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Found 53 results

  1. I just bought a 55 plate Lexus GS300. I love the car but was checking the rear discs and they are only a few mm thick. In fact I could almost bend them. I decided to order new discs but the auto parts data, and on-line websites, all say 310mm vented are the correct disc. Can I fit vented discs and new pads even though it is a solid disc on the back. Edited to add.....Hi all. I'm new here and hope to contribute as much as I can
  2. Hi Everyone I am new to the forum, please be kind. Lol I own a 1997 Mk1 GS300 Sport and I am absolutely in love with it. However, it has an issue with the cental locking. It seems to have a very weak signal, when locking and unlocking with the fob I have to stand right next to it and press the lock/unlock button multiple times before it eventually works, sometimes it just won't and I'll have to use the key to lock manually. I have already replaced the battery in the fob, but it hasn't made any difference. Today I tried for so long that I ended up using the key and this set off the alarm, fortunately after pressing the unlock button for what felt like an eternity it finally unlocked. Anyone here had similar issues? Also, it works perfectly fine when I am in the car. I'm very much a noob when it comes to working on cars. So as much instruction would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  3. Hi, I’ve got a 2000 GS300 which is a mark 2. Found a good exhaust system for sale, only thing is he says it’s off a 1997 mark 1. So will a mark 1 GS300 exhaust got a mark 2 GS300? thanks
  4. Just had my 2006 GS300 serviced at 85,000 miles. I thought all was fine. However, mechanic tells me error code P0751 is coming up which refers to "Shift solenoid 'a' performance or stuck off" and now I'm worried about my gearbox playing up as I suspect repairing a Lexus autobox doesn't fall into the cheap category. As the car appears to be running fine I'd be happily driving around, if it wasn't for the error code, as I'm sure I've done for years/thousands of miles in the past when previous cars weren't clever enough to warn you about every minor niggle - oh well that's progress! The other good news my mechanic had was that I'm due 6 new Denso Iridium spark plugs, which he recommend I look for on line as often cheaper than the trade suppliers, as he was quoted over £20 each, which having had a look myself I could save myself a few quid, but then I tried who saved my a fortune on my replacement suspension and they've supplied 8 plugs with shipping and VAT for £87! Those paying attention will notice that's 2 extra as they only do them in boxes of 4 but still a great saving and I'll only need to buy 4 next time! Chris
  5. Hello, Can you tell me what are your mpgs like, I'm mainly interested in city driving so I don't know if the gs 300 is the right car for me. Thank you in advance
  6. Well, finally got round to getting the advert up. Had to clean the cob webs usually found in the 'For Sale' section but the car is now there if any of you lovely folk are interested Really hope it goes to a LOC member as don't want the grief that comes with Autotrader, etc...
  7. Does anyone know what the 'official' sizes should be please? Forum/internet searches seem to be bringing back differing results. Reason for asking is because mine came with some Bosch Aerotwins that I think could be a little too big... Ta, Noman
  8. Hi All, I'm looking to lower my '99 GS300. Was wondering is anybody here running Eibach ProKit or H&R? They seem like a good option for sensible price. Also Vogtland is on the table. Anyone has an experience with any of the above?
