sister, she's had it for 2 years but she's bought something newer and left him to sell the car. He works 7-5:30 and is not insured to get the car to an MOT centre. I have asked to view the car with price to be negotiated. Is this too much of a financial risk for an IS200 of this age, is there anything I could look for when viewing this evening? Any help would be appreciated, SpazaB
  24. Dinho

    Creeper Story

    Ok I am just starting this thread to show the life of 'Creeper' my cars name (yeh i'm a bit sad but who cares lol). I have no pictures of the way I bought it, but lets just say it seemed someone had been using it for banga racing. The smell inside wasn't great either. I didn't have a windscreen so i took the opportunity to change the colour of the centre console from black to silver, just wanted it to look like it had more life and it fitted in line with the grey piping on the seats. To I chopped off the old handbrake for a Momo one To.. and as you can see I changed the gear Knob to something a bit more classy in my opinion. I got addicted to spraying things so I darkened the fog lights, and headlights, and also bought some darker tail lights from a member on here I believe. For the tail lights i used tint spray, you can buy different colours, blue, smoke, red and green (e-tech range) To
  25. spazab

    Lexus IS200 Manual

    Hi All, I'm new to this forum, after scouring the classifieds on autotrader/pistonheads/gumtree I thought I'd try and put a wanted post out there after my poor choice in gumtree ad in my first post... I'm looking for a manual IS200, under £1,500 - ideally with as few miles as possible, FSH and cambelt to have been done at that price, but I am aware they particularly wear their mileage well. I'm based in Oxford and wouldn't mind travelling a little for the right car. If anyone is selling in the next month or so, or knows anyone that is, I would appreciate the feedback! Thanks, SpazaB