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Found 27 results

  1. Hi all, My car recently ticked over 91k miles and needed a full service, last service was August last year at 83k. As it was at 91k I booked the car in for a 100k Major service with Lexus Plymouth. I understand a large service like this is only done at 60k miles and 100k miles, please correct me if im wrong, Just thought I'd add a post on costs and what was carried out if anyone is getting near that service point in their cars life. I purchased 2 new Pirelli P Zeros for the front wheels a couple of months ago as the inner wall had the dreaded tyre wear, middle and outside were like new 😞 I got a great deal from I saved them for the service so Lexus could fit them (which they kindly did free of charge). Lexus did all the usual full service items, changed the Oil, brake fluid, engine coolant, screen wash, all filters screen wash, checked for recalls, plugged the engine in the computer etc etc, Also a full visual inspection, they took off, checked and re-tourqed all 4 wheels, tyre pressures, checked control arms brakes, suspension, literally every nut and bolt of the car was looked over and tightened. There was nothing wrong with the feel of the car before the service but it honestly felt like new when I picked it up, felt solid. I had a rubbing noise from the passenger wheel in the week building up to the service, they checked it out and found the heat shield had slightly bent and was rubbing, all fixed for free and no more noise. It was a bit of a relief as I've only owned the car since April so this was it first proper full inspection by Lexus under my ownership, they confirmed the car is in great condition and had been well looked after. There were only 3 things to sort at a later date, air conditioning needs regassing which I'm not fussed about, with the Hayward and Scott exhaust burbling im more of a window down kinda guy. Heat sheild above the exhaust was ripping a bit and may need replacing, and lastly 3 clamps on the exhaust were leaking slightly so will need replacing, as it was a Hayward and Scott exhaust they didn't have the correct clamps so wouldn't touch it. All in it cost £595, Money well spent IMO, I am curious as to what a simular service would be for a M3 or C63, RS4 etc. The customer service and work carried out at Lexus Plymouth was first class, added benefit of it being a 5 mintue walk from my house it's a relief to have a garage like that so close. Another stamp in the service book and a warm fuzzy feeling the car is in great condition. Apologies for the long read Cheers Ian
  2. DarISF

    2008 5.0 IS-F

    Newly acquired. Loving it 🙂
  3. My RC-F Carbon is arriving on the 17th, I have a couple of quotes from Confused and Admiral of c.£1,000 which is fine...but as all you guys have lived through numerous renewals and quotes I would be interested to know who you find to be cheapest. For comparison purposed I'm 40, a company director, zero points, 5 yrs no claims.
  4. Ok, so getting back into the ISF after the recent snow brought up a good selection of dashboard warning lights. Notably, PCS, ABS, AFS (flashing) and finally Slip Indicator (?). Snow wasn't that bad around us but car was left untouched during that short period. In the process of arranging to get these checked but just checking if anyone has experienced this combo before - I guess some sensor failure (maybe damp)? Drives ok - or at least it did on v.short journey home where I've left it. Andy PS: My other car is a Skoda Citigo, completely the other end of the scale but spending a little time back in it makes me realise what good little runabouts they are.
  5. I reckon this one will get divided views! I know there are a lot of purists on here but as a long term modifier of all things automotive it was only a matter of time before the ISF came under the knife. Fear not Big Rat, all original parts have been kept for prosperity (and the next owner)! Not the best weather for a photo shoot but anything to avoid wrapping presents! So, here is my 2009 ISF with the following mods, some close ups of the most recent additions will follow; Rear High Level Roof-line Spoiler in Body Colour, H&S Cat Back Exhaust with X-Pipe, HPS Intake Elbow, K&N Drop-In Filter, Tein H-Tech Springs (Only the Fronts fitted giving a 25mm drop - front and rear tyre gap now matches ), H&R Spacers Front and Rear (15mm widened track each side), Tom's Carbon Fibre Rear Diffuser, Novel Carbon Fibre Duct Panels, Black Plasti-Dipped Front Main Grill. I've also got the CF Fog Light Trims, Auto-Technic CF Front Splitters and a Wald Style Rear Spoiler (in Body Colour) to go on in Mid-Jan when I get the front bumper resprayed. I'll also be relocating the front number plate then (controversial!). Enjoy! (or maybe despise.... the choice is yours!)
  6. I reckon this one will get divided views! I know there are a lot of purists on here but as a long term modifier of all things automotive it was only a matter of time before the ISF came under the knife. Fear not Big Rat, all original parts have been kept for prosperity (and the next owner)! Not the best weather for a photo shoot but anything to avoid wrapping presents! So, here is my 2009 ISF with the following mods, some close ups of the most recent additions will follow; Rear High Level Roof-line Spoiler in Body Colour, H&S Cat Back Exhaust with X-Pipe, HPS Intake Elbow, K&N Drop-In Filter, Tein H-Tech Springs (Only the Fronts fitted giving a 25mm drop -front and rear tyre gap now matches ), H&R Spacers Front and Rear (15mm widened track each side), Tom's Carbon Fibre Rear Diffuser, Novel Carbon Fibre Duct Panels, Black Plasti-Dipped Front Main Grill. I've also got the CF fog light trims, Auto-Technic CF Splitters and a Wald Style Rear Spoiler (in Body Colour) to go an in Mid-Jan when I get the front bumper resprayed. I'll also be relocating the front number plate then. Enjoy! (or maybe despise.... the choice is yours!)
  7. Just bought a 2010 isf, forgot to try the heater on but car run fine with no overheat issue at all,a.c. blow super cold,I check the coolant n it was really low add some super long life coolant let the car on with the blower max out still no heat,I'm out of idea😣,anyone here have any clue what it is?thanks
  8. Note to moderator- please leave this in the ISF forum, it’s more likely to be of interest to ISF owners than GS owners. After one year running a GSF, I thought you might be interested in my experiences compared to my previous early ISF. First thing to say is that running a high performance car like this makes no sense at all in the suburban environment that I live in. It drinks petrol in traffic, it’s big to park and you cannot use the power. However, I don’t care about all that, I love driving it, I love the noise and I’ll continue until the eco mentailists or the mayor makes it impossible. I’ve always loved muscle cars and this is definitely a muscle car. In summary I’d say it is an evolution of the ISF, it rides better than my 2008 ISF, it feels more planted and agile despite its size, and it has a slightly more bubbly exhaust note, but it still retains all the other ISF traits such as build quality that we are all familiar with. It is more relaxing to drive than the ISF due to the better ride. A couple of longish trips have been made with no driver fatigue whatsoever. It has of course been absolutely reliable, (but I haven’t yet done that many miles). Update after year 2. One glitch was a broken windscreen which took about 3 weeks to sort because Lexus couldn’t supply one right away. I hope this is not a flag that parts are going to be difficult because Lexus have only sold about 50 of these and their bean counters won’t be happy about stocking spares that might be slow moving. To be fair they did loan me a car for 2 of the 3 weeks. The much criticised mouse controller for the sat nav and audio is fine, it just takes getting used to and the sat nav now accepts full postcodes. The info display on the panel is a lot simpler than it looks, again just need to get used to it. Has a lot more information such as g forces, but it no longer has a battery voltage display! The car complains if the battery voltage is getting low though. The car has a lane departure warning system which can be set up to correct the steering if you wander out of lane. This has been turned off. The car is not driving, I am. It has speed limit detection which displays the speed limit on the dash and the HUD. The only thing is that some of the road signs near where I live confuse it and it displays “unusual” speed limits. Don’t think the magistrate would accept that the car told me the limit was 90, when it was really 40. The headlights are pretty good but possibly not quite as good as the ISF. The 4 driving modes can be summed up: Economy and normal – no perceptible difference in feel or fuel consumption between these, feels slightly softer than the ISF in normal driving. Gearbox sometimes reluctant to change down when you boot it. Sport – similar to the Sport mode on the ISF. Gearbox more responsive. Nicer to drive in this mode. Fuel consumption similar to Normal and possibly a bit better providing you can actually drive the car rather than sitting in queues. Sport + -Don’t select this in the wet, there’ll be a lot of traction control warnings at even quite modest throttle inputs. Hangs on to lower gears for some time after you’ve finished accelerating. Very entertaining in the dry though and much easier to get the engine into the 3500rpm+ range. This is the mode that reveals the true brute character of the car, (when you get a chance to use it). I can’t say what Sport+ does to fuel consumption as the opportunities to use it for any distance haven’t been there. Haven’t tried the diff setting options yet. The finish on the car is superb, people have commented that even when it is obviously dirty it still shines. My car was a demonstrator so it may have been coated. Costs – Service due next week, but for some reason Lexus think it’s OK to put a £100 premium on the servicing costs over the ISF. Insurance – you have to shop around. Most companies load the premium because of the value of the car. I managed to get cover for about the same as the old ISF but had to accept a £750 excess which I covered for another £60. Not so good points: No spare and you can’t buy one in this country even though the handbook mentions a space saver. I don’t like the idea of a can of goo which will render the tyre unrepairable and probably screw up the TPMS sensors. Does anyone have any ideas where a spare can be obtained? The boot is enormous but the rear seats still don’t fold. Why?? No passenger front seat lumbar adjustment – penny pinching on a £72K car! But the wife thinks the seats are OK! Possible costs of brake pads and discs – horrendous costs have been mentioned on the forum for RCF items and the GSF uses the same parts. Non-Lexus parts seem to be unobtainable in the UK at the moment. Not an immediate problem but one that needs to be kept under review. If anybody knows where to get RCF/GSF pads and discs from somewhere other than Lexus UK, please shout. Graham
  9. Hi ISF owners, I was wondering if anyone with a 7-9 year old ISF has recently had a rolling road BHP test? If yes what was your BHP? Was that taken from the crank/flywheel or the wheel/tire? Ive just had a new short block replaced along with a complete clean and rebuild (paid for by Lexus under my extended warranty 12k cost!!) after my engine was losing loads of oil but upon having a BHP test I am only getting 365 at the crank which is nearly 55 BHP down on what it should be. However Lexus are telling me that is about right for a 8 year old ISF so Im looking to see what others are getting from a 7-9 year old ISF (standard build - i.e. no enhancements)? Thanks Aaron
  10. So after being one of those 'lurkers' for the past few weeks and reading past threads I feel I'm up to scratch on the ownership experience of an ISF and all the usual things associated with owning your first. Anyone know about this grey example on AT F&page=1&make=LEXUS&onesearchad=Used&onesearchad=Nearly New&onesearchad=New I know that as there only 200 or so in the UK that there's a chance one if you will know something about this one? Certainly as there are a couple of members from the south West. Wiltshire isn't officially south west in my book but worth a shot.
  11. Hello peeps. So my replacement battery i had was a Toyota Optifit which tbh im not happy with. Been 18months and its struggling as the days get colder. I bought a Ctek charger which charged it and it was ok for a day and then when i measured it across the terminals i was only getting 11.8v Can someone who has the original factory fitted battery take a pic for me and if they can find out the spec and part number from the battery please? Cheers
  12. DT_Racing

    Beautiful ISF for sale

    Sold Sold Sold Good day LOC Members. This is a private sale of my 2011 Facelift Obsidian Black ISF with light Ivory hide interior. 57,500 miles with full Lexus Service History and 6 months MOT. This is a stunning much loved and cared for example with all the usual IS F refinements + 13 Months Lexus Warranty (not that it will ever be needed) and a pre-paid service plan covering the next two services at a Sytner Lexus dealer. Also available a full set of brand new, still in the box, correctly sized and specified winter wheels with brand new Michelin Alpin 4 tyres. I bought them for winter but instead chose to garage the car for 4 months and save her from the weather. As you can tell she is rather well cared for. This truly is an exceptional car amongst what is already quite a rare breed. I have owned the car for a year and a half and it is without a doubt the best vehicle I have ever come across for providing an effortless, quiet luxury driving experience yet also be capable of mind warping performance and driving. A true Jekyll and Hyde of a car that none of its rivals can compete with. The only changes I have made to the car is to have the rear passenger windows and rear screen professionally tinted in a 35% grade (not the 20% limo tint) and I have had the RR-Racing USR system fitted to improve the steering response (a common upgrade). Original parts supplied with car of course. This car is the midway facelift model so as such comes with some benefits over the earlier model, the more important of these being the inclusion of the limited slip differential, the sports suspension setup for more comfortable ride and the interior update. General Specification: 19" BBS forged aluminium anthracite alloy wheels, nearly new (7mm) Continental Sportcontact 6 tyres in the slightly wider 275/245 setup. 7" Lexus touch screen electro multi-vision satellite navigation system updated with 2015-16 European maps, 6 DVD changer, rear view reversing camera, Mark Levinson Luxury Audio system with 14 speakers, DAB digital radio, Bluetooth telephone connectivity, electric heated front sport seats with memory, electric heated folding door mirrors, Electrochromatic auto-dimming rear view mirror, Auto lights and wipers, sports suspension, Limited slip differential front & rear parking aid, ESP stability control, sports multi functional steering wheel, adaptive cruise control, Lexus multi programme paddle shift gear change, electrically adjustable steering column, USB Audio interface, automatic dual zone climate control, Keyless entry. All documents and keys present. I have a couple of extra’s that I had planned to fit but never gotten around to. I have an actual carbon rear wing/lip (not wrap or dip) and a new still boxed, never opened set of Brembo OEM rear brake discs that will come with the car. Plenty more pictures available on request. A super rare vehicle which has been meticulously maintained and is simply stunning. Please do come and look and experience this car for yourself, they are something else. For test drives please arrange your own insurance, I am of course willing to take interested parties for a drive. Please note personal plate not included in the sale. Thank you for looking £21500, open to some negotiation to keep her in the club. Also advertised on piston heads
  13. DT_Racing

    Few ISF parts for sale

    Evening LOC Members, Having now sold my ISF I have a few bits I now have no need for please see below EBC yellow stuff pads (Front) brand new in box, painted in High temp black to look like OEM pads. £100 + postage Pