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Found 78 results

  1. this seems to be a very common discussion on the internet but not a single person returned and posted what fixed it for them.... this car just wouldn't start one morning, cranks fine, it's not battery or immob or anything like that. checking the car over there is no pressure getting to injectors and the engine will fire if some brake cleaner is squirted into the intake- so it's a fuel delivery problem. started from the back first, I've replaced the in tank pump and filter, still no difference, without chucking money at parts in the hope of fixing it, has anyone who has fixed this issue or knows of the fix got anything documented somewhere or values for sensors to be tested? thanks.
  2. Hello, I have a problem with my Lexus IS220d 2006 for more than 1 month, I don't have enough fuel pressure to start the engine, I suppose to have 550 bar but I have just 50-65 bar. I sent to check the injectors and the fuel pressure pump, they told me that they are OK, I took the fuel pressure pump from another car and tested on my one, still didn't work, I put my fuel pressure pump and common rail on another car, they are working. I didn't swap the injectors with another car and now I think they are the problem but I sent them to check and they told me they are OK. I don't have any electrical error, I just don't have enough fuel pressure. The motor starter it's trying to start but not enough fuel pressure to start. The only way to start the car it's the easy start (with a spray). Do you have any ideas? Thanks
  3. Hello all, Just a quick update to say that my 220d has moved on to a friend of mine as I have purchased a newer Lexus. So, a quick look back at my time with the much maligned diesel. I had the IS for just under 3 and a half years and in that time I managed roughly 35,000 miles. In typical Lexus fashion, my trusty steed didn't leave me stranded once the whole time. In fact, the Check VSC light only came on once, and that resolved itself without any help from me. It did (in fact does) have an extended warranty for the duration of my ownership and it certainly paid off. Although, a lot of items that were required were things that are relatively simple to fix, easily avoided with basic maintenance or ignorable altogether. In the 3.5 years, the following was replaced under extended warranty: Dual Mass flywheel - Not exactly something you can diy fix, but hardly a Lexus specific issue. 3 x brake calipers - Sticky slide pins that a bit of grease would have prevented, but I admit I didn't bother because I preferred the idea of getting new ones. 2 x wing mirrors - Not lowering properly in reverse. Again, something simple that can be rectified with little difficulty. Especially with the excellent guide IS200 Newbie has produced. Drivers seat - I am still amazed by the fact that this was replaced under warranty on what was a 9 year old car. A new frame shipped over from Japan to replace one that turned out to have nothing wrong with it other than being worn out. Ride height sensor - During the last service it was noted that one of the sensors was seized. Not a big job, but covered under warranty nonetheless. As you can see, nothing wrong with the EGR value, DPF or 5th injector...I think that is down to the fact that I regularly did longer motorway journeys where I kept the revs up for a reasonable duration. That and the fact that I cleaned the EGR valve before it got clogged up. I genuinely loved my time in my diesel Lexus and was quite sad to see it go. It is going to be hard seeing it being driven by someone else. It is now chugging along as good as ever at 10 years old and 145,000 miles. Hopefully the car will serve my friend as faithfully as it did me. So why did I sell it? Simple; I was in the financial situation for an upgrade and I didn't want to change my own gears anymore. As for its replacement, a post in the GS section, containing the obligatory pictures, will be incoming shortly
  4. Afternoon Having a couple of issues and not sure where to start with this. First up I have 3 doors out of 4 that are not responding to the central locking at the around the same time this started I have a problem with the battery draining the battery drain is can happen at anytime not just when the care is stood for long periods of time. For instance the i used the car all morning called into my mums house for 30 mins tried to start the car and nothing there so jumped the car no problem. this happens to me no nearly everyother day. In the past two days have had intermittent power loss whilst driving, I change gear usually around 2,3and 4, I press the accelerator but nothing happens give it a few seconds the revs pick up and off I go. There are no error codes showing up its not going into limp home. I am not sure what to do with it if I am honest, any help you can offer would be great. Thanks
  5. Hello everyone. I own a IS220D from 2007 which currently has around 97k miles. A few weeks ago it started having a lot of white thick smoke but not always and also I didn’t had any power below 2k rpms. I have been to two different garages to see what is the problem but they tester didn’t show any errors. I have been to a third garage to rempa it and remove the DPF and EGR. The DPF was removed physically as well but now is in limp mode, with no power at all, the car is not letting me rev it more than 2k rpm and I still have no errors at all. Does anyone has any ideas of what I could do next? Thank you, Bogdan.
  6. Hello All, Just wanted to check where you guys are getting you parts. It seems there are no problem to find front caliper slider pins set: Though, I would argue £30 is not exactly cheap for few (non genuine) bolts... However, it is even worse for rear - I cannot find any for sale in UK (P/N: 04948-30210). The only ones I could find are either in eBay (from Latvia) or in Amazon (from US), few weeks wait time and £30 for 4 pins (not even genuine)... Does anyone know the place to buy them in UK? Amazon US ones are actually genuine toyota and cheaper, but still few weeks wait: One question on the side - what are the size of Lexus locking wheel nuts? M12x1.5? (bloody tire place hamered my ones in place so hard I will have to extract them and replace all 4 now..)
  7. Hi all, So today we finally get a warm day in the north east so I put my air con to cold for the first time. (I run my air con all year round) however when I was expecting nice ice cold air I was just getting cold air compared to the passenger side that was getting all the nice ice cold air. Both sides were set to low but only one side gets the ice cold air. called Lexus Teesside who said it could be the Air mix servo that could be sticking and not going down all the way to low. Has as anyone experienced this issue before if so did it cost a lot to get fixed or is there a hack to reset it? Regards Joel
  8. Daniellmoisa

    Clunk when steering

    Hi! Someone please give me some advice! When turning the wheel i get this clunking sound! Depending on how much i turn the wheel to either side i can hear it more than once like rubber is catching onto something! like you would slide your finger over a baloon... Note that this is not on full lock! it does this when turning left or right and it doesn't matter if i am moving or not! Any help will be appreciated!
  9. grahamtrd

    Alloys size on is220d

    Hello. New to Lexus and the form so nned some advise. In looking to upgrade my alloys and I have got it down to 3 sets. Two are 18s and the other is 17s oem Lexus alloys. And I have read online that 18s will take away the comfort is this true?. I do a lot of motor way driving in Ireland and city driving last thing I want is to wreck the comfort. Any advise is welcome
  10. Hi all Today after almost a year I decided to clean the EGR valve as it had been 10K since I last did it and the car was feeling a bit sluggish. When I removed the engine cover, to my surprise it was covered in sort of black tar (but hard to the touch) around one of the injectors and burn marks and similar crust on the underside of the enigne cover as well. When I started the car, with the bonnet up and engine cover off, it was like a steam engine. It was blowing sort of steam, stream from the injector on every turn of engine about every four ticks I presume. So.. I dont know how long its been blown for as I had been feeling the car was becoming a bit sluggish and MPG was going down quite a bit and I thought it was the EGR valve. Problem is that when the engine cover was on and I was usually sat in the car with the windows up and AC on, I would not have heard that steam engine blowing So I am a bit scared now what to do about it. Its on 118000 miles now. The head gasket should be OK as the pink radiator fluid is still pink and no residue inside the engine oil cover. I am trying to post some pics with this thread but don't know if they will come out properly. Any comments? suggestions what to do next?
  11. Daniellmoisa

    Rattle/ vibration sound, feel

    Hi! I am experiencing something that is rather annoing! I start the car and select first to drive off! All normal! Then i select second and as the revs go up just after 1800rpm there is this rattle sound that i can feel in the steering wheel and vibration! When it gets over 2000rpm it stops and then changing to third is the same going after 1800 rpm when picking up speed the vibration comes back until it goes past 2000 rpm... In this time i can feel the car vibrating like it struggles around this rev... all normal when 4th is selected! If i rev the engine when parked i dont get that! I recently cleaned egr and maf and after using shell v-power for months i put a tank of bp to see how it feels! Car accelerates and drives fine but i get that judder/vibration at that rev cound when picking up speed! It is something like a BRRRRRRRRRRRRRR Lexus is220d 2007
  12. Hi all, Since it's Friday i thought lets have some fun, so who has the most miles on there Lexus IS200D? I am currently on 94k on a 08 Plate.
  13. joelfigueira

    Windows misting up

    Hi all, winter is fast approaching what do people do to there cars to stop the windows misting up as soon as you get in the car?
  14. joelfigueira

