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Found 33 results

  1. I've bought a Bluetooth OBD dongle, and installed the Torque app on my android phone. Other than the immediate benefits, such as checking for fault codes (I have none!), I also hope to decode the PID information provided by the interface so I can check on hybrid battery health and so on. I'm having trouble finding a list of the codes for the RX400h. I have a spreadsheet I downloaded from PriusChat (which was the result of a long topic on there regarding the RX400h), but some of the values being displayed on the Torque app don't make a lot of sense, eg: Battery voltage -2800v. Has anyone got access to this information?
  2. Hi everyone ...the radio power switch on my 2008 GS300 has stopped working. I can still use the knob to cotrol volume, but it will not turn off/on. The other buttons on the unit .. Disc/Aux/ FM/AM/Load/Eject etc have also ceased to work. However, I can still change audio input using the Mode button on the steering wheel. It was suggested on the US site ClubLexus, that disconnecting the battery for 30mins to let the system re-set itself may work, but I’m unsure what else disconnecting the battery will affect .... satnav/ECU/seat settings etc ... or something more important! Will this require a visit to local Lexus to put right? Has anyone else had the problem with the radio button? Suggestions / advice anyone? Thanks in advance ....
  3. I've been driving my '18 IS300h for almost 3 months now and it's been an absolute pleasure so far. The only thing that bothers me is the noise level coming from the batteries' cooling fan next to the right hand side back seat. Usually this is not a problem for me though as I have the radio on most of the time, but if you have other people in the car it's quite embarrassing for a new car in this price range tbh. Of course it's not on all the time, but quite regularly though. Probably the dealer will say the noise level is normal, but I'm just curious about anybody else's experience on this? Wy does the fan need to cause a whistling sound? The HVAC blower fan doesn't whistle, so why does this cooling fan need to?
  4. Hello All, Just did pre-service (at Halfords) of the pre-MOT pre-service. Few advisory items come up - rear brakes pads 8mm, one parking light bulb and failed 12v battery. No surprises there, knew that battery is not in best condition already - just nice to find out why. So the report says that battery failed, performance 0%, the cells shot and short, voltage - 10.29v. Funny enough as car is garaged both at home and where I work I have no issues with battery. Furthermore, it is Halfords own battery (some kind of Platinum with 4 years warranty) and Halfords doesn't want to fulfill their obligation to replace it under warranty. To be fair I don't have a receipt, but the battery is made only 2,5 years ago and fitted just over 2 years ago, quite obviously within the warranty. That said I decided not to replace it until it completely fails. However, already doing some research for the day of failure. My personal opinion is that battery is bit under powered for car with so much gadgets and especially mine being SEL just drains even more power, obviously living in UK have its own benefits e.g. no cold winters, so even cheap batteries last (or at least should). Based on all the information I though that I might go for Exide or Bosch. Cannot say much bad about Halfords, especially considering that it doesn't develop much issues even in such condition, but it is principal for me now not to get one from them, because I feel like their warranty is rather unfair .. Any other opinions or suggestions? Thanks in advance,
  5. SC430 auto 2005: Advice re flat battery. I've had my beautiful car for nearly 6 yrs and it has been reliably unreliable during this period in not starting if I leave it for any period of time. During the winter I can drive 100 miles, park for a couple of hours, then it won't start without being jumped. In the summer I can sometimes leave it for a couple of days before it fails to start. Again I have to jump start it. Despite renewing the battery annually and making sure I turn EVERYTHING off, I now permanently carry a very heavy duty power pack in the boot to start up wherever I am. It's a joke. On one occasion I drove it for most of the day, stopped to concentrate on a hands free call for 20 minutes only to find I had to jump it to re-start. My local dealer has not been able to resolve and I really don't know where to turn to. I absolutely love my car but I no longer drive it in the winter, too much trouble in the rain to jump it, so it is garaged for at least six months. I've read that other owners have had the same or similar problems - if they've been resolved, how? Certainly doesn't look good for Lexus, my local fiends/neighbours can't understand it at all. Find it amazing that I haven't got rid by now!! We've tried a trickle charge but even that can't be relied upon on such a big engine. Any advice. I live in Hampshire.
  6. Hi all, I have started this topic trying to help anyone who has a problem with the hybrid battery on a lexus gs450h . About a month ago i was stuck in traffic and the check hybrid system came up on but the car was still drivable and only a bit more lazy on acceleration . After i arrived at home i plugged the scanner and it came with the error code P0A7F - Hybrid Battery Pack Deterioration and check VSC message. I have cleared the code and looked at the battery modules voltage but they were all looking fine so i assumed it was just a one off. The car was fine but after one week same thing happened again and meanwhile the car was feeling a bit different anyway, the only difference this time it was the error code P0A80 - Replace Hybrid Battery Pack. Unfortunately my car has done 124k miles and also the last service was done with an independent specialist so i had no warranty. I kept researched on-line and i found someone in Northampton that recondition and repair hybrid batteries for Honda & Toyota. Meanwhile i have also discussed with someone from London and he said he will fix my car in 4 hours but he never done one before. I decided to use the guy in Northampton who's name is Richard, a very nice guy and helpful. He said he will need the car between 5 and 7 days and will give 10k miles warranty or one year , whatever comes first . Dropped the car on on Tuesday because it was still drivable just without abs, vsc and cruise control and picked it up this Wednesday . The car feels great now and also the fuels consumption is with a few mpg's better. The guy also has a website but i am not sure if i am allowed to post it here so i will leave his phone number is someone is interested. Richard Hybrid battery solutions - 01604404644 .
  7. Hi all, I have recently bought a Lexus IS300h F port and I was told to get a tracker fitted by one of my colleages. I have bought the tracker that was suggested to me but I have no idea where or how to fit it. The instruction manual says to attach it to a 12-36V charger (I'm assuming the 12V battery in the boot). I have never done anything of this sort before so I just wanted to ask a) is it safe for me to try and fit the two leads myself? b) would me attaching a tracker to the 12V battery drain it & cause problems?? Hope to hear from someone soon.. Shyamal Ps: the picture below shows the two leads that I'm supposed to connect to the battery if it makes sense to anyone
  8. Hello peeps. So my replacement battery i had was a Toyota Optifit which tbh im not happy with. Been 18months and its struggling as the days get colder. I bought a Ctek charger which charged it and it was ok for a day and then when i measured it across the terminals i was only getting 11.8v Can someone who has the original factory fitted battery take a pic for me and if they can find out the spec and part number from the battery please? Cheers
  9. Had to get a replacement battery in a hurry today for my 2003 IS 300 Sportcross, so went on-line. Eurocarparts website was easy to use and had a tasty discount offer. They had a choice of 2 so I selected the more expensive one with 70Ah, CCA 540A, rating and ordered it 'click and collect'. £67.40 inc vat and 3 year g'tee which I didn't think was bad. Now I've got it home I can see it doesn't fit the battery tray properly. The base area is too big to fit deep in the tray so it sits quite high. Also, the new battery is 10mm taller than my knackered battery. As a result, the standard battery clamp won't fit (the rods aren't long enough) and the terminals are worryingly close to the closed bonnet. Is this a common issue? Is there a work around or will I have to return it to eurocarparts? Is there a generally recommended/ easily available battery that fits? Thanks in advance for your replies!
  10. Hello this is just a question out of curiosity, I've cleaned and polished my new rx300 2004 plate I've had it 2 weeks now and I believe it's running on it's original battery it looks a bit old tbf, it's a Panasonic battery and it says distributed by Toyota on it. It can't surely have lasted this long can it? Lol My question is which battery do you guys think would be up to the job, which brand do you recommend. Just interested in makes and models etc. Thanks
  11. Having a nightmare. Lexus IS 220d SE-I 1) Battery died 2) Replaced for new. COCKED UP, got the polarity wrong and fried the electrics. 3) Checked all fuses, replaced several micro fuses and the entire fusible link. CAR 90% works, fully drivable etc however, PROBLEM Windows - The on side (passenger) front and rear windows do not work from the doors themselves or the driver's master switch, completely dead. Also the red light at the bottom of the passenger front door isn't illuminated suggesting it might not be just the windows? The wing mirrors do work however (illuminate and fold in, separate circuit??). Climate Controls - A separate point, the climate controls are dead, the stereo is operable from the steering wheel and the clock displays, but the main unit above with heating, air con and stereo adjustment is dead. Any ideas?
  12. Afternoon all I took delivery of my new NX three week's ago and so far I'm absolutely loving it! I just have one question for the community regrading the hybrid batteries and EV mode. Every time I start the car EV mode is unavailable until about 10mins into the journey. I understand they need to charge but I'm concerned the battery is not holding its charge as it should. Is this standard for a Lexus hybrid? It feels as though this has got progressively worse since I bought it but that could well be in my imagination. How does this compare to other people's experience of the NX 300h? Thanks
  13. the battery in my 2012 IS200d is on it's way out (hydrometer is showing red after long drive) ... so will replace very soon. Any surprises I need to be aware of? (things like security codes, door locks etc, radio memory ?
