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Found 61 results

  1. Hi, I purchased a Nextbase dash cam yesterday with the hardwire kit. I want to install this in my 2017 IS300h. Is there an internal fuse box where I can take the power for the hardwire kit from? I want to tap into the cigarette lighter fuse. I have found the fuse box under the bonnet but can’t seem to see internal fuses. All help appreciated. Thanks.
  2. Hi all! I recently bought a 2015 Lexus IS300h with 47k miles. The car is great, and I've been enjoying it so far. However, it's due in for an intermediate service at 52k. After taking a look at the checklist on the lexus website, it's just an oil change, as far as I can tell. I think, however, I am going to go to the dealer for the 60k full service, since it seems like a major one. Also, the closest Lexus dealership to me is located in Plymouth, which is a 60 mile drive, so it's much, much more convenient to take my car in for an oil change at a local independent. What are your thoughts? Thanks! P.S. I've been thinking of getting a hybrid health check separately, for £59. Should I go for it?
  3. Hi, After 185 Miles i'm getting ~30 MPG. Driving mostly in Normal mode and 60-70% of the time on urban roads. Is it normal for a new car? Thanks, Ishay
  4. Hi everyone, I just bought a new Lexus IS300h and I have this weird single beep happens sometimes while driving with no indication. I have no navigation system installed on my car so I don't think it's a camera/radar beep, unless the car can notice one without GPS. Any clue? Thanks!
  5. Hi guys, I just got information from Lexus Ireland (M50 North garage) that to change the LFA style display from miles to kilometers they would need to change the full display and code the new one which would cost me more than 5.000eur. I find this really strange. How come an electronic part needs to be replaced to change this type of information? I could change this in my BMW easily, for example. I like Lexus quality but their costumer service and maintenance costs are absolutely ridiculous. Can anyone confirm that in fact the only way to change the odometer from miles to kilometers is to change the full display? Note: I'm talking about the odometer where the mileage of the car is accounted. I know that we can change mpg to kpl (or l/100km).
  6. I bought an IS300h today in Sunderland UK from a main Ford dealer and expected to find a navigator in it. I hadn't checked first - serves me right. I used to fit car radios so I should be able to buy and fit one. Has anyone met this problem before? Where to buy? Likely cost? Any wiring problems or caveats ? Please? Thanks.
  7. hi untill today i owned a 2013 is300h, 75k on clock full lexus history, i had owned it for 18 months. last christmas my parking sensors failed which got repaired under extended lexus warranty, but for the past 5 months my audio system kept braking 4 times it had new amps and few speakers, also my hybrid battery keeps fully charging, lexus insisted there was no fault, then 2 weeks ago my audio went again, followed by crackling noises in the dash and a bit of smoke near the pedals, followed by a warning saying hybrid system has stopped, engine cut out steering lock came on, luckily i wasnt going fast. lexus fixed the stereo but said could not find any error messages, they sent the car back without my will and as it arrived the electric windows and central locking went crazy. i was left with 2 options a sell for a lower than retail price back to lexus or drive it till it locks up again so had no choice but to sell. has anyone else had these issues
  8. Hi All, Just about to take the plunge and replace my 2015 Jeep Renegade with a 2019 IS300H Advance with Premium Nav... Had a test drive for a week in a superb Sonic Titanium model - and it was every bit the car I wanted it to be - 55Mpg on a 300 mile round trip to Somerset, comfortable, quiet and refined. Sonic Titanium is a superb colour (initially favoured the Mesa Red) - thinking of going with the Sandstone Leather interior....
  9. Hi Guys, I have just joined the club as I am interested in buying IS300h luxury trim 64 plate with 125k miles on it. I like German cars and had BMW 320d and C220 Merc in last few years. Both I bought with 100k+ miles on the board and I never had any issue with them all the time I had them apart from regular services and tyres change. They proved to be economical as well. I have read a lot about other Lexus models with high mileage’s but I haven’t read anything about IS300H crossing 100+ and yet keeping inact which German diesels do quite often and quite decently. I am still confused as if I should go ahead with it or stick to old school - long lasting diesels? I have been following threads in here for quite a few days and found them very interesting and helping. I hope I would also be listened to :)) Thanks
  10. Hello everyone, I have a 2014 IS300h and im based in Ireland. 54000 miles on the clock, last serviced at 46000 miles (when I bought it) Over the last few weeks, and only occuring for a few minutes at a time ive noticed a high pitched sqeak/whistle noise from the front of the car. Today however this noise seems to be constant. Initially I thought it was the brakes but I wasnt sure, this is a link to a video where you can hear it: I went to a dealership, and without actually looking at the car just assumed it was the brakes and that they'll take a look in 3 weeks when they have time. So im booked for the 11th June which sounds like a long time. The noise doesnt occur when I brake, only when im accelerating and only at low speeds. the noise gets louder as I turn the wheel...mostly turning left. Looking at the brakes, the pads have about 1.5mm between them and the disc on the right hand side and the about 2.5mm on the left hand side. Should I just wait the 3 weeks and let the dealership do their thing, its a Toyota dealership as there is no Lexus one nearby. Or should I just buy the pads directly from Toyota and get a 'friend' to fit the brakes and just be done with it this week? also, I have an allignment issue where it pulls to the left fairly hard and the wheel has to be halfway between 11 and 12 oclock to drive straight. Thanks in advanced for any replies :) Josh
