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Found 20 results

  1. Hi there, i have a Lexus 2013 CT200h. Car has been fine no warning signs anything and today it just would not unlock. Once in with the manual key I tried the other way your supposed to be able to start your Lexus and it didn’t work. Thought okay dead key fob, changed the battery however still no change. The red light does work on the key fob when buttons are pressed so we know that works now. When your in the car you go to start as normal but you get absolutely nothing. No lights no sounds. Completely dead. Yet was fine last night? Here are the things I can think of currently, 1. For some reason alternator may not of been charging battery properly for some time and battery has finally given up. 2. Battery is old and therefore has given up. 3. Maybe there is a problem with the smart entry/ smart start up system. 4. Maybe a fuse has gone, a faulty wire or relay somewhere? Have been looking through manuals and looking through google online and cannot get answers do not want to have to go to Lexus yet as May more than likely cost an arm and a leg! 😛 My brother is coming over tomorrow with a diagnostic tool, but he has said if we cannot get any power to start the ignition of the car most diagnostic tools if not all will not work without this. Any ideas would be appreciated! Then I can check them out in the morning when it is light again and much less cold! Thank you ☺️
  2. Hi All I have a 2011 Lexus IS200d Advance it has a HDD Navigation system see attached pic It shows that I can update it but where do I download it or purchase the software Thanks Dion
  3. Hi guys, i am new to this but i have had a kexus is 200 for many years and i love them i have a dilemma, my front light washers wernt working and they where the day before, so i took out all the fuses in the car 1 by 1 now my can wont start, it wont turnover, everything else works as normal, i need to get this sorted as i have work tomorrow, i hope it's something simple, i would really appreciate, hopefully one of you guys have had this problem before, and kno how to fix it, i am now going to take the fuses out again and put them back in, i am desperate
  4. joelfigueira

    LED Headlights

    Have seen some Genuine Lexus IS250 F-Sport UK Xenon Headlights (L+R) on eBay these are genuine OEM ones. are these a straight swap onto a 2008 IS220d? Here red is the item ref 182082856050
  5. Hi Guys, I'm new to the forum and I wanted to ask the experts for some advice. I have decided on a IS250 SEL Auto as my next car as apposed to a BMW 325 auto (e90 shape), it will be my first Lexus (currently have a Nissan Juke and before that a v6 Merc c240). I searched Auto trader and Gumtree found independents/private guys selling them for around £6.5 - 7.5k with 60k(ish) on the clock on a 06/07plate. I found dealers offering similar for £8.5k- £9k ish. My questions are; 1. Are dealer cars worth £1-1.5k premium? 2. Is there a notable difference between the 05/06 cars and 09 cars? I would naturally go for the newer cars but it seems as the IS250 seems to be reliable, well built and without any major changes untill 2010ish.... so why pay extra? I would really appreciate some guidance and experience. Thanks for reading
  6. Hi I would like to introduce myself I'm Chris I have an 04 plate is200 which has ran great for about 5 years until recently my cooling fans stopped working causing my engine to overheat. I ha've tried several different things to get fans to kick in so hopeful someone with Lexus experience can highlight what is probably a simple issue. My fans kick in when ac is switched on so I know the fan motors run. I then used then disconnected the fan switch and nothing (I'm under the impression this is supposed to start them up) so since I knew the ac circuit was operating correctly I used that to check the other fan relays 1 & 2 which both worked fine I ly one I couldn't test this way was a brown one And now I'm stuck any help ideas hints even if it starts with what an idiot you never checked...... Lol thanks in advance
  8. paulinroyton

    Squeaky Brakes

    Hi. I have a Lexus IS200. My car has started making a strange sound when I drive. Its like a squeaking noise as I drive. I have had my car into a garage and the mechanic can not find anything wrong with the car. The noise is similar to a train coming into a station. The mechanic did check my break and said there was nothing wrong with my car. Has anyone any ideas what could be wrong with the car. Thanks Paul.
  9. Good evening ladies and gents, I have recently purchased a 2001 Lexus IS200 Sport. I'm having the dreaded headlight issue. Passenger side low beam doesn't work but the high beams work. I just checked to see if I have power at the fuses in the fuse box and I don't. I also don't have power at the headlight connector. I have been looking on every forum I can find but haven't been able to find a fix. PLEASE HELP!!!
  10. Hello! Help me find the information Need instructions (picture, pdf format) for installing the TTE compressor on the car (1G-FE) - how to connect HKS FCD (Automatic transmission) What pulley diameter in the second version of the compressor? thx!
  11. Hi, Can anyone here assist me in verifying OEM body panels? I have recently had a replacement bonnet (warranty claim) due to corrosion but I have my doubts on whether it is an original Lexus part or a patterned replacement part. I wondered if the original has any Lexus ID’s stamped in the metal? Cheers
  12. I have recently bought a lexus is200 and have 2 questions. Is it a sport? It says its a sport on and insurance say its sport but it doesnt have the tinted windows or the crome pedels or crome sills but has sunroof and black interior with heated seats. is it really a sport?? + When i jacked the car up and put the car into second gear then spun the wheels one spun forward the other spun the oppisite way. I got my friend to hold one wheel while i tryed to spin the other but it didnt move. When i do a burn out on dry cement both wheels will spin and sometimes it will only spin one as i have tried this a few times. Could it be diff oil? The car will also only do a donut in wet! Can someone help me with this its doing my head in!!
  13. Hello all! Hopefully I can get some help here. I bought myself and IS200 a couple of months ago, and it came with the original orange/red dashboard lights installed. First they worked fine, but then one of them died and did not work anymore. I tried the standard way of hitting the dashboard from the side and then it would flicker some, and in some cases start to work again. When it had started to work again for a while, it died again and did not work anymore. I then decided to switch all of the light bulbs inside the dashboard to blue ones. Said and done, I removed the dashboard and installed the new blue light bulbs where the old ones had been. First it worked OK and there were no problems. A couple of days later the same bulb that died first when I bought the car died again. I switched bulb again, and the same thing happened again. Later the bulb on the opposite side died, and now one of the bulbs on the top are flickering. Does anybody have any idea what the problem might be? I have nicked some photos online to illustrate the problem: The red one to the bottom left is the one that died first when I bought the car, and also died twice when I switched to blue bulbs. The yellow one to the bottom right must also have died I believe, since trip meter doesn't light up very well. The yellow top one is flickering right now. This is the back, of course. The red circle is the one that died when I bought the car, and which I have replaced with blue bulbs twice, and still is dead. The yellow one to the right is the one I believe also have died since the trip meter doesn't light up very well. The top yellow one is the one flickering right now. Any suggestions or ideas of what might be wrong or how to fix it is much appreciated! Best regards, MajorT
  14. I bought a carbon bonnet, back in feb, on ebay from unique_clothing who also trade as JDM parts or something, but soon after decided to sell the car so never even fitted the bonnet, I just put it back on ebay as my 14 days change of mind had passed it sold and I checked and sent it, it arrived at its new owners a day later than it should have but thats not a big deal, anyway he has fitted it and sasys the panel gaps are huge and wants a refund, theres little I can do given that the bonnet is a cheaper than usual carbon fibre job I assume the chap is telling the truth and it doesn't fit well, I have asked him to carefully wrap it back up in its original box and return it and agreed I will refund if it is simply a bad fit, warning that any damage would mean no refund meanwhile I have opened a dispute with unique_clothing so I can hopefully return it to them, but i'm way over my 45 days seller protection, sale of goods act is on my side if the item is not fit for purpose, as its only 3 months since purchase, but what if ebay sides with the seller as I didn't respond earlier? how easy is it to get money back from an online business??
  15. My car started, Ran for 5 seconds then cut out. It will not start. The immobilizer warning light keeps flashing. I have 2 keys for the car, both keys will not turn the light off which suggests immobilizer problem not a key chip problem. Can anybody give me some advise on what may be wrong with my car? Thank You Sonic60
  16. Hi guys, I really need help asap with my sunroof. I pressed the slide back button and it moved slightly then jammed! When I got out of the car, I noticed one corner of the glass has sunk below the roof level. Does the glass slide back under the roof or over it? It's never worked since I've had the car so I don't know how they open on the IS200. I've attached an image and I hope you guys can see it to advise me the best way to fix this. Cheers in advance
  17. chimmychenga

    Hello, (Need Some Help)

    Hi everyone, ive just bought a lexus is220d and there was some trim missing, could anyone tell me what it is called and where i could get it from. please see attached picture.
  18. Recently purchased an '06 220d and getting a lot of vibration through steering wheel and floor pan - even the rear view mirror vibrates ! ! It happens when I am in any gear and running at below 2500/3000rpm - it's just as if I am in too high a gear for speed travelling at I have to take the car up to 35mph in second before move up to third - if I change before, it vibrates badly until I get it up to that speed Same from third to fourth - can't change up until 45mpg+, or it starts vibrating Fourth to fifth needs to be 62mpg+ without vibrating Fifth to sixth needs to at 78mpg+ I am used to bigger engine petrol automatics - IS IT MY DRIVING STYLE AND/OR THE CHARACTERISTICS OF THE CAR - AS I DON'T WONT ANY PERMANANT DAMAGE TO HAPPEN I'm no mechanic and would really appreciate some help/guidance Richard
  19. Hi all, New to jap motors and also to Lexus, got an is200 on a 99 plate. When I go over speed bumps and or bumpy road can hear a rattle or knocking on drivers side. No idea what it is, car just went through MOT with no advisory. Any help or advice would be awesome. Apologies if this is already a hot topic.
  20. Pete Shawn

    Timing Belt

    HI Just recently bought a Is200 sport and I found this... Can anyone tell me what causing it... will it last (definitely will not do long distance run) Thanks http://www.facebook....&type=3