    Engine cover clips

    Hi all, As it’s been forecast for strong winds like an idiot I opened my bonnet to top up with washer fluid! A gust of wind managed to remove the front plastic engine covers along with clips. i know the clips are poor however are any people using alternative clips to hold down there engine covers? I know most people have some missing or all of them so wondering what are people are using. Have looked on eBay and ones I have seen look like the poor ones I have already. cheers in advance Joel
  15. I thought below is quite good offer, obviously service included is just minor essential, but good way of keeping Dealership service history: Not viewing the email properly? Please click here to view in your browser. This email was sent on behalf of Lexus Woodford. If your Lexus IS was registered between 1 March 2006 and 28 February 2009 you can take advantage of genuine Lexus servicing on your IS at the incredible price of just £99 at Lexus Woodford. We’ll also MOT your IS for the reduced price of just £39* Now there is no excuse to have your IS serviced elsewhere. You can have the peace of mind knowing that fully qualifi ed Lexus technicians will be servicing your IS and any parts required will be genuine Lexus parts. This offer is only valid until 31st December 2018 and only available to owners of IS models registered between 1 March 2006 and 28 February 2009* Please book early by calling our Service Team on 0208 559 7660 or email *£99 Service available on Lexus IS models registered between 1 March 2006 and 28 February 2009. ^£39 MOT offer only available on IS models when taken with the £99 IS Servicing offer. Offers end 31st December 2018. This email has been sent to as you have previously opted-in to receive marketing from Lexus Woodford, by either online, visiting a showroom or when purchasing a vehicle. You can easily unsubscribe from our list by clicking here. You will be removed immediately and no more emails will be sent.
  16. Hi guys. Looking for an answer into the issue i have with my IS220D. it is an manual 2006 IS220D with 140,000 on the clock. I bought the vehicle in June, knowing of this issue, but hoping it’s a cheap easy fix to which I have only attempted terraclean as of yet. The issue I have, is that the car feels well underpowered before the turbo kicks in, foot could be flat to the floor and it feels like it is holding back. Asoon as the turbo kicks in it’s flying. Has anyone got the solution? Thanks in advance.
  17. Hi all, can an anyone recommend a good replacement gear knob for is220d. Got quoted from Lexus £150 quid for a new one. Just wanting to know if anyone has replace there’s and if so what with. ta Joel
  18. Stephenlexusis220d

    Vsc errror please help

    Hi, I do not really have any idea about cars at all, upon starting my car this evening (lexus is220d ) 2007 I got the vsc error and turned on the engine and Tc lights. Would this be from a filter problem, I have had no problems before. It is due for a service in 2k (currently 80k) would you recommend to call the road side assistance and ask them to define the fault or to take it to a garage or a dealership and ask them to asses any help is much appreciated
  19. I recently received the Techstream which I brought from ebay 2 month ago for checking the Block percentage of DPF. “Luckily”, my DPF problems happened again (the 3th times in 7400 mil) and I recorded the data before and after the DPF regeneration using the TS. The TS dose show more data compared to cheap EM327 OBD2 scanner. An it dose provide DPF regeneration function that you might simply sit still and rev the engine to regen without dangerously stop-start driving on motorway. So, I wanna share with you guys. In the NEXT TWO screenshots below, please pay attention to the “0” column and "DPF PM BLOCK" row. The ECU saved the P2002 error with last 3 data, the time error occur data and 1 data followed. These 2 screenshots record the data at when the DPF block error occured. After checked up the ERROR code P2002, I start to looking for some data to show the available capacity of DPF. On other cars, it would be shown as percentage like "150% full". But I failed to find it. The only data I could check is the DPF differential pressure, which also shown on upper 2 screen shot. The differential pressure is also the source that ECU tells how much the DPF is blocked. The data highlighted in screenshot below is the DPF differential pressure. This screenshot was taken at I was just going to start DPF regen. Throttle in IDLE, you can tell by looking in Engine speed. This screenshot below was taken when I just started to regen. After I switched on the regen, one data related to DPF regen change, which is the After Injection Period. I think it means that the engine is actually started to heat up the exhaust gas. But I didn't notice when I took the screenshot. As the requirements (tank not overfull, rev at 1750 to 2750, coolant above 75 Celsius, shown in the TS when selected the regen test. but not shown in the screenshot) of regen process, the car was sitting still and gearbox in neutral with engine revved at around 2000 rpm. (Is the throttle not controller by TS? I had to press the pedal by myself). You can see that the differential pressure going all the way up to 11kpa (110mbar) when the engine revved at 2200rpm. I kep the throttle at around 2000 rpm for about 5 minute. (The regen was acutrally works but I didnt notice at the time. So I doubted that the regen dosent works. I stopped it and decided to have a motorway run) The screenshot was taken several minutes after I started regen( you can see on the engine running time.) It actually improved by seeing the differential pressure 8.9kpa compared to 11kpa (2 minutes ago). After I went on the M1, the car did enter limp mode a few mils at 3rd & 60mph. But never enter limp again. The process time is much much shorter than previous times (10 stop-start period) Then I cleaned the error by OBD2 scanner. Here are the screenshot after all the works, please take attention on the DPF differential pressure The engine was on idle. These 2 were on 2000 rpm The diff pressure which is much lower than which before the DPF regeneration. I can feel each time after the DPF regen, the car throttle respond is improved. I do record the time that DPF problem occurred and the additive I added. I post it out as a reference. It looks like the DPF problem happens to me every 3000 mil. The recent time mileage is 107400. The regen test looks like this. The description is in Chinese but nothing important in it. My driving style is already change a lot from last time, always 5th@70mph, 6th@above 75mph. EGR cleaned and exhaust recircle error is always very low (0~10%). I still dont know how can I fix the DPF problem. i didnt try to update my ECU since the car was last serviced in lexus centre in 2010, the ECU might be out dated. I have call lexus and hope to get my ecu update soon. By the way, the TS does have a ECU upgrade function, maybe I can do it myself but I want to try lexus centre first. Does any one know the cost of ECU upgrade? The check with TS every several hundreds mils might help me to monitoring the DPF and tell me when add DPF cleaner.
  20. IS220d Remapped (2 years)