  11. Hi, I've had my IS300h f-sport for around 6 months and the Active Sound Control has started to make a horrible noise. It sounds like the speaker in the centre of the dash is blown so I just get a hideous crackling noise from it but when I'm playing music the speaker sounds great... So I was wondering has anyone experienced this? Is the ASC played through a different speaker? And does anyone know how to get to the speaker? Thanks
  12. Ahoy! Part II of Stealth Mode.. Black Pearl Front and Rear Badges and OEM Lexus Rear Spoiler.. Thats it.. Skint now... :( Enjoy
  13. OK, so I know that posting this in a Lexus forum will open myself up to a barrage of bias comments but please if you do have something to say try to be as un-bias as you can, constructive and justify your comments so they are actually useful. So, I've decided that for my next car I'm going to dig a little deeper into my pockets and get something decent, comfortable and an easy driving bit of luxury. Right now I've narrowed my choices down to a Lexus IS300h and a BMW 3 Series saloon 320d. I've had a test drive in the BMW (an M-Sport in exactly my price range) about a few hours ago actually and I have to say it did feel like a nice solid well put together car, looked great on the outside with the large M sport alloys in the exact colour I would chose but a little bland on the inside I have to say and the seats were a bit narrow, the wings of the seat stuck in my back a bit. All in all I wasn't blown away by it but not put off either, it felt like a sensible choice. My next choice is a Lexus IS300h, the nearest dealer is quite a bit further away but I will be going over to have a go in one and see one in the flesh before I decide. At the moment my main concern is the engine, I've never had a hybrid before or a Lexus so don't know how reliable they are. I don't do much city or suburban driving and don't get stuck in traffic it's mainly country and B roads so I'm worried that I won't see much of the efficiency of the Hybrid as compared to the BMW diesel engine. I explained my predicament to the BMW sales person and he was very understanding and didn't in anyway try to put me off the Lexus he just gave me exactly what I wanted, the facts and figures of the car I was looking at. I really am 50/50 on this right now, I know I still need to see and try the Lexus but when your spending a lot of money you want to make sure you do as much as possible to make the right fully informed decision. I'm not buying new, my budget is around £20000 and price wise both cars are almost identical for what I want. If anyone can help shed some light on my situation please do so but like I said please try to keep it un-bias (I know that's a bit silly to ask in a Lexus forum but try anyway) but also constructive and justifiable. Thanks in Advance Dave
  14. J Henderson


    From the album: IS250 F-SPORT - Current Car

    Ready to go back on
  15. Hi, I joined the Lexus owners last week when I imported a 2017 IS300h Advantage from the UK to Ireland. So far, I am very impressed with the refinement of the car and am starting to enjoy the driving experience after 25 years of diesel. I do have an issue however, as the fuel filler cover/flap will not stay closed. I can press it and it appears closed, but when I check it later, it has popped out again. If I lock the car, then the flap is unlocked. As its at the passenger side, I have to make the conscious effort to check it every time. Any suggestions on how to sort this problem short of visiting a dealer who is 90 miles away? Thanks in advance, Anthony.....
  16. Hi, Why is the vehicle customisation screen on my IS300h greyed out? Im new to the car so I am probably asking something blatantly obvious. I thought that I would be allowed access to the door lock settings etc. Thanks, Anthony.....
  17. Hi there new to the forum but been a browser for a while now. Thought i would let people know just in case like me you were unsure what sizes the wiper blades are on the IS300h. They are 18 Inch 450 MM passenger side and 24 inch 600 mm drivers side. I have just replaced mine with Michelin Hybrid Stealth which have the model numbers MSW12924 drivers MSW12918 passengers for £21.95 on ebay.
  18. Hi Got my IS300h this week and sometimes the cruise control stalk wont disengage cruise whilst in it by pulling towards me. Seems to zone out and become unresponsive every now and then. Works fine when its working but just every now and then it'll do it. Anybody heard of this before?
  19. Hello, I was wondering if it would be possible to change my rear bumper and put the one of the 200T + diffuser, of course i would like much more the MY2017, but the one before would also be ok. Does anyone know if it would be possible? As in Spain we don´t have the 200T version it is also very difficult to get one, and from Lexus Spain they say that it is not possible to order it if i dont have the chassis number of 200T, so im not able to try it neither My idea is if it fits, try to find the rear bumper in UK websites or try to look for someone that can order it for me. Thank you in advance
  20. My sat nav is driving me crazy it only sends me the long way to my destination and never the quickest way I thought I went into the settings to try help with speeding it up but always sends me the worst way possible end up on the iPhone maps 😖
  21. IS300h 2014 Hi all, Just got car back from service and immediately noticed that it is veering to the left. I had it back to garage to check. Received the car back and it was still veering to the left. Contacted them again and I was told that the alignment is set as per manufacturers specifications and that the car is exactly how it should be. Car was perfect prior to service, lovely drive and now I constantly have to correct the steering and can feel the steering wheel wants to rotate anti clockwise. General service was done, differential oil changed, no reason to take off wheels as brakes were good. Car passed its NCT(MOT) a week before it got serviced and all was good. Any help is much appreciated.
  22. Dear guys, Apologize for my bad English. I have received just Saturday my new IS300H luxury with some optional (roof, Mark Levinson) I previously had the IS300H MY2013 The car is amazing, the improvement are not only in the new design that I really prefer, but in hundred of subtle details that are not noticed until you have not the car in your hand, most of the review simple does not tell this! Motor performance for me are better that the 2013 model, the synergy with hybrid motor is better, the new multilink suspension give a car a more "solid" presence on the road, tha car is more rigid... I feel it like the F Sport that I have try previously. The only big problem is the mess with connected services. The multimedia system try to connect with the portal that, from what I see, no longer exist so my account will not recognized, because it is registered on the new portal that is under the main website: I cannot verify if the car system redirect, but it seems that no. Also, trying to connect my multimedia via the portal, with his ID number it result that the number is not recognize (you know the format: 000-000-000-000). Another strange element is that in the Italian portal they tell that only "touch and go" system can be used the ID account registered: I have eventually try to use my email instead the ID that the portal offer me, but the car system does not accept more than a fixed number of keys and my email address is too long. Actually it seems that nobody at the Italian customer care can sort out from this... they just tell me to try with Samsung Android instead the iPhone (sic!) but it is clearly an inconsistent answer because I had all my iPhone's (from 3GS) connected with no problem at all, since IS200 of 2014 and the latest one (iPhone 6) work well with bluetooth and is correctly set up. To be honest, another smal issue is that the SMS does not arrive on the multimedia system, while all the services seems to be OK. I have load few pictures for your knowledge I hope this can help others member to check their system, if they have same problems and to suggest some trick to me. Thank you so much!
  23. For a long time I’ve been puzzled by the Which? magazine review of the IS 300h. In their initial report they made it a Best Buy but a few months later downgraded it. Its website version of the review currently says: “Best Buy award removed. It's a very good car, but we found the Lexus IS emits so much CO (carbon monoxide) in our tests, that it would fail to meet any EU emissions limits set this century. As such, we cannot possibly recommend it.” Despite this negative review, there were lots of things I liked about the car, plus some ratings that sounded impressive: Best in class for 2013 NCAP safety World’s most efficient production petrol engine when launched, at 38.5%. (It was overtaken by a Honda six months later.) Routinely at top of reliability ratings. I was also doubtful about the Which? mpg figures. Their claim of 97 mpg around town was obviously nonsense and the motorway figure of 34 mpg looked doubtful too. They say their tests are performed in a laboratory but they don’t give enough detail to tell how they get to these extreme figures. I thought if the carbon monoxide figures are based on the same testing, they’re just as likely to be wrong. So I went ahead and bought an IS300h. I’ve searched in the past for some other independent CO test reports and couldn’t find any. Until today. But first, what is Which? claiming? They say it wouldn’t meet EU carbon monoxide emission limits set this century. I take this to mean Euro 4 in January 2005. (There was Euro 3 in January 2000 but that was the last year of last century.) The limit for petrol cars under Euro 4 is 1 gram per kilometre (g/km) of CO. So they’re saying the IS300h emits more than 1 g/km. For a long time I had no way of knowing if that was true or not. But at last I’ve found a website that shows real-world emissions test results. It’s called EQUA Index and they test cars by driving them around real roads monitoring the emissions from the exhaust pipe on a three and a half hour run. They give the IS300h their top rating of A++. This represents a band from zero to 0.125 g/km of carbon monoxide. (Their result is for the 2017 model but I don’t think there are any significant differences to the engine from the 2013 model. Please correct me if I’m wrong.) By contrast, Which? says CO emissions are more than eight times this figure. I know nothing about EQUA; I’ve only just come across it. But I’m more inclined to believe that real-world testing on roads will give a more accurate figure than a short test in a laboratory.
  24. Hi all, I have recently bought a Lexus IS300h F port and I was told to get a tracker fitted by one of my colleages. I have bought the tracker that was suggested to me but I have no idea where or how to fit it. The instruction manual says to attach it to a 12-36V charger (I'm assuming the 12V battery in the boot). I have never done anything of this sort before so I just wanted to ask a) is it safe for me to try and fit the two leads myself? b) would me attaching a tracker to the 12V battery drain it & cause problems?? Hope to hear from someone soon.. Shyamal Ps: the picture below shows the two leads that I'm supposed to connect to the battery if it makes sense to anyone
  25. I wanted to get a fitted bootliner for my car and was considering the genuine Lexus article. However I found a company called bootliners. Co. UK advertising on the Internet. They had a fitted liner on their website which was just over £36 including carriage. It arrived today and is a perfect fit with a deep lip around the edge just like the Lexus version. It is a little thinner but that does not effect its serviceability. A bonus is that there is a non slip area in the centre of the unit and it is far cheaper than the Lexus version.