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Found 10 results

  1. On Tuesday my RX450h was picked up by the supplying dealership for it to undergo some cosmetic paintwork which wasn't done during PDI. They left me a brand new CT200h with 135 miles on the odometer registered on Monday.. I signed the paperwork in a bit of a rush as I was out working when the car was delivered. I didn't need the car on Tuesday but Tuesday evening when checking the paperwork I realised that it was possible to buy CDW to reduce the £1000 insurance excess. As I was getting up early Wednesday morning I emailed the Salesman and the Business manager requesting the extra cover at 6.30am. Murphys law then took hold. Lunchtime i was on a newly resurfaced road 70 miles from home when traffic coming the other way flicked a small chipping onto the windscreen. Bang -the screen chipped but worse it then cracked for a good 12 inches across the middle of the screen. I called the garage to be informed that they hadn't done anything about the CDW as it could only be added when I took possession of the car not after. The upshot is that the excess for glass unlike a normal policy is the full amount of £1000. It was suggested it would be better to get a screen fitted locally (the dealer is over a 100 miles from me) as it would mean I had a car for the next week and would cost less. Well My local dealer got me a screen and its booked for fitting tomorrow. The screen is £300.08p including vat , but the extra clips and fittings needed to install make the total £447.86p The fitting charge is a further £108 making a grand total of £555.86p......................... Now worried in case anything else happened to the loan car i spoke to my own insurers. They have put the car on my policy for £16.80p for a week and there is no windscreen excess and my own £250 excess will apply in the event of a claim.
  2. My RC-F Carbon is arriving on the 17th, I have a couple of quotes from Confused and Admiral of c.£1,000 which is fine...but as all you guys have lived through numerous renewals and quotes I would be interested to know who you find to be cheapest. For comparison purposed I'm 40, a company director, zero points, 5 yrs no claims.
  3. Just wanted to share my experience with this insurance company. This is one of sister companies called eSure and Sheil'as Wheels who are under same underwriter eSure insurance Limited. Nothing to hide here - I have chosen them because they have offered the cheapest insurance and that is pretty much it. One way or another I consider insurance in UK to be legal fraud and only insure for the sake of compliance rather than anything else and my hopes are rock bottom from the start. If I would have option not to insure, I would not insure - quite simply prices in UK are ridiculous. Anyway back to the point. I was using Admiral and Bell in the past (obviously both are using same underwriter as well) and both were fairly awful, every time there was time for renewal my price would jump by 30% and I would need to spend 2hours on the phone brokering world peace to get my price in order. Not sure maybe they tried to get rid of me... Now.. as some of you might remember last year I had non-fault, non-claim collision which because of arbitrary insurance rules has to be reported (why!). When I list it in comparison tool that increases my insurance costs by almost 50% (from £600 to ~ £900, that is for notification only accident). However to my big surprise and for the first time in 5 years eSure renewal price was lower than a year before and they even added legal protection and hire car upgrade. All in all it was no brainier to switch, because going with anyone else woudl have meant declaring the accident and paying £300 more, whilst staying with eSure I got loyalty freebies and they didn't penalise me for honestly reporting the accident. In conclusion from all insurance fraudsters around UK, eSure seems to be the fairest criminal and to the date I cannot fault their policy conditions or customer service. I guess I would only see their real face if it would come to making the claim, but as far as policy for mere compliance goes I am pretty happy.
  4. So all it's that time of year again. I'm looking at agreed value policies this time. Any advise on who to speak to or go with? Before people say Adrian Flux... I called them this morning and the guy at the other end of the phone was not remotely interested and said we can't insure you. So sod them.
  5. Hi, Just thought I'd share my insurance quote with the board so you may get a laugh. After a couple of false starts I've managed to do the deal on a 2015 RX450h, picking up this week. My insurance quote from Lexus Insurance was £3K. I'll be 38 next month, driving nearly 20 years. I've got 10 years NCD and no accidents or convictions in the last 10. My girlfriend has a fault claim and an SP30 from last year but it didn't seem to affect the quote that much, she drives a company car which I also drive. 8000 miles a year as I work from home and don't need to commute. We live in a reasonably good area with low crime (although it's NE which I realise puts the prices up a little). I wish I'd not bothered with the Lexus and gone for an Audi S8 instead :) :) :) :) :) I've managed to get a much more reasonable (if not somewhat more expensive than I expected) policy from Aviva for £600. I tried Adrian Flux for the Gold Members discount but they came back at nearly £1K and were pretty rude on the phone. Hopefully it's all worth it!!! Andrew
  6. Someone left a nasty dent and scratch in the corner of the front bumper of our RX450h (pics to follow). Sigh. This is a week after someone left a scratch on the corner of the rear bumper and along the rear wing. Double sigh. I am wondering whether or not to get it fixed at my own cost... or claim on my insurance which currently has maximum no claims and protected bonus. Is there a threshold above which an insurance claim becomes the more cost effective option? Also, I am tempted to go to Lexus as, in my experience, their standards are pretty high. Should it matter, our RX450h is velvet black, i.e. non metallic. Would appreciate any advice.
  7. My insurance has offered to insure my tyres against accidental and malicious damage, at a cost of £89 for year This entitles to 4 claims per year. Tyres must be legal and cost less than £250 (they do a similar policy for tyres that are over £250, but the premium rises to - I think - £109) Excess is around £30 You can claim as soon as the policy has been paid for and activated, which means that you could take the policy out and claim against it the day you have a puncture. Seems like a no brainer but... Thoughts anyone?
  8. My insurance is due for renewal and I have started looking around at various providers. I have been offered £368 (fully comprehensive + protected no claim + courtesy car) from my current (online) provider, which I do not think is a bad deal, following an own fault accident 4 months ago. Do any of you recommend Lexus' own insurance?
  9. fitzy-boy

    Scrotes Vs Is200

    Last weekend I went to visit a friend in Royal Leamington Spa. Parked my IS200 in a council car park and came back to find out that some scrote/s decided to Starsky & Hutch it all over my car ! The roof is warped though I have managed to pull 3 of the major dents out myself, but I've got 6 very visible flaws in the roof now, they also rolled over the front of my car scratching the bonnet and nearside wing also denting the bonnet in two places in the process, one of them right on one of the folds too. To add insult to injury they even ripped off one of my roof strips - the :tsktsk:! The police are checking the CCTV in the car park but I’m not holding my breath for them to be able to actually ID the blighter/s. Took it to Lexus Stoke (my local dealership) but the price they were asking for was > £1000 and would mean an insurance jobby, which I’m really not keen on doing as I don’t have protected no claims. So I’m getting it done at an independent bodyshop in Fenton which was recommended to me by a couple of mates. I’ll post some after pictures when it’s been filled and re-sprayed. Really not a happy bunny right now though :megaangry:.
  10. Ageing Busker

    A Word Of Warning

    I was recently involved in a non-fault accident, which when I advised my insurance broker ( RAC ). I was put through to a company called DRIVE ASSIST, who I was assured would deal with the repair & supply a replacement vehicle at no cost to myself, they claim it back from the third party insurers. To cut a long story short, they supplied a replacement car in the dark so the delivery inspection was difficult. Following the repair of my IS200, they collected the replacement car two days late & accused me of causing damage to their vehicle, which I had'nt. This resulted in a dispute which has taken months to resolve. Having Googled Drive Assist I found that similar problems have occured with a lot of other people, in fact they have even been on the BBC Watchdog program. Should anyone come up against this company I would advise you to have no dealings with them whatsover.