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Found 43 results

  1. Grateful for your thoughts on this start-up noise. Persists for about 20 secs from when the engine kicks in at start-up and cedes thereafter. Probably worth booking it in, but thought I'll check here first to see if anyone else has experienced s'thing similar (or whether this is 'normal'). Thanks in advance, Friso IMG_1090.MOV
  2. 2004 IS200 car broke down, won't start, noticed smoke from engine bay, there is oil all over rocker cover, engine is roasting hot, no warm air in car or temperature displayed on the clocks is at 0. The TRC Light started flashing just before it cut out. Would it be the gasket cover or a bigger problem like the head gasket or engine gone?!
  3. Hi, I have an IS250 Sport (Manual), over the last few weeks i've noticed that when i'm in 3rd gear or above and I put my foot down the rev get go up to about 2500-3000rpm hold for a couple of seconds drop down by 500rpm and them the car starts to accelerate again. Also if i keep my foot down then it feels like something is slipping in the engine, any ideas as to what could be the problem? One last thing if I do put my foot down for a minute or 2 then I get a weird smell coming through my vents for a few minutes. If I do a gradual increase then it seems ok. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks Nish
  4. Hi would appreciate if someone could help me identify what this is. Just noticed it this morning. It’s cold here in London. I popped my bonnet of my IS 250 to check screen wash level only to notice this white residue on the bonnet catch or lock. I am going on a long journey for the Christmas break, and am now worried about it. I thought it was a coolant leak and have checked that this is not the case. So I don’t know what it is. Thanks
  5. I've just acquired a 2000 LS400 and as I'm driving down the highway, I noticed a vibration that seems to have started immediately. I put it in neutral at 70mph, it goes away. Put it in park and rev, vibration builds slightly. It's not terribly noticeable but anybody familiar with these cars would notice immediately. Please help I am suspecting misfire? Also I have no clue when or if timing belt has been done. Odometer reads 150k however I noticed some 250k readings earlier this year on vehicle history report. Also no codes.
  6. joelfigueira

    Engine cover clips

    Hi all, As it’s been forecast for strong winds like an idiot I opened my bonnet to top up with washer fluid! A gust of wind managed to remove the front plastic engine covers along with clips. i know the clips are poor however are any people using alternative clips to hold down there engine covers? I know most people have some missing or all of them so wondering what are people are using. Have looked on eBay and ones I have seen look like the poor ones I have already. cheers in advance Joel
  7. wezsleigh

    IS200 Turbo

    Hello im looking to get install a turbo into and IS200 and looking through this forum and various other forums I've not really found a clear answer to my question. Can you just install a turbo onto the is200 without having to buy this £2300 kit? For example, could I just change the manifold and install a turbo without having to spend all that money. I understand that some stock internals may need to be upgraded however e.g. flywheel, manifold and such.
  8. Hi, Im a Dane living in Germany, and about ½ a year ago, I bought a Lexus IS220D. The car was used, had about 96.000 km behind it, and is from 2010. The car is very good, and Im a happy owner. I bought the car with 1 year of extended warranty. BUT: I noticed something that I need to understand. When I accelerate, fx. when I want to overtake another car on the highway, I experience something, I can best describe as small "slips" or "holes" in the acceleration. It is like for ½ a second the engine is not getting enough gas. It happens several times, but only when I am accelerating by pressing the gas pedal all the way to the floor. I experience this typically between 2-3000 rpm and I experience it no matter if Im driving in 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5ft or 6th gear. If I accelerate normally, without pressing the gas pedal to the floor, I do not experience these slips. With a normal steady acceleration everything is just fine. The engine otherwise runs very normal, but I expect something must be wrong. A Toyota mechanic in Denmark just made a small rutine and oil check of the car, and he said it was running perfectly. Before I go to a authorized Lexus mechanic here in Germany, I hope I can hear from someone in here, who might have an idea what is causing this problem.I still have ½ year of warranty for the car, and I need to figure out before this warranty runs out, what this problem is, so I can get it fixed. Hope someone can help. Any ideas what is causing these "slips"? Thanks, Regin
  9. Hi, I'm new on here but hope someone can help identify a solution to an odd problem with my IS220D. The car is a 2010 reg with around 80k miles on the clock. Fully serviced on schedule by Lexus. Recently needed to have the EGR valve replaced but since then, and progressively getting worse, when the engine is warm there is a marked hesitation when accelerating beyond around 2000 rpm and a complete loss of power. When the car is stationary the engine can be revved throughout its range without hesitation but the problem always occurs when the engine is under load. I can accelerate away from a junction in 1st and through 2nd gear with no problem but when the car is on the move and a similar maneuver is attempted then the problem occurs. It feels like a misfire but I'm at a loss to understand why it would only happen while driving and not when stationary or pulling away. Any thoughts or suggestions? Many thanks
  10. Hi Guys, I was wondering if you could help me please. I am in the middle of changing my timing belt on my Lexus is200 using the instructions set in the excellent post below however, I am slightly stuck on the crank pulley bolt (engine keeps rotating). As my car is an automatic and I do not have access to an air impact wrench, I am looking at ways in which to remove the bolt and also later tighten to the required torque. could anyone explain the method and tools needed for this job please? also, images would a great help! Thanks U
  11. Hello everybody! I am driving GS300H for about a month and i am very satisfied with it. This is not a real issue but i think it is interesting. I had many cars before this and all of them were much louder after cold start. Warmed up engines were always quieter. Now it is different. When I'm driving using power from cold ICE, car is extremely smooth. It feels like as smooth as 6 or maybe 8 cylinder engine. There are 100% no vibrations and only barely noticable engine whistle. Maybe You laugh but comparing to my previous turbo I4 it feels so nice. But... When ICE warms up, it's more like ordinary 4 cylinder, especially at low revs. It is not bad, but when ICE is cold, it is much nicer. Did You realized it too?
  12. Hello guys! In my car chain snapping.I need change all engine .I can't afford to change engine I ASO .Any ideas where I can find second hand engine ?
  13. Hi, I have a 98 ls400 that randomly struggles to start. The engine turns really fast on starter but refuses to start. Before it does eventually start I can often have ten to twenty near starts where it fires and revs above cranking speed and then dies. As I say this is random and the car may appear perfect for a few days. It's not engine or atmosphere temperature dependant. Once it does start it is fine. I have noticed it smells of petrol during these mental moments. Please, please help😩
  14. Audrius

    Engine Problems

    Hello Help please, I got lexus is 200 diesel 12 plate Problem is engine oil disappears no oil leaks, no oil in coolant, no mayonnaise on cap, But I think crankcase pressure is to high, then remove pipe from rocker cover which goes to air intake pipe it's got high pressure then engine on idle and you can see oil marks on air intake pipe . I look for pcv valve but I can't find it Maybe someone had this problem Many thanks
  15. Hi All, I'm a bit of a noob when it comes to cars and I'm wanting to learn a bit more about them. I have recently bought a 2007 Lexus IS220D with 47k miles. The previous owner (who had it from new) just used it for city driving. Never thought much of it at the time but looking on the forums it looks like this can cause quite a bit of carbon build up, I'm wanting to give cleaning it a go myself as it looks pretty straightforward (on youtube) but want a bit of advice before i do it. Would it cause any problems if I take out the egr and manually clean that and then use this kit? It's the Wynn's 3 pack (EGR Cleaner, DPF Cleaner, and Injector Cleaner), would these cause any problems for the car? Or has anyone come across any better alternatives? I thought if I manually clean the EGR then use the kit it would come out even cleaner if it's really blocked up. Sorry if it's a really stupid question, like I said I'm a car noob ;) Cheers
  16. Is there something missing from my Is200 ? Both sides have a gap -passenger side looks like some kind of adhesive markings. Should there be some kind of seal/plug. Please see photos. If there should perhaps a photo of yours would help me out thanks.
  17. grindersrus

    Is There Something Missing ?

    Hi everybody, I don't know if my IS200 2001, is missing something from near the hinges under the bonnet ? It looks like there might have been or should have some kind of seal instead of gaping holes, there are sign of some kind of adhesive visible on the passengers side. This is on both drivers side and passengers see attached photos. When I test drove this great car at first they had kitchen roll paper stuffed in there ! If some kind member could put me straight and a photo of their Lexus I could probably get or fabricate something - THANKS
  18. HI, I have an LS400 1993 23k, having problems with idling when it get up to running temp, engine stalls and then doesn't want to restart. I am looking for an Engine ecu and throttle body, these are not longer available from Lexus. any one have any ideas where I can look. thanks
  19. Hi I Have Lexus IS220d from 2008 (58 reg) and 114k on the clock. I searched forum for issues that i have been experiencing but i see simmilar issues but not the one that I've got. On June 2014 I had my full service done, and that was the time when my problems with the car started. 2 Days after my service I had revs weaveing when stood on lights. (Weaved from ~~900 to 600 rpm) and when I had green I pushed the gas and I experienced loss of power and revs would not go above 1800rpm (No light at that point). I turned the engine off and back on again and it was totaly fine. Mechanic that've done my service said my MAF is getting bad and i need to get a new one as it works in like 60-70% (he said) and i bought new one from Lexus dealer next day. Next few days whenever the engine was getting warm the issue was happening again and again and the loss of power was visible (however whenever on cold it was like a powerful killing machine) Than one day after a journey I parked on the drive and I had that rev weaving again and i got VSC light on and the car just shut down (the engine just died like it could not breath) Checked few things on the internet (search for the cause) I had a massive carbon build up on my EGR My dad (Mechanic) he removed EGR from the car and gave it a proper cleaning. I always use Shell's, BP and Esso fuel After that car run fine for about two weeks and than it started to be happening again. From now on whenever the engine was getting warm white smoke started to go from the exhaust. (only for a while and it stops) I experienced a loss of power on a motorway it felt like i hit breaks hard for a split of a second and the car would not go above 1800rpm's and it was slowing down and down. i turned the engine off and back on again and the car was just fine and drove perfectly back home. And whenever I had such a loss of power simple restart of the engine would help.... This time i had pc pluged in to see whats wrong. It showed a low fuel pressure on common rail. And faulty brake sensor (the one under the pedal) This time my dad took out the EGR and Inlet Manifold (EGR was still clean after the previouse clean and the Manifold had like a half of Diameter due to carbon build up) And after my dad was finished with them they were clean as new. And I gave my DPF for restoration but the guy who made the restoration said it was very clean inside in a first place (mostly due to my heavy foot) So I changed that Brake sensor. (because sometimes it is an interferience that give false faults for something else) I had pc connected to my car and we took it for a spin. On warm engine i reved it on 1st and 2nd gear to 5000 rpms (limit) and it was just fine no problems what so ever. Than I called a guy from Terraclean to clean my engine from the carbon build up so there was nothing more holding it back. And the car was fine for 2 weeks and again i have those issues with weavy revs and engine is like choking (however i do not have that loss of power where it did not got above 1800rpm). Summary New MAF - from Lexus Dealer New Brake sensor - from Lexus Dealer Cleaned EGR Cleaned Inlet Manifold Cleaned Combustion chambers - TerraClean Cleaned Injectors - TerraClean Cleaned (Regenerated) DPF - which was clean in a first place Engine Oil is not consumed by engine (checked on daily basis) for a past 5 months Not to mention On town I have 25mpg and on a motorway about 36 with cruise control at 70mph at 2000 revs. Luckily I do not have that loss of power where turbo was like not working and car did not go above 1800rpm. Therefore I have no clue what cause that Revs weaving and suffication of the engine and lot of white smoke when engine gets warm. Please someone to help me.
  20. mDx