  9. Hi, I've had enough of other brands and remembering how reliable was my father's ES300 I decided to go for a budget Lexus. It's a GS300 from 2005 (I live in the UK, ES300 was imported). I read stories about people having the car over 200k miles and going strong, but there's lots of stories about carbon build up that scare the hell out of me (mostly US though). I have few questions: - for those who got into owning a GS300 that's potentially affected, did you regret your decision? - there are services that offer engine carbon cleaning - do these work? - I'd be using premium fuel, is it enough to eliminate the issue? The car I'm looking at is over 100k and the previous owner had it for over 8 years, so I assume it should be ok, but maybe he's selling it as it's out of warranty and he's started experiencing said issue, I don't know. There are no outstanding recalls on the car. It's the £305 road tax bracket - but I don't think the higher tax has anything to do with engine redesign that avoids the issue? After all, I just want a reliable Lexus. I'm going to go all the way south to see the car on Friday. I'll need to take it there and then or not. It will be covered with engine and transmission warranty for one year, but I understand these carbon build up issues are hard to reproduce, and from what I red Lexus dealerships avoided responsibility in the past by saying they couldn't reproduce the issue. I'd be more interested to see if regular engine carbon cleaning (yearly?) is a solution (I don't want to add cleaner to fuel every time I top up the tank)? Any other advice and tips will be appreciated! Thanks
  10. So to my amazement my late 2000 (T3?) GS300 passed the MOT with its very aged and knackered exhaust. Two advisories, webbing of a seat belt and "oil leak pinion rear diff". So two questions if I may for your thoughts, experience and knowledge :) 1. Theres no Diff whine, and though wet, I'm not getting any drips. And to be honest I've not had a leaky diff on any car before. Is this common? Tough to fix? Indicative of anything major (other than the diff running dry of course)? (cars just coming up to 150k miles) 2. Exhausts. How much difference to the sound do the "resonators" and maybe third cat make internally? I don't want to lose back pressure anyway, but I see/read that people who have fitted stainless steel systems without the "resonators" on the middle/Y-pipe are getting a lot of drone inside. What needs to stay in some fashion to keep the internal noise level as close to stock as possible? I ask because I still want to replace the system from the front to the back (not the manifold and 2 front cats though, they're okay). Standard systems used are £300+, third party new totals around £400 or so. Stainless steeel fitted new, cheapest quote so far is £390 (I've had loads of quotes). However, thats almost certainly without the resonators/mufflers on the Y pipe. Last option and most likely one is some shiney tail pipes from the USA (those plus shipping works out cheaper than UK fitted ones). All I want is a healthy system in the middle (third cat/front pipe and middle Y-piece) and shiney non-OTT tail pipes that just give a little more external tune for the lovely 2JZ. Seeing as standard rear boxes are pushing on £200 a piece new, I can get a pair of stainless steel ones for about £280, or for £340'ish I can get a Manzo cat back (Y-piece and rear boxes) however the Y-piece has no "resonators" and tempting as it looks, I fear a terrible noise inside and possibly a drop in back pressure I'd rather not have. Sorry for the waffle, but the whole picture might save some guess work for you :) (Images of a standard system and a Manzo cat back for reference about what I am waffling on about)
  11. Hi all! Having had my latest GS300 for a couple of months now, the MOT is due and I know the current exhaust is an issue (see pics). I have been desperately hunting for a stainless steel system in preference to an OEM seeing that the two used ones on eBay are a mighty £350! And MIJ have quoted me £445 for new S/S with life time warranty (as an FYI). So the questions are: 1. If I plug that hole in the back box, and make sure that and the awful paste all over the joint isn't leaking either (thats how I bought the car, not my handy work I'll add) might I stand a chance I wonder, as technically the fail is excessive corrosion. But I fear all that putty is an obvious giveaway of excessive corrosion even if its not leaking. 2. Another MOT requirement seems to be the correct number of baffles/mufflers, so should one slap a S/S cat back on would it be an issue. Or should I maybe say has anyone taken there car (any car) in for an MOT with a S/S cat back and had any issues other than possible noise or emissions? Many thanks! I am getting a little frustrated that in the last two months I've not found a single second hand S/S system and I'm not really wanting to throw to much on the car just yet until I've had it a while longer.
  12. I require a replacement ABS Brake Booster Module for my 1998 GS300. the original part number for the module was 47210-30160 but this was superseded by 47050-30160 Can anyone recommend where I can purchase a refurbished module? Many Thanks
  13. I require a replacement ABS Brake Booster Module for my 1998 GS300. the original part number for the module was 47210-30160 but this was superseded by 47050-30160 Can anyone recommend where I can purchase a refurbished module? Many Thanks
  14. So I've had the GS since May. A Messa Red GS300 SE-L (facelift) with the wood pack. Bought it with massive anticipation and was genuinely looking forward to many years of ownership. As with all of my cars I started the process of a maintenance schedule repairing/replacing things that I always like to sort on cars in my ownership. Even splashed out on a Lex Warranty and Service Plan to give me that added peace of mind. It continues to perform duties impeccably with the only fly in the ointment being the requirement to change the exhaust in the next few months (had already talked to Tony Banks in Leeds in readiness). But to no avail. I'm just not feeling any love for it. I think it's got to go. Total madness you may think but it's really bothering me but I just can't put my finger on WHY. Never been this way before on any of the cars i've bought. I LOVE the Lexus brand/dealers/etc. and yet with this one something for me is missing. Anyone else been in a similar position?? So the hunt for a new car has started and the rather annoying process of selling a car privately also enters the scene.
  15. I don't have my finger on the pulse regarding values of older GS300 but this looks like someone bagged a bargain on ebay Here's the sales text Silver Lexus GS300, 1998, in very good condition inside and out. 137,000 miles with only two owners (including current). Well presented bodywork with very clean two tone interior (never been smoked in or pets) and all electrics in working order. Very well looked after vehicle with the following recent work to keep it in excellent, smooth running order: • New radiator • New water pump • New drive belt • New timing belt and plugs • New FULL exhaust system Good history with lots of receipts (including all recent work). Good set of tyres with plenty of tread. Car is MOT'd until April 2018. Really good, reliable car that has been very well cared. Here's one of the pictures, The price?? after 21 bids, the final price was £670 Bargain or about right?
  16. Hello. I am new to the club and this is my first posting. I hope someone out there can help me. I have just purchased a 2006 GS300 SE-L in Canterbury Blue . It has a number of stone chips, probably about a dozen, on the bonnet I would like to do something about. Can anyone advise - Bonnet respray or chip repair specialist ? Approximate cost of a bonnet respray ? Can anyone recommend a Bodywork Repairer in the North West. I live near Blackpool ? Thanks Stewart
  17. Hey all, this will be myvery first post here, so appoligies for any faults. so i set out to change the thermostat on my gs300, the old one was stuck open. (image of the manual on how to do this) steps (in short), drain coolant remove lower radiator hose remove thermostat housing swap old thermostat for new one reinstall just because i was bored i decided to test if the new thermostat opens before i set of putting it in. get a pan fill it with water and make it boil, luckily i have an IR thermometer and it read about 82 degrees (celcius) when the thermostat opened up. (in the image it's still closed fyi) so after the engine had cooled i just pulled out the lower radiator hose, nothing special here just make sure to have a big bucket in one hand while doing this, also this is not necessary but i replaced the factory clamps on the hose with these ones, after that you find the thermostat housing with its 2 10mm bolts holding it in place, undo both of them (carefull not to loose them, they are pretty small and will fall immediately) and after removing it, its all really dirty as well so i cleaned it off with some brake cleaner. this is what i looks like when cleaned together with the new thermostat. for reference here is the page on thermostat removal form the workshop manual (sorry i dont know how to rotate it) as you can see the thermostat already comes with a rubber gasket so dont worry about that. torque specs are 8.8nm which would mean just handtighten it the thermostat has a little jiggle valve on it make sure this is on the highest part (so pointing upwards) this is so that air can go out, also the thermostat housing has this little spot indicating where the jiggle valve should be. note the spring side of the thermostat has to be on the engine side (very logical but it doesnt hurt to mention) and thats it you have removed and now swapped the thermostat, all left to do is put it all back together. put the thermostat in the housing and slide the housing in its spot, tighten the bolts and that re mount the radiator hose, get your rag and clena off all the spilled coolant. fill your system back up with coolant (fill the radiator, not the reservoir) squeeze the hoses to purge air and start the engine after you are done, dont forget to top up the reservoir after you filled the radiator and keep an eye on the system for the next few days. top tip; if you installed those clamps i mentionned, you'll have to get back in there and retighten them as the rubber will compacten under the tension of the clamp and this is what it looks like all finished hope this may hlp someone some day, please leave a comment on wheter you liked my first post and ill keep posting things i do on my car, next job is probably going to be a valve cover gasket.
