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Found 21 results

  1. Hi there, By accident I become an owner of GS430. Salvaged this fine piece of Japanese engineering from hands of mad youngster who clearly did not have an idea how to maintained it to appropriate standard but wanted to have a rice machine So to name few mods: - no cats + blowing exhaust - Front grille made out of fiberglass + filler + B&Q steel mesh - ls400 brakes with no RCA + angle grinder mod to tie rod ends - RX8 wheels with +30mm spacers - random lug nuts - polybushed front axle - leaks from both rocker cover gaskets - LPG that does not work - hazy, yellowed headlights - weed car scent Drove it in this appalling condition and felt in love. Very erratic handling, loud as hell but..... there is plenty of power! Decision has been made - give it 2nd life and restore the original look. Purchased so far: - Fat 5-spoke LS430 wheels - various exhaust bits - rocker cover gaskets - 0w30 engine oil + filter + ATF T-IV + pink coolant Hope I will find here help with sourcing various bits and bobs as well as advice in changing car's appearance. Cheers! -
  2. fuegos

    2001 GS parts

    Hi guys, I am after the following bits: - front grille with bonnet catch - bonnet lock - set of genuine lug nuts - front RCA - passenger front door in 4P2 - bonnet in 4P2 - front bumper in 4P2 - fuse box cover in black - under dashboard - driver side Thanks.
  3. Hi, I may have to have the rear shocks replaced on my 2000 GS430. After a bit of research I think these are the required replacements. I understand that KYB might be the lexus part. Can any of you good folks confirm: 1. They're good parts to use. 2. That the one in the screenshot is the correct part. Thanks folks.
  4. I know it's wrong but I do like the idea of cruising to work in this 😳 Feel free to slate me 😧
  5. Fault: "VSC" (Vehicle Stability Control) and "VSC off" warning lights stay on Car: 2nd Gen Lexus GS430 (UK - right-hand drive vehicle) - 2004 model How did the fault arise? Car ran out of fuel just short of a petrol station. I put it in neutral and manually pushed it, just a bit. After filling up and switching on, the warning lights came on, and ever since then, these warning lights have stayed on. They were never there prior to this pushing - 100% certain. What have I tried to do since? In the central console (between the front seats) there is a button to switch VSC off. That has no effect at all. I have tried disconnecting the battery for 30 minutes. Each time on reconnection, the warning lights come back on almost immediately. I have looked for the OBD-II connector, because I read that shorting out pins 4 and 14 of this connector might clear the fault. This connector is supposed to be near the boot-release (trunk-release), but I cannot find it. I have peered underneath and looked for any panel, and used Google Images, to no avail. HELP!
  6. My recently acquired GS430 is losing around 1litre of coolant every 200 miles. No obvious sign of an external leak. Engine Oil & Cap look healthy. Recent new rad fitted by Lexus. Block test was negative. Can the exhaust be tested for traces of coolant with a Gas Analyser?
  7. robbyD

    Passenger Luxury

    From the album: GS430 Sport

    Series II GS has the most comfortable rear seating of any contemporary car. The All Black interior is pretty cool too.
  8. robbyD

    Window Badge

    From the album: GS430 Sport

    Presumably monogrammed just on the near-side because only pedestrians would read it when parked Hiding under the Petrol Filler Flap is also the LPG filler nozzle. You have to use an adapter which is a bit fiddly (and can be downright annoying at some pumps) but there's no separate LPG filler cap spoiling the aesthetics and the fuel costs are much the same as a small modern car.
  9. robbyD

    GS Sport Grille

    From the album: GS430 Sport

    Great TTE styling mod for the Sport models. Bumper, Bonnet & Grille were re-painted not long ago. Colour match isn't bad…blends well in most lighting situations and no stone chips yet!
  10. robbyD

    Super Salinas

    From the album: GS430 Sport

    The OZ Salinas are such beautiful wheels! After Market clear lens' side-repeaters were swopped over from the old GS. I bought them off ebay years ago…they don't seem to be around these days.
  11. robbyD

    Original Lighting Restored

    From the album: GS430 Sport

    The Sport came with after-market LED rear lighting & blackened exhaust finishers. Again, the old GS came to the rescue with perfect donor light clusters & shiny end pipes. My only gripe about the car is with the non-factory reversing sensors…but they do work well.
  12. robbyD

    Engine Bay

    From the album: GS430 Sport

    Yum! The brand new headlamp units look good on this pic. (unfortunately I couldn't swop these with the new looking shells on my old GS…they aren't HID)
  13. robbyD

    Driving Seat

    From the album: GS430 Sport

    A nice place to be. The memory seats are a welcome upgrade from the old GS…as is the Navi. Fitted bluetooth connectivity via Parrot. Currently working on a project with a spare GS wood/leather steering wheel…want to strip back the brown wood finish & re-colour to grey/black…will do a post if successful.
  14. robbyD

    The Chariot Awaits!

    From the album: GS430 Sport

    Very impressed with this car. Totally effortless & extremely capable. The sure-footedness was such that I opted for a fresh set of winter tyres to maintain performance during the colder months.
  15. robbyD

    Lower Stance

    From the album: GS430 Sport

    Apart from a more taught suspension the Sport sits some 20mm lower than an SE. I'm a fan of the Boot Spoiler…the rear view is the weakest angle from the styling point of view & the spoiler detracts from that. Also it does work at cruising speeds giving more stability. I had to replace the weak boot springs tho…the extra weight of the spoiler on the boot lid needs proper counterbalancing!
  16. robbyD

    Christmas Shopping in the West End

    From the album: GS430 Sport

    After running a Jaguar XJ8 & Lexus GS300 for the past 7 years it was time to go down to one vehicle. Found the perfect car in this GS430 Sport. Registered late 2003 (2002 production) Platinum Silver / Pembroke Leather 80,500 miles LPG converted Nokian WR-A3 Winter Tyres (Dunlop SP Sport Summer Tyres)
  17. I know this isn't the place to sell cars however, i'm struggling to determine what would be a reasonable price for my car as this particular model seems quite rare and no one tends to list them. Appreciate any thoughts Thanks Norm
  18. I'm seriously thinking of buying a 1999 to 2003 (depends what I see for my budget) GS300 or GS430 and although I've done some research and have a rough idea what to look for, I'm reluctant to approach one of these typically small-scale or internet trade sellers to ask for a test drive - so I wondered if anyone in Greater Manchester, Cheshire, Lancashire etc could show me their GS sometime and take me for a short drive? It'll be better than visiting a trade seller and wasting their time (in their view) if I say the V8 hasn't got enough of a burble, for example.
  19. Hello all, I have bought a set of 2007/2008 DVDs part number 86271-0w070,86271-60w370b to update my 2001 gs430 The screen is saying "unable to read DVD". Site founder and guru Monster Mat has suggested that the heads on the DVD reader may need cleaning. Anyone know if that's as simple as doing on your home DVD player or do Lexus make it more tricky. Anyone updated their DVDs and get it to work? Happy Christmas all Thanks for your wisdom, Allan
  20. I am running out of patience with my car. I love it but first having a problem of getting a radiator from anywhere but Lexus (any help??? still looking for one) - checked ebay all over the internet and nothing but some US ebay site. Nobody's got even used one. I need one because last owner put in radiator from gs300 with wrong reservoir and pipes wrongly connected. Then problem with MPG. Currently achieving about 8,7 mpg mostly town but gentle driving. I've had both lambda sensors changed (got them from Allwoods for about £60 each) - MAF sensor had been cleaned by garage and thats it. Nobody knows what's causing low MPG and Lexus won't check until radiator will be done (quoted me £1400 just for parts). Any clues?
  21. WOOOOHOOOO!!!, I've just joined the V8 gang! :shruriken: :hehe: