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Found 25 results

  1. Hi. I have lost the sound from my head unit for the radio, cd, phone etc. It appeared to cut in and out for a few days and now has stopped altogether. Prior to it stopping i thought it was simply a weak radio signal as the sound was crackly on the left speaker. Can anyone please advise if the amp is easily accessible so i can attempt to reset it and check the connections. Thanks!
  2. Hey all, I was wondering whether the automatic headlight setting should only switch on the main beams. In my case, it does not switch on the low beams. Is this how it actually works or does my car have an issue?
  3. Is there anyone here who has remapped or chipped the IS 220D for over a year and would like to share their experience? Considering getting a remap to 215hk including EGR delete. How is this engine going to handle it for longer periods of time?
  4. wezsleigh

    IS200 Turbo

    Hello im looking to get install a turbo into and IS200 and looking through this forum and various other forums I've not really found a clear answer to my question. Can you just install a turbo onto the is200 without having to buy this £2300 kit? For example, could I just change the manifold and install a turbo without having to spend all that money. I understand that some stock internals may need to be upgraded however e.g. flywheel, manifold and such.
  5. Hi all, can an anyone recommend a good replacement gear knob for is220d. Got quoted from Lexus £150 quid for a new one. Just wanting to know if anyone has replace there’s and if so what with. ta Joel
  6. I'm not keen on car reviews really but Carwow's do have an interesting aspect of "five likes and dislikes", which are often fun and quirky. If we maybe limit it to three for each model, what are ours? For my recently handed over 3rd generation IS, I would say... Dislikes The boot lid is just awful; a big thing you have to slam down, often with a double dose of elbow on the way. Not premium! There are too many similar buttons in the centre, so you really have to look (for example to check you're clearing the windscreen rather than turning on the rear demister). The parking sensor on notification on the dash appears on the main display but to one side, leaving it asymmetrical and torturing anyone with even a hint of OCD... Likes The turning circle is outstanding; this is a shorter car than most of its rivals and when it comes to U-turns, well, these are U-turns rather than three-point turns... One of the USB ports works as an ideal key holder - stick a USB stick on your house keys (and your car key in your pocket), leave them here, and you'll never lose them (and you can play music or transfer routes to your nav while you're at it). The change in dials in sports mode is just cool! Over to other owners...
  7. Well I've recently got my F sport back. Had its first MOT today at 28,500 miles. Over the past few days I noticed my dealer in Cheltenham had a 2015 GS300H Luxury for sale with 11,000 miles. To cut a long story short drove it this morning and did a deal on it. . was pleasantly surprised to find that although not advertised it had the Mark Levinson sound option. Hopefully picking it up Friday. Must say the ride and seats are much softer than my IS which is my main reason for changing now and not in a few months time. I have been getting backache for a while and am hoping the softer seats and ride will help.
  8. Come on, who was it? Anyone here? I've found myself watching these dashcam compilations like hazard awareness training videos; always something to learn. Like (if you don't know already), keep away from BMWs, Audis, VWs and "sh*tting Peugeots!". Lexus drivers hardly ever appear, Drift Kings excepted... .
  9. My household is theoretically the owner of three current Lexus models until the end of the month (see signature). I thought I'd do a brief review of each on the relevant thread, essentially aimed at helping people considering. Model This was a MY14 IS300h Lux, registered July 2013. It was in fact the first 3rd gen IS in Northern Ireland. Lux trim added leather and auto sound control ("fake gears") with paddles; and this one had Premium Nav (including remote journey planner, DVD player and reverse camera with full guidelines). It lacked extras such as HUD, electric/memory seats and lane guidance. Interior Initially I really liked the interior and the materials oozed quality and stood the test of time. The seats are extraordinarily comfortable and the analogue clock adds a touch of call. The touch sensors for the climate control were good and utile. The dash display is fine; nothing to write home about but a few nice touches like the change to regular layout in sport mode. I must say, over time I came to find the central section a little bland, almost like something straight out of a Casio wris****ch. Storage is ok; there is a large centre console (for the rear-wheel drive) with plenty of space. One problem is the cup holders are single size and too far back. Boot space is fine too, but the boot lid just lacked quality and really just had to be slammed down. Storage is somewhat limited in the back, however; this is compensated for by a nice arm rest. Exterior This is subjective of course, but I think the IS is a superb-looking car, particularly but not only from the front. Infotainment This is not a Lexus strong point; the nav map looks a bit old and some of the options take so,e working out - it took me weeks to work out how to turn the voice off but leave turn-by-turn instructions on the dash on. A major and frustrating omission is volume control. I had this on a 1998 Volvo! I know the IS is quiet, but I still found myself shuffling the volume on my music regularly at higher speed to counter the slight road noise. For all that, it does basically work, the DAB worked fine for the most part, and the DVD screen quality was outstanding. Also, I did like the split screens on the nav. Driving Without reservation, I found this a superb car to drive, contrary to many of the UK reviews. The turning circle was staggeringly good; steering was direct; yet the ride was generally comfortable. With the modes and the paddles I found I could drive the same route two very different ways. 223bhp also moves you away swiftly when you want to - but it is all so pleasant because it is so gloriously quiet (with even wind deflectors contributing to the silence) you often don't. Really terrific, for me. The engine is terrific too, and the "growl" referred to in reviews is simply non-existent. But turn the ASD off; it's a gimmick! Reliability Not a single problem beyond the odd infotainment hitch. Tyres are repaired for free too. The car also remained in good nick inside and out - the next owner will scarcely believe it has 40k miles on it. Out of interest, I tended to average around 48mpg in the summer and 45mpg in the winter (see other reviews on other threads for comparison). Summary For anyone in the market for a mid-range premium family saloon, I recommend a test drive unreservedly. Infotainment lets the car down a little; others are now moving well ahead. Also, the hybrid isn't quite the obvious economical option it was four years ago with plenty of outright electric now on the market. However, for comfort and quality (and in my view looks), I don't think the IS can be beaten. It remains a great financial proposition particularly as a business car, and for reliability and customer service it is a clear class leader.
  10. Well at last the V5c arrived today for my new toy and I wasted no time in going online and allocating my private plate to my GS300h. A quick phone call and I was at Lexus Cheltenham where they swiftly made up and fitted a new set of plates gratis together with supplying a free touch up paint set. I have now been able to register the car on the online portal and see the full history stored. When I have a bit of time I will go through it.
  11. joelfigueira

    Navigation Disc

    Hi all, Has anyone updated there factory SATNAV to the latest version? Without having to pay a fortune for the disc does anyone know where best to get hold of one?? kr
  12. It's time to say goodbye to this channel and move next door - my blue NX300h F-Sport arrives on Tuesday evening to replace my black IS300h Lux. Fingers crossed! I'll of course pop by; and am always happy to answer any queries about the IS - I warmly recommend it; we just needed something a little bigger.
  13. Hi I've read through a post on this site from years ago and didn't get the information i was looking for. I have a 2016 Lexus IS300H Executive edition with satnav. I am trying to get mirror link to work, i have a comparable samsung model. Ive plugged the phone in and my phone screen says connected to mirror link device. The screen in the car does not have the option highlighted to start mirror link. Is it possible to resolve this somehow? or why its not working? Thanks this is my first post!
  14. Ian J. Parsley

    Moving on

    I'll be moving over to the NX forum in the next few months - will try to check back as often as I can! I've had a 3rd gen IS for four years, so any queries feel free to contact me!
  15. Hi everyone, I'm currently looking to buy a used Lexus IS 300H and have discovered this forum recently. I would be driving only at the weekends for a couple of 50 minute drives so really we'd do only around 5k miles per year. I've read most of the relevant threads which are amazingly helpful but still have a few questions. Wondered if anyone could share thoughts on the below? 1. Currently my eyes are on a 2013 300H F-sport with 22k mileage. For the same price I could get a 2015 executive with 7k mileage but no reversing camera or electronic seats. The F-sport looks great but would it be a more sensible decision to go with the newer car? 2. I've read many reviews about the F-sport being much rougher than the other models. Is this very noticeable? I couldn't tell from the brief test drive. If so, perhaps again makes more sense to go for a non F sport? 3. Realistically, for a 2013 F sport that's done 22k mileage, how much incidental repairs and expenses would I likely have to prepare for? Just wary of astronomical costs if the battery goes wrong or the sat nav goes odd etc. 4. Damages in car parks - I would take care of it so well but it's inevitable that I'll have to park it in a supermarket car park every weekend. With people parking so close (no spaces without people around), do you find that realistically, all your cars get scratched doors and mirrors? I would absolutely hate that... Hopefully I've provided enough info but let me know if anything else I can clarify. Thanks so much for your thoughts in advance - really excited to get a 300h but want to make sure I get the right one! Thanks
  16. Dico85


    Hi all new to this just purchased is250 sr 2009 auto 60k great condition but on test drive I didn't pay much attention to interior gadgets and such just looks and drive, what are key features I'm I right in believing they all have usb , heated seats and mirrors that adjust in reverse i must say I have went from mercedes clk, bmw325, Audi A3 sline and a focus st the test drive of the IS was perfect what a great car to drive , nice to meet you all
  17. I wonder if anyone come across with their Lexus IS220D making creaking noises from suspension when going over bumps. It doesn't creak when you drive over rough surface etc. It sounds like coming from the front area. The strange thing is noise cannot be recreated by pushing up and down at either side of the shock bar area while it is not moving. I even shake the car on MOT test plate machine. It does not make a sound. Garage couldn't find any problem with ball joint, links, coils and shock absorb bar. It is really frustrating that it creaks like hell only when you drive over the speed bump. The steering feel absolutely fine. No abnormal behavior going over pot holes or cornering. Mechanic thinks it might be sway bar/anti roll bar bushes but it is just a guess. I don't wanna be attacking the wrong target. Just to let you now, I have already lube and sprayed copper grease and Lithum grease to sway bar bush from outside but I haven't taken it out and grease it.. It doesn't make any improvement at all. Any suggestion or help will be greatly appreciated. I am now loosing sleep over it.
  18. Hello everyone.. I am new to this forum. Now I have seriously annoying squeak coming from driver side leather seat near torso area when you sit, on right hand side to be precise. Everytime car goes over bump, it makes squeak, apprently coming from foam. I think other IS220D suffered too but I couldn't find any DIY solution except from going to dealer and get the entire seat replaced which won't happen in my case. Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated. Also how do I clean foggy LCD panel on CD player? Thanks.
  19. MattSxGander