  14. Hello, I was wondering if anyone could help please. I have a LS600HL and the battery went completely dead. I charged it up this weekend and the charger says it is fully charged. Upon reconnecting the horn alarm went off, but I managed to stop it. I got into the car with manual key entry. The dashboard was going crazy. The interior lights are coming on and off. There were a few minutes of very weird activity. The situation now is: the battery in the boot is clicking on and off. I can't start the car. The horn is not sounding, but there is a groan/ creaking coming from under the bonnet, at a similar internal to the horn alarm. The main issue seems to be the battery not providing stable power, but clicking on and off every second. I've disconnected and all is now quiet. Does any one have any ideas please? Thanks, Rob
  15. Hi all, Im in the process of buying(not sure) a LEXUS RX 450H SE car - 55k miles, 2010 - 3456 cc But the car wont start - Dashboard blacked out Im guessing its the battery but not sure I just want to gather your opinion on how much it will cost to fix assuming it has a dead hybrid battery ? And list of problems that could be wrong with the car from electrical point of view - Ill assume petrol engine is ok Many thanks
  16. Drove to Luton Airport this morning. All fine. 3 hours later to go home, car unlocked, then dead. No lights, no ignition, nothing ... Called Lexus Assist ( AA). 30 minutes later, they arrived and the car has started. The problem? The connection to my battery had come loose(!), so it was effectively disconnected for maybe 3 hours. It took about a minute to be fixed. It's never let me down before, so I WAS surprised! I guess the car has to re-learn stuff now. Certainly some of memory settings have gone... But a happy ending. Top Tip: Keep a coat in your car. I had one ( a high viz ) and was I grateful!
  17. Hey guys, Is there a way to open the bonnet in order to change the car battery? The battery is dead and I can't open the passenger door manaully. A few years ago my car keys got stolen, and I changed the passenger door but the lock barrel is from another lexus. Otherwise, I will have to smash and replace the sidescreen :( Thanks
  18. Hi all, Just wanted to post a quick review regarding Hybrid battery conditioning. I think it was off this site I learned of Hybrid Battery Solutions based in Northampton who I contacted after getting a diagnostic from Lexus. The car lost it's initial surge of power from the battery and would always move off using petrol engine only. Battery indicator would drop to purple very quickly. MPG dropped from about 29/30 to 23-25mpg. I had a CHECK HYBRID SYSTEM message, but it was solid - not flashing check VSC etc as others have described. Lexus ran two separate diagnostics and said it was a smart battery ECU which needed replacing at a cost of £1250 + vat. They gave me a print out of the error code and when researching online it was more common that it was 'Battery pack seriously deteriorated'. I couldn't find much literature regarding the smart battery ECU other than a workbook note suggesting that this is replaced first then if this doesn't work, the battery pack should be replaced. Not knocking Lexus at all but I wasn't overly convinced or filled with confidence. My car is probably only worth £3000-4000 (ambitious?!) and has 150k miles so didn't want to pay for this smart battery unit and then a battery if it didn't work! Using my logic I thought it was more likely than not to be the battery - after all, all batteries do degrade and this seemed to be much much more common when looking online. I contacted Richard at Hybrid Battery Solutions in Northampton who gave some advice and we had a chat about hybrids generally - in fact, we didn't even discuss him 'selling' me his service until I asked (always a good sign I think!). Anyway, cutting to the chase I drove from Teesside to Northampton and averaged 26.2mpg. Left it with Richard for the week and I was astonished when I got it back. It felt like it had been remapped - it was better than before (probably cause I never had from brand new myself). On the same journey back (about 190 miles) I averaged 38mpg. Even after almost a week of short journeys, spirited driving (and traffic light drag racing again ) I am still on 33.4. I am almost gutted that I didn't go for the grid charger (which I think uses some kind of witchcraft to keep the battery cells in their best possible condition) but I might well need a bigger boot to fit a pushchair later on in the year so the car might go although with hindsight, this would have been a good selling point when selling the car. He can do this separate from conditioning I believe or both at same time. It has given me confidence to go and buy another higher mileage hybrid. There is a solution which is significantly cheaper than Lexus and urge others who were in my situation to have a look at this. Hopefully this isn't breaking any forum rules - it's just my experience of this company and that others find it informative.
  19. Bought a 2003 IS200 and love it. I did have to change the battery and now only the indicator lights come on and it won't turn over. Dead. No other lights in or out and no flashing lights. Can anyone help?
  20. Hi All, Just joined this forum as now the owner of a used 54 reg RX300. The dealer changed the battery just before I bought it and only the drivers window works from the console on the drivers door. The switches on the other doors work fine. I've read in the manual and on here about the procedure to reset this but on my car that's not working. I've tried most of the suggestions I've read except for keeping the buttons pressed for over 20 seconds. The green LED's are showing on all the switches and they go off when I press the windows disable button on the driver door master console. The function to open/close the windows with the key in the drivers door only works on that door. Is this something simple or am I into replacing ECU's and tracing wiring faults with this. The dealer did get a 2nd hand master switch assembly but that made no difference. How do they work? Is it messages via the CAN bus or are there individual wires back to the drivers master switches. Its not a deal breaker, the car is great otherwise, it would be good if this worked too. Thanks in advance for any wisdom on the matter. Ken
  21. TwitchyArmadillo

    Replacing Key Fob Battery

    Hi I've just got a 'Low Key Battery' message on my dash cluster this morning. No biggie. The spare is till working. I've seen a lot of videos that demo how to change the battery but. Apparently I take out the physical backup key and use that to split open the fob. But ... no matter how much I twist and turn that key I cannot split open the fob. I'm worried about snapping off any part of the casing. Has anyone here tried this method? Does it require a fair bit of force?
  22. Hi, Lexus main line dealer has checked the car under warranty and advises a new 12v battery is required. Quoted me £257 so I checked usual on-line providers, e.g. eurocarparts etc and quotes come back as £70-£90. The back to dealer and am advised that a 'Gel Cell' type battery is required with hybrids as could invalidate the warranty for the main batteries...Found what I think is a Gel battery (Elite TE030) for £92. Can anyone confirm or challenge this Gel Cell requirement? Feels a little underhand to me.. Thanks in advance for any advice.
  23. Hi All I'm new to Le4xus and Hybrids I've had my 400H for a couple of weeks now and am just getting used to the hybrid system I find that even when the engine is up to temp and I'm pulling away it seems to start almost imediately even if I try to keep the power meter in the dashed area at the low end of the scale and not rely on electric power. I don't have any fault lights or weird sounds and the batery is always about 80% charged or less. My thoughts were that it would utilise more of the electric traction motors at low speed as the spec of them seems to indicate that there is sufficient power to pull a house down! Is this normal? Cheers Peter.
  24. Hi all, First post here. I have a 2006 rx400h purchased with 30k miles 18 months ago. We drive the car a few times a week and regularly on weekends. The 12V SLI battery was dead 6 months ago, I figured it was 5yrs old and time for a new one, so i replaced it, this worked for 6 months. One month ago the battery was again dead. I Had the car jump started and drove it for a day, the next day it was dead again... bought a trickle charger, took battery out and charged it in our house overnight, it then worked for a day.. and then was dead again. I took the battery (6 months old) into Kwik fit, they gave a free replacement. 3 days later the new battery is dead as well, repeat cycle of jumpstart, drive, trickle charge, etc... dead each morning. Took car under AA 5-star warranty to a local garage, they looked for 4 days, alternator fine, battery fine, they cant find a problem. Have now booked to take it to a lexus for them to look (of course its dead so will need to jump it to get it there). and now its not covered under warranty. A quick search shows a history of these electronics problems with some ghost draining the battery overnight... but why all of a sudden after 5 years of no problems and a new 12V battery? I cant believe that a 'luxury' can needs to be trickle charged with a solar charger each night... never seen a range rover or an X5 with this problem any help or advice would be appreciated. I'm getting tired of spending my nights unhooking the battery to bring it in for charge, then the mornings putting it back in so my wife can take the kids to school (parked on public street). HELP!!!! Austin
  25. Went to use my GS450h after leaving in the garage for 2 weeks and it flashed up key not recognised , it started fine when holding the fob against the start button so assumed was the battery in the fob, I always have spare batteries so changed but this still the same and the same with the spare key so pretty sure not the key fobs or battery Called Lexus and they advise is most likely the car 12V battery is drained from two weeks idle and therefore not sending out signal to key - they advise a run will; charge it up and all will be fine My concern is central locking does not work from the fob -assume as fob not recognised ? and do not want to be miles from home with an issue - guess have no option but was wondering if anyone else had experienced the same ?