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Found 16 results

  1. Does anyone know how to strip down a door mirror to replace the casing? (2013 Lexus GS300h L/H door mirror).
  2. Well I've now had my 2015 RX450h Advance for a week and around 500 miles. How does it compare to the 2015 GS300h Luxury I traded in? Firstly Negatives; 1. Auto locking function is not available. 2. ML DAB radio is nowhere near as sophisticated and doesn't show details of track being played. Difficult to tune in, Media files awkward to find and no album covers displayed. 4. Auto wiper function not as easy to engage. 5. No blindspot indicator or rear cross radar. 6. Only one USB port in centre console. 7. Rear camera slower to come on when reverse gear engaged 8. No EV light when car running electric unless EV mode used. 9. EV mode very difficult to sustain compared to GS Neutral: No paddleshift on steering wheel. Main beam headlamps when flashed are not Xenon Positives; 1. Sat nav seems easier to program 2. conventional bulbs in interior lights ( GS always seemed gloomy with led's). 3. Creamy responsive V6 4. Excellent LED headlamps 5. Quiet luxurious cosseting ride. 6. Gorgeous deep soft cream leather seats. 7. Reclining rear seats 7. The way things like the coat hooks and grab handles are so beautifully damped. 8. Excellent bluetooth telephone connectivity. 9. TPMS system indicates actual individual tyre pressures 10. The indicator stalk is positive and not the annoying electronic sort. 11. The cruise control regulates the vehicle speed when going downhill The big plus is that my wife thinks this is the best car I have owned since an Alfa Romeo Mito in 2013. Cars since have been 2013 Mini Clubman with John Cooper Works bodykit, Mini Cooper diesel (2014) 2013 Mercedes 220 Amg Sport, "2012 Mercedes E250 diesel AMG Cabriolet, 2014 Lexus IS300h F Sport ( Ex Sir Geoff Hurst), 2015 Lexus GS300h Luxury ML. At the moment definately 'Living the dream'
  3. olliesgrandad