    Is200/is300 Sportcross Tail Lights

    Hi folks, I damaged my Drivers side (right) tail light on my 2003 Sport cross the other day. I bought a replacement used off ebay only to realise the replacement was slightly tinted which was a feature of post 2004 models. Does anyone have Either an ordinary chrome (pre 2004) Drivers side light I can buy off them (for no more than £40) or swap for the tinted one, OR a Passenger side tinted one to be bought or swapped etc etc. Thanks Matt
  20. Hi. some time with my engine emits the sound of this IS300 from the movie ... sounds like a diesel... I've tried different oils, also checked the valve clearance and are OK. I have no strength ... someone met with something similar and solved the problem? thank you in advance for your help.
  21. Hi guys, I'm a newbie to this forum but have owned a Lexus for 5 years now. I had a 57 plate is220D for 5 years without even having to change a light bulb and have recently bought a 4 year old is250C, which is a beaut! Unfortunately The heater has just packed up and it's very cold out! First noticed it last week; it didn't work, then it did, now it's gone again? I read a post that it could be coolant level, I checked it and it was low. I topped it up and still no joy. Thanks
  22. Approaching 1000 miles in the third generation IS. A few random ramblings... The ride gets better (or at least you soon get used to it). Having said initially that it was markedly harder than my previous Volvo in comfort, I really don't notice that now. I was also already willing to accept that for the driving experience. I haven't yet got tired of the excellent driving experience. In particular, I still love trying the car on new roads. I genuinely look forward to driving it every time. (As you can tell, I've had it a month so I don't do that many miles.) The car wins universal and genuine approval. Men love the macho looks in particular; women love the interior. Most of the features are exceptional (I have a Lux with leather and nav). The HD DVD is superb and I have put documentaries in to watch 5-10 minutes at a time when I'm waiting; the sat-nav is generally very good (although it could do with specific lane guidance); the range of music options (CD, USB, iPhone by connection, iPhone by bluetooth plus DAB) are good, and the Dolby is ok (though Levinson would no doubt be markedly better). The hybrid really isn't a problem at all. If you want to use it properly, stick it in Eco if you want EV mode for a period (say in traffic or in a residential area) and normal otherwise, and you still have plenty of oomph (in fact, almost too much - you're at 70 before you know it); if you want a sports car, use sports mode and the shifters (but be prepared to pay for it at the pumps). Sometimes, honestly, I find I'm just in the mood for one or the other! I remain mystified by the "annoying drone" or "whine" reports - there just isn't one, there is a brief (albeit initially odd) roar as you move up to 70mph, but it is brief because you get there so quickly! Otherwise, the car is disarmingly quiet at all times. For reference, I have put 100 quid of fuel in and still have over half a tank. The car was also walloped by a football but was left unmarked. One significant advantage I only noticed yesterday: the "volume" on the audio system is set individually for each type (i.e. for USB, DVD, DAB or whatever). This is great because it means no more blowing your ear off when you switch from one to the other! If it so happens your phone's bluetooth connection isn't great, you can move the volume specifically for bluetooth up; if it so happens your FM reception is very good, you can nudge it down. Great! A few ever so minor niggles: - water and dirt accumulate more easily than on any other car I know, due to the design (most particularly there is metal further down the front, and there is a significant amount of metal/paint in the underhang under the rear numberplate), so you do have to take time daily to clean it; - the direct moulding of the top of the car to the side, which the salesmen like to go on about, is great stylistically but it means there is nothing to stop water just dripping off; and - the bluetooth connection does cut off a lot, almost regardless of what you do, and the speaker reception (which is actually above you) isn't great for phone calls (i.e. people on the other end of the call sometimes complain that I seem distant). The good thing for those to come is that most of these niggles can easily be ironed out - they just come with the territory in the first model year. What we have already is a genuinely fantastic car; what will come in future years will be truly outstanding! I'd still love to get hold of the Lexus UK PR contract, though. Their web site is still full of flawed information and they really do need to get to know UK and Irish car journalists better - this makes it exceptionally difficult to persuade people to take a risk, even though I genuinely can't see a car among the competition which is even remotely close (taken overall).
  23. Shah-Zeib Ahmed

    Charlesworth Motors Uk

    Dear fellow-enthusiasts, "I have an IS 220d (2006) with approx. 65K on it and it recently started to develop a squeaky noise, while pressing and depressing the clutch, the shifting seems flawless and there is no noticeable difference in driving, apart from the noise, which is a bit of a nuisance, when standing at a light and shifting into Neutral or 1st and making people's heads turn..." After various responds to my problem with suggestions, which made my stomach and my wallet turn upside down, I went with the worst expectation and here's a follow-up of my visit to a garage, which I found on the Owner's Club Forum. "Basically, the squeaky noise was coming from the operating arm that drives into a so called cup to operate the clutch, it needed greasing on both ends. Gearbox, clutch and flywheel were all perfectly fine." GBP 16,77 (incl. changing of the front vipers) So for now everything's perfectly fine *knockonwood* Here's the garage's link, if you live close by, it's definitely worth driving out, friendly staff and straight to the point service - no BS (excuse my French). Make sure you ask for Steve. Drive safely, Cheers.
  24. Guten Abend or I'll stick to Good evening, fellow-Lexus enthusiasts, I have recently moved to the UK and purchased my first and own car - an IS 220d (2006). Previous cars I drove were mainly German manufacturers, BMW 530d E60, BMW 520d F10, VW Gold V etc. initially changing from German manufacturers to the Japanese flagship was a tricky one, BUT, no regrets so far *fingerscrossed* I hope to share my experience here with all my fellow-enthusiasts and to extract as much constructive information as possible - in order to keep my IS rolling flawless. Have a nice evening and drive safely. :)
  25. Hello :) Has anyone repaired or services their Lexus at a Toyota service/dealership? How did it go? I've just been told that I can't do it! :) Thanks