  18. Hi Guys, I've just learned all 4 of my tyre valves need replacing on my GS 300 (55 plate). The quote from Lexus is a bit expensive (£479) to replace them. Are there cheaper alternatives? Cheers, Marchant
  19. MattE

    Gs300 mk1 wanted

    Hi Guys I have been out of a Lexus for a while now and I'm on the look out for another gs300 mk1, ideally a sport in a dark colour but any tidy car considered. Get in touch if you have anything Cheers Matt Remember to reply to this thread offering anything for sale you need to be a Gold Member otherwise it is against the terms and conditions of the LOC. It also applies to private messages offering articles/car for sale.
  20. Hello everyone! This is how i first bought my GS last week! It ticks over and drives like new! Cant complain for 120000 miles! The previous owner has done a few bits already: Front strut brace Rear strut brace Aftermarket head unit with GPS And a few visual mods like carbon fiber wrapped spoiler & door pillars & wind deflectors All i have done so far is give her a good clean and changed the side repeaters to clear ones... its the little touches that count! And i am in the middle of picking up some new speakers etc to update the cars sound system! Any idea what these cars usually go for? I got mine from a good friend who owned it for 9 years prior and mates rates!
  21. Hello, I am wanting to replace the complete headlight units on my 1998 MkII GS300 with aftermarket LED units. I have searched and previously found complete replacement LED units for my car in the UK on the internet but am unable to find them again - doh! I can find various replacement LED units from the USA but these are only suitable for LHD drive vehicles. Does anyone know of and can point me in the direction of replacement LED headlight units suitable for UK RHD drive vehicles? I only want the complete units, not kits to modify the exiting lights. Any help appreciated. Many Thanks
  22. I havent posted on here in a couple of years since selling my 97 gs300 sport and i have a completely new car since last posting Its a 1999 gs300 navigator. purchased it january this year Weekend whilst working on the car (only changing rear interior light bulbs, i cracked the bulb and blew a couple of fuses which were the dome fuse, and radio. Whilst i blew this fuse the heating was on and engine running etc - my silly mistake. Replaced both these fuses and next thing i notice the blower fan isnt working. Ive checked the 10 amp fuse in the drivers side kick panel (perfectly fine and even replaced) The big red heater fuse under the bonnet - no issues there. The controls on the navi screen are fully functioning and when i press the air con button the condensor makes noise still Any help would be highly appreciated and some information on where to locate all the relays to do with the heating system before i start checking the whole heater fan system Heres also a picture of the new car to share as some of you on here may remember my previous black gs300 sport which i had a lot of advice on from members on here Many thanks
  23. Fault: "VSC" (Vehicle Stability Control) and "VSC off" warning lights stay on Car: 2nd Gen Lexus GS430 (UK - right-hand drive vehicle) - 2004 model How did the fault arise? Car ran out of fuel just short of a petrol station. I put it in neutral and manually pushed it, just a bit. After filling up and switching on, the warning lights came on, and ever since then, these warning lights have stayed on. They were never there prior to this pushing - 100% certain. What have I tried to do since? In the central console (between the front seats) there is a button to switch VSC off. That has no effect at all. I have tried disconnecting the battery for 30 minutes. Each time on reconnection, the warning lights come back on almost immediately. I have looked for the OBD-II connector, because I read that shorting out pins 4 and 14 of this connector might clear the fault. This connector is supposed to be near the boot-release (trunk-release), but I cannot find it. I have peered underneath and looked for any panel, and used Google Images, to no avail. HELP!
  24. Sikandergs300

    New Lexus Owner

    Hi people Im a new owner of a lexus gs300 and iv got to say what an amazing car. It does need sum work doing to it such as arb bushes and links and maybe a new exhaust as its rusting away. But its a smooth drive coming from a honda civic lol. Ill try and post sum pics if i can.
  25. Good afternoon, Anyone know of a supplier of Stainless Steel Wheel Arch extensions for a 1999 GS300 SE? Regards, Ted.