    Remapped my IS220D SE-L 2 years ago

    Hi guys, Thought I should join to share my IS220d experience. I had issues blanking my EGR few years ago as it would throw up all sorts of errors. tried cleaning but only eliminated issues temporarily. I found a company willing to do a remap. He managed to delete DPF and EGR. I then blanked the EGR with a plate and got the DPF gutted by a professional welder (mechanic) within a week of map. The car was at 120k mileage when mapped. it is now at 162k pulling strong on all gears. the economy, torque and response was an still is really noticeable. I manage 38>mpg on minor boost and 31-36mpg having fun with it. These figures vary dependent on weather and road conditions hence the large variations. To summarise, 1. hydrocarbon engine flush. (I just did it for the sake of it) 2. remap (delete EGR and DPF from ECU) 3. Blank EGR (blanking plate from ebay) 4. DPF gutted then re-welded professionally (from my mechanic) Hope this helps,
  21. I put this together from all the scrap pieces of paper that I had written on and thrown in the service manual. Just throught I'd share - some may be interested. Next car I get, I'll include tyres and others like bulbs, etc. Also, I'll track costs too.
  22. Hi, I've had a good search and can't find anyone who has changed the gearbox oil in an is220d. I want to do this to see if it improves the gear change, especially 1st to 2nd when the car is cold. I have changed the box oil on many cars and found it can make massive improvements, especially when the correct oil is used. So I have the following questions: Can it be done and is it straightforward? Which oil grade should be used? Any special tools needed?
  23. Hi, this is my first post. I've recently bought a 2006 is 220d and I need to replace the rear n/s caliper and carrier. The caliper that is currently fitted has the number: 43 L 10, on it, I've found a replacement for the same model of car which has the number: 45 L 10 on it. Does anyone know if this will be a compatible replacement? I've attached an image of the new part.
  24. In order to use the techstream, a ECU version need to be chosen for my lexus is220d. But there are three version listed on the software, I don't know which one is correct. How can I know the correct ECU version of my car?
  25. oluD

    IS220D Mystery

    Hi All, I am at my wits end with a strange problem I have with my lexus. The car brings out white smoke intermittently. It doesn't smoke when you start it but when the engine gets warm and you are driving along, it may suddenly start smoking for about 20-30seconds and then stop. The drive is normal(fine) and there no warning lights coming up on the dash. I took it to a garage a few months ago and was told that there were no indications of any serious problems. I live in Chelmsford and would appreciate any recommendation of a good lexus garage. Thanks