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Found 14 results

  1. Got an intermittent but frequent problem with my IS200 The headlights come on and the relay box by the battery buzzes, even with no key in the ignition Only way to stop it is disconnect the battery Don't get buzzing when lights are switched on Had a couple of auto electricians look at it without success Relay changed - no effect, no water in relay or fuse area, steering column switch seems ok Any suggestions welcome
  2. Hi All, I have a RX450h 2009 Premier with the LED headlights. Does anyone know what the section marked in red is actually for? Can this section be wired to be constantly on so as to be used as a DRL and if so what are the wiring colours that supply the LED in there? The headlight is supp;ied by a block connector with the following wires, L/Blue, Black, White/Black, Brown, Gray The side light is supplied separately as is the turn signal.
  3. Hey all, I was wondering whether the automatic headlight setting should only switch on the main beams. In my case, it does not switch on the low beams. Is this how it actually works or does my car have an issue?
  4. My IS250 SE-L is supposed to have AFS but I'm not sure they're working. AFS is enabled in the menu system but I can't see any change in beam pattern when driving along winding country lanes at night. On startup, my headlights self-level - they go up and down, but there's no side to side movement - should there be?
  5. Does anyone know if/when full LED headlights will be fitted to the IS in place of the current HIDs? LEDs are available on all other Lexus models, and also on the IS outside the UK, and given that it is now Lexus' best seller over here, it seems odd that it is not yet available with LED headlights...
  6. joelfigueira

    LED Headlights

    Have seen some Genuine Lexus IS250 F-Sport UK Xenon Headlights (L+R) on eBay these are genuine OEM ones. are these a straight swap onto a 2008 IS220d? Here red is the item ref 182082856050
  7. Hi All just wandered if anyone knew of the best place to get cheap replacement of my front headlight units, I've had moisture ingress and it has made them less transparent and get a yellow tinge. ive scoured the web only to be ripped off by Breakers wanting £120 plus. Each cheers
  8. Hi, I'm trying to find a headlight projectors replacement for my IS220d (2007). The reason is that the transparent cover became yellow with the time and some small cracks in the corners, it doesn't look well. It looks like there is no way of replacing the outer shell itself, so I've got to replace whole the assembly that is quite expensive. So far search for IS220d headlight projectors wasn't very successful and I'm always getting the parts for IS250 and 350 models. Just wonder are these compatible with is220? In fact this is not the only search for parts that comes up with IS225,350 results instead of requested model that makes me think that all of these are interchangeable, or am I wrong?
  9. I have an RX 450 Premier, from 2013. I would like a difinitive answer as this seems to get asked about a lot but no-one ever gives a full explanation. So there are two questions: 1. Do I have to do anything to my headlights to adjust them from driving in the UK, to France? and, because I now believe the answer to the question above is 'No', 2. How come? What is it that is different from the past? Does the SatNav know I'm in France and adjusts automatically, or is the light no longer pointing to the roadside, or is it something else? Thanks for any answers, PB
  10. Dear all I have a LS430 2003 and need headlights. i use to live in south of France and had fitted french headlights by Lexus France, but back in the UK now and want to fit UK headlights. i have fitted stickers that changed the direction of the headlight beam and this got me through the MOT, but i want to have proper standard lights. i have found it impossible to find anywhere to buy a set of heatlights even second hand. now do i need the complete unit or will just changing the Glass change my light beams from right to left. the car is a right hand drive and the original head lights were lost many years ago. can any body help in my quest. i know that lexus dealer near me can supply the llights but at great expense and I would like to get them cheaper if i can before going to the dealer. thanks in advance
  11. I have recently purchased a Lexus IS 250 SE-L – 2009. It is fully loaded with all the extras and drives well. I recently went out in it one evening and used the windscreen washers and as the headlamps were on the headlight washers came on as well. When I got home, I noticed the washers had not gone back into the bumper. I took it back to the garage and they thought it was to do with the pressure of the washing system but will investigate further. The manually pushed the washers back in and advised not to use the windscreen washer at night. Is there a simple solution to this or will they have to replace the headlight washer motor – under warranty?
  12. Good evening ladies and gents, I have recently purchased a 2001 Lexus IS200 Sport. I'm having the dreaded headlight issue. Passenger side low beam doesn't work but the high beams work. I just checked to see if I have power at the fuses in the fuse box and I don't. I also don't have power at the headlight connector. I have been looking on every forum I can find but haven't been able to find a fix. PLEASE HELP!!!
  13. CharlieMarsh

    Is200Sport Headlight Problems

    Can anyone help further? We have the headlight problems as others have after having had a new windscreen fitted a while ago. This is what we have had done by an auto electrician and we still have the problem, he has been tearing his hair out, and has not charged us a penny as it has beaten him!. we are selling the car and need it fixed. Changed relay, changed mother board (from a breakers yard), cabin filter checked, all wiring checked on drivers and passenger side. Taken note of all comments on this forum. Has anyone got any further ideas on this? As we would appreciate all comments. Has anyone got the headlights on a separate switch to the sidelights and bypassing the auto switch? Thanks for any help
  14. aLEXIS200

    Is200 Ccfl Rings

    I have just bought a ccfl kit for my is200. But I don't know how to take the headlights out. Can anyone shine some hid lights on this situation.