    Helllo everyone, My waterpump is leaking, O ring needs to be replaced, but I never knew when the whole waterpump was changed, so My thought is to change it. Any good brands overthere for a good money, I think Lexus is freaking expensive they are. Blueprint etc? Or no worth looking them just get a genuine lexus?
  21. Hi. some time with my engine emits the sound of this IS300 from the movie ... sounds like a diesel... I've tried different oils, also checked the valve clearance and are OK. I have no strength ... someone met with something similar and solved the problem? thank you in advance for your help.
  22. I would really appreciate your advice. I am looking into buying an IS250 (always admired them!). I viewed a 2008 IS250 auto with 43k miles on the clock today, with full Lexus service history. I took the engine oil filler cap off and looked inside using a torch - there appears what looks like paint flaking off on the wall of the engine - there was a ragged line of this, which looked a bit like a crack. I have never come across this before and would really appreciate some advice from you guys, as you are much more familiar with these cars than I am! I wondered if it could be carbon deposits or oil residue - but it gave the appearance of what I can only describe has paint flaking off. Also, the exhaust looked quite rusty, which surprised me as I thought they were stainless steel. Have you come across this before in your own IS250'S? I am really grateful to hear your thoughts and advice on this. Thank you for any help in advance. Will
  23. Hi after the car standing for 10 days ,in June! I used it & it slightly overheated. When cooled I checked & coolant/water tank empty I re filled no overheating & no problems. However 2 weeks later I checked again & tank was again empty, refilled again checked couple of days later again empty?! There has been no more overheating, fan comes on , no visible water marks under car, around engine etc. so can somebody please tell me where my water is going. No blue smoke from exhaust, oil is fine! 2004 lexus is200
  24. 1993lexusLS400

    1993 Ls400 Engine Problem

    I'll start by saying my dash board is broken, so I can't see my speedometer, or anything else, and my gas gauge is broken. I am very good about keeping track of my miles and making sure I don't run out of gas. Well, I didn't get very good gas mileage last week because it ran out of gas on the freeway. To make a long story short, after filling my car back up with gas, it was running fine. So I drove it to work (40 miles) in the morning, everything was fine. On my way home, however, I was in terrible traffic (I live in Southern California so traffic is a daily nightmare) and when I came to a stop on the freeway, I turned my A/C off and my car turned off! The motor just shut down on it's own! So I put it in park, turned the key to off, then turned it back on and I was able to make it home safely by staying in the slow lane and driving incredibly slow. I want to take it into the shop today, but I'm hoping someone could give me an insight as to what I can do to fix it. I'm a 24 year old young lady, my grandma gave me this 1993 Lexus LS400 with only 100,00 miles on it, and I've only put 18,000 miles on it in the last 2-3 years. The car does perform differently with the air conditioner on, but it has never done this before! I just had the alternator replaced about 7 months ago, I'm not sure if that's important? I know this car is a gem and will last me at least another 100,000 miles, so I would like to learn as much as I can about this car and would like to fix it on my own! Please, if anyone can help me, I would greatly appreciate it!
  25. Abey K

    Is200 Engine

    Hello i am looking for a 1gfe for my 99' is200 . Need to be posted in france too to repare my car ... send me offers at Thanx