    Tried an NX Today

    Well i've had my 2015 GS300h Luxury for 10 months and covered in excess of 23,00 happy miles in that time. I'm now thinking of changing cars in the next 3 or 4 months. With an impending baby grandaughter due in July I have been considering changing to an SUV to make the carriage of prams and babies easier.I took a quick look at the Toyota RAV 4 but was disappointed with the quality of the trim compared to Lexus so didn't try one. Today i had some time so called in at my Lexus dealer and took a 66 plate NX300h Luxury for a drive. Nicely put together machine I have to say. Salesman reset the mpg indicator to zero when I drove. Interestingly on a trip of around 15 miles of mixed driving it showed 39.6mpg so about right. Unfortunately the ride was for me was the deal breaker. Every imperfection in the road surface was felt through my seat and the road noise from the tyres added to the negativity. I certainly wouldn't want to drive 500 miles a week in one. Perhaps the facelifted version with the improved suspension is better (but sadly out of my price range). The seats were rather rather tight and unforgiving to the extent that my right side ached after the drive ( I previously had a 2014 IS F sport 300h and didn't have an issue). Perhaps an SUV is after all not the right vehicle for me. I think that I shall now have to look for a newer low mileage GS in the coming months.
  4. Well my car had a big service at Listers Cheltenham today while I waited. All good until they noticed a coolant weep from a water pump seal. They initially stated they had a seal and would replace that, but in the event they replaced the complte water pump. I am so impressed that they had one in stock and got on and did it while I waited. I arrived there at 8.30 this morning and by 12 was back on the road with the car cleaned and vacuumed for a total of less than £374.
  5. Did someone experienced rattling sounds from engine at startup? I do occasionally. It is similar to rattling when You want to put manual transmission in gear without using clutch. It lasts 2-3 seconds and engine is running normal. I can't measure it, but after this "hard startup" engine runs noticeably smoother. Problem is this happen not every time. It occurred few times last week. Before it didn't.
  6. Just completed 10,000 miles since July and so car now had intermediate service done by Listers in Cheltenham today. This included brake fluid change and new battery in remote key plus new wiper blades. They gave me club discount so total cost was £244. I went for a stroll while it was being done and was surprised to receive a text with a video from the technician. Car has now covered 20000 miles and has nice even tyre wear. There is still 4to5mm on rears and 5to6mm on fronts.
  7. I wanted to get a fitted bootliner for my car and was considering the genuine Lexus article. However I found a company called bootliners. Co. UK advertising on the Internet. They had a fitted liner on their website which was just over £36 including carriage. It arrived today and is a perfect fit with a deep lip around the edge just like the Lexus version. It is a little thinner but that does not effect its serviceability. A bonus is that there is a non slip area in the centre of the unit and it is far cheaper than the Lexus version.
  8. Well at last the V5c arrived today for my new toy and I wasted no time in going online and allocating my private plate to my GS300h. A quick phone call and I was at Lexus Cheltenham where they swiftly made up and fitted a new set of plates gratis together with supplying a free touch up paint set. I have now been able to register the car on the online portal and see the full history stored. When I have a bit of time I will go through it.
  9. Well I have just refuelled today after covering 920 miles with my GS300h.As usual I always check brimful to brimful and use an app to make the calculations. My previous 2014 300h f sport averaged just over 44mpg.Amazingly the GS has returned an average of over 47mpg. This is real world conditions so very impressed. The car computer was showing 52mpg today, so quite optimistic. The more I drive the car the better it seems. I bizarrely find it much easier to park than the IS300h. The lock in tight spaces is superb. Seats are much more comfortable as is the ride quality. The sound from the ML system seems to vary considerably in quality between radio stations. I thought that radio 2 seemed to have a better surround feel than Union Jack despite both being DAB. The sound playing from tracks on a USB was very good. I may still need to fiddle with the settings a bit more though.
  10. Yesterday here was a snowstorm. We got 10 cm (4 inches) of new snow on the road. I would only tell that my car performed surprisingly great on unploughed road. No problem drive off on incline in such snow. I was little bit afraid of snow and RWD after 2 BMW's with xDrive, but now i am not. The car is really great in winter.
  11. Just listen. If don't hear anything, put volume to max.
  12. Hi, Has anyone hard wired a dash cam mounted by rear view mirror on windscreen? Maybe get a feed from interior lights by rear view mirror?
  13. I've noticed on my car similar vibrations as were described on IS forum (low revs at 90kmh...) but this is slightly different. It begin to vibrate not at certain speed, but when i drive longer distance at the same speed. Doesn't matter if the speed is 90 or 130 km/h. Changing revs, or downshift manually makes it disappear, but after a while it appears again. Vibration is similar to open rear side windows. Did You noticed the same on Your car? I am unsure about claim at dealer, but i am angry of that, because the same problem had my previous car (BMW 528i 2014), and I've sold it 99% for this reason and switched to Lexus and got it too after 10000km. Before i had many cars, low class 4 cylinders, but none of them had this problem. It is really annoying.
  14. I have just changed cars from 2014 IS300h to 2014 GS300h Lux. Can anyone tell me how to set up for messages in the car. I am receiving calls ok but not messages. On the phone screen in the car the messages box is dim (not active). It worked fine in the IS 300h and have not altered any settings on my iPhone 6s mobile. Tried everything I can think of. Checked on lexus portal and I should be able to get messages through car telephone and given the option for message to be read out. So any tech geeks out there that can help me?? It would be appreciated, thanks.
  15. Would it not be better to have a separate FORUM for GS Hybrid owners?? At present the GS300h does not even get a mention and its been out since December 2013????
  16. Hi Everybody! Last week I've finally sold my previous car (2013 BMW 528xi) and became happy owner of brand new 2016 Lexus GS300h (EU version). I'd like to compare both cars from my perspective, as 5 series is still alive in my memory and producer's lineup. First of all i have to mention, how excellent reviews of 5 series there are and how mostly bad reviews of GS i have seen across internet. Reality is "slightly" different. Both cars i purchased have the same pricing - 54000,-€ but very different equipment. BMW i owned was very basic. There are only two things my GS is missing - AWD and High performance. Performance and top speed of 250km/h is something i can't legally use, so it's not issue. Xdrive was great, but had almost no snow past 3 winters. So not a problem. In GS i got much more comfort and safety features which i missed in BMW: 1, Metallic paint 2, Leather 3, Sat navigation 4, not Mark Levinson, but much better audio system 5, LED headlights, much better than BMW xenons, automatic high beam 6, Full power front seats 7, Driver's memory seat 8, front seats heated and cooled 9, Huge screen 10, Auto folding mirrors 11, Dimming inside mirror 12, Keyless entry 13, power trunk 14, Lane Keeping Assist 15, Adaptive Cruise Control 16, Pre collision system 17, Rear Cross Traffic Alert 18, DVD player 19, DAB tuner 20, power steering column 21, reverse camera 22, Traffic Signs recognition It is clear Lexus gives much more for the same money. In the showroom among neon colored cars, the GS was little disregarded. Parked on street it makes heads turning, especially gentlemen. Getting in Lexus is much different than getting in new bimmers. Nothing cracks, squeaks... You just feel that fine touch and nice flavor of smooth leather. I had no leather in 5 series, but i have Dakota leather in 1 series, which looks like leatherette beside Lexus leather. Seating position was good in 5 series, but is better in Lexus. Steering wheel was better in BMW, this one is great in size and shape, but could be softer. The biggest critics I've read were all about infotainment. I have to say, it is different than BMW but really not bad. It IS intuitive and equally easy to use. Plus here is much bigger screen. Remote touch Joystick is nice and accurate. Another usual critics are about drivetrain. 1, Engine is smooth and quiet, much smoother and quieter than petrol BMW 4 cylinder. I can ride windows down without any rattling sounds coming from outside even when before engine warms up. 2, Engine is powerful enough. Despite I don't fell any force, car accelerates very nice and smooth, almost noiseless. 3, CVT is very different than standard Auto. For cruising it is great. For racing maybe not. But GS is cruiser, not racer 3, Fuel economy is great. 528ix took 8,1-8,2 l/100km GS300h takes 5,5-5,7 l/100km. It is about 29 US/34 UK MPG vs 42 US/50 UK MPG And finally, everybody who tried both of my cars, likes GS much more than my previous car.