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Found 13 results

  1. This is a question about an issue which I have not looked very carefully into, and while I am away from home, in other words I don't have the car with me at the moment. But here goes anyway. Does the IS 300h Premium have central closing when the car is locked ? What I mean is, does the central locking system close the windows if they are open when the key fob is pressed ? With my Merc E-class you could close the sunroof and all the windows by keeping the "lock" button on the key fob pressed. As long as you kept the "lock" button pressed then the windows would rise until they were fully closed. Then you release the button/ If the sunroof is open, and all the windows are open, then they will all close while the button is kept pressed. I briefly tried the same thing on the IS 300h but nothing happened, but perhaps I didn't do it correctly. I didn't try it again, and I didn't look in the user manual either as I forgot. Maybe someone might know if total closure does or doesn't work on the IS 300h. Parkman.
  2. I am interested to see if anyone has noticed the poor performance of the headlight main beam on the IS 300h. I had a 2004 Merc E220 before the Lexus and main beam was very good because a separate set of lights was used. And the Merc did use Xenon dip beams. I find that the Lexus main beams add very little to the amount of light already provided by dip beam. You can tell that you have switched to main beam on a dark road because you have a bit of extra light at the sides, but in a lit up area, even a poorly lit up area, you can't tell if you are main beam. I just wouldn't fancy driving fast down a country lane and trying to use main beam when you have just passed a car going in the opposite direction. You would end up in the hedge pretty quickly, I reckon. If I was to rate the headlights on main beam I would say that they are like a 1970's Ford Anglia !!! Parkman.
  3. I have just noticed a problem that has only just appeared. The reversing buzzer isn't working for some reason. Does anyone happen to know whether it may have inadvertently been turned off, and if so how do I turn it back on ? I had a look at the handbook and it appears to say that the buzzer can be turned off, but it doesn't explain [a] how to turn it off, or if it is off, how to turn it back on. The handbook shows the buzzer with an "X" through it, under the Lexus parking sensor section, but this is different from the display in my IS 300h. When I put the gear shift into reverse the display shows two small windows at the bottom of the display. On the left is the setting for the area's to be monitored and on the right is the setting for parking distances [I think, as it is not explained very well in the handbook, in fact the display shown is not like the car at all !!]. I looked at the main display under a setting to show that the buzzer volume option is set to "5" [maximum], and the line where you want the buzzer to start, the red line or the green line. These options are all correct, or "on as necessary, so is there another section under the main display settings where the buzzer is actually set to be "on" or "off" ? Parkman.
  4. I know that this topic has come up before, but I can't find more about it. What causes the brake pads to stick, on the IS 300h ? Mine is a 2013 Gen III, possibly the beginning of the Gen IIi's, it was registered July 2013, and it seems to have started having the brakes stick if I leave it for a week or more. This is a very recent development I have to say. When I start to drive, as soon as I move, the rear brakes let go with a very noticeable "bang", and I would really like to get this sorted while the car is still under warranty from the Lexus dealer. Parkman.
  5. I had an interesting conversation, yesterday, concerning the choice between buying a Lexus IS 300h or a Mercedes C 300h. I have had the experience of owning a 2004 Mercedes E220 cdi, and, although I quite liked it i got fed up with it because every time it was parked up for two or three weeks there would be some stupid, but very expensive, problem when I would try to start it. So I was very glad to sell it during the summer last year and replace it with an IS 300h. I do own two classic Mercedes, from the early eighties, and these are really very well made cars, but for a day to day driver, having test driven year 2015 Mercedes E-class and C-class I do prefer the Lexus. I am interested to see what other members views are ? Parkman
  6. I am looking for some advice on replacing the front brake pads on my 2013 IS 300h. I am in the Liverpool area so I was looking for some-one who sells ceramic brake pads, but the only items that I could find in the UK are EBC items and these are coming with poor reports by users. It seems that we in the UK are way behind the States, where there appear to be a number of different manufacturers. I don't understand the reluctance of British manufacturers to produce good quality ceramic brake pads, and I find it really annoying that I have to shop online to find a set of ceramic brake pads to fit the car. I would like to ask whether anyone can recommend somewhere online, whether UK or in the States, who will supply a set of front, ceramic brake pads that will work well on the car. I have read that items like Akebono or Centric are well suited to the IS 300h, have good wear properties, quiet operation, and are "dust free" [ if any brake pads can be described as dust free]. The only problem is, is that neither of these makes are available in the UK. I see that Mintex don't make ceramic pads, and EBC are rather too often criticized to make them an option. So I would be grateful if some-one has actual experience of using ceramic brake pads, what make they used, where they bought them, and finally, a part number if possible. Many thanks in advance, Parkman.
  7. Hi, I am looking for some advice or information regarding a stainless steel bumper protection panel. I did see that there was a thread a while ago regarding a couple of bumper protection items, a clear item, and a black abs item. There was a silver abs item from RGM [I think it is called] but none of them are stainless steel. There are a few items listed, mainly in the States, for cars such as the NX or the RX, but nothing in stainless for the IS. The only possibility that I have seen is in a brochure from Inchcape Lexus for a stainless steel protector for RC coupe. Looking at the picture of the RC I wonder whether this stainless steel item will fit the IS 300h. From the picture the rear of the two cars look the same, but perhaps some-one with more knowledge of these cars may be able to advise on this ? Parkman.
  8. Hello, I'm a prospective purchaser of an IS 300h. Live in the west country, roads are rough, potholes etc. and I spend a lot of time on poor B roads. Had a few hours test run in an IS 300h F Sport (only demonstrator available) with F Sport - 225/40R18 88Y (front), 255/35R18 91Y (rear). Great car except that ride quality was unacceptable. I expected this result. But, how much better is the SE with regard to ride quality on its 205/55R16 91W tyres and 16 inch wheels? I know a test drive would answer the question but that would be a 150 mile round trip for me. Depending on the answers here I will take the test drive or simply knock the IS 300H SE off my list of possible purchases. Hopefully not the latter because the IS 300 H makes a lot of sense otherwise (well, excluding the service costs and possibly the seat!). Thank you, Tanimbar
  9. Idly gazing at my car's rear from a lower elevation I noticed that the rear tyre treads were different. Closer inspection showed that the tyres were the same spec but not matched - Dunlop and Yokahama (front also Yokahama). Further surprise when tyre shop told me that the Dunlop was the more worn. Car was bought 1 year old used from Lexus and unfortunately I have only noticed this after 5 months. Don't usually pay too much attention to tyres other than pressures. When told, the Lexus garage (Canterbury) was as "surprised" as me. Not what I would expect from a Lexus dealership (or any reputable dealership) and just shows - you can never be too careful and you are never too old to learn!.
  10. Hi, I waited 6 months for my IS 300h F Sport and it was worth the wait. It's exciting every time I sit in it..... But I have one small issue. When drving along listening to a libray of approx 22,000 songs on my iPod Classic 160gb the device constantly freezes and I have to pull out the USB connection and reset the device. I have tried reducing the number of songs stored gradually and it's now down at 7000 and it is still happening. It happens at least twice or three times a day. Anyone got any suggestions or solutions? Thanks Mark
  11. 10K report. Not much to add from the 5000 mile report posted in November and on the next page of topics. Very happy with the car approaching 12K. First service well past and oil maintenance message came up at 9800 miles. Car doing 42 mpg in December and early Jan. I put this down to lights, heater, windscreen heater etc now back up to 46 back to 48 50 soon as light and weather gets better. I tend not to reset the mpg trip often. I have a niggle on the phone with favourites still not holding in. I have had to push to get this taken as a problem but now it is being taken seriously. Tyres all worn evenly and 1mm more tread on front tyres than on the back. Indicators, 3 flash is an issue for me on motorways and duals, it gets messy right left right. This is being re programmed by Lexus and there appear to be some choices. Overall really like this car.
  12. Hi All, Updated 5.2.2014 5 months in and a late 10K report. Not much to add from the 5000 report still v happy with the car approaching 12K. First service well past and oil maintenance message came up at 9800 miles. Car doing 42 mpg in December and early Jan. I put this down to lights, heater, windscreen heater etc now back up to 46. I tend not to reset the mpg trip often as it seems to be more consistent over time. I have had nightly issues on the phone with favourites still not holding in. I have had to push to get this taken as a problem but it is being dealt with. Indicators 3 flash is an issue for me on motorways and duals gets messy right left right, this is being re programmed by Lexus and hopefully the favorites will be sorted. Really like this car. Previously. 2 months in and 5000 mile report. MPG = 46.7 at the moment, has been up to 48 - using mixed road primarily A -B roads with 1/3rd motorway, car is at home on both. Acceleration on motorway is excellent, no lag etc. Oil use - none, discolouration none. Transmission - great. Tyres no sign of wear. Handling A+ Steering A + Need to be taught more how to use the car to enhance fuel saving, Lexus get on this it is not really explained. Comfortable - Faux leather seats - everyone complements my leather seats, unless you like the tech and colour options not necessary. Rear camera - good but now fogging in colder wetter weather so glad I have the parking sensors - a must on this car I have the expensive Sat nav option. Phone - Audio buggy and crashes, I can live with that at the moment, as an early adoptor this is expected, it need sorting. But considering the Apple OS update that appears to have trashed my mac recently :megaangry:this is not that bad. Particularly if you do not make to many demands on it by not over pressing the mouse click to often. Like the mouse. Like the DvD player Sat Nav - post code option must be on first page not second. :megaangry: Phone tried 4 is buggy but working. :eerrrmm: Driving - really good and no complaints at all on this aspect, in fact I look forward to driving it every day, our sports car has been neglected since the IS300h arrived! Tax saving is through PAYE bliss. Looking forward to the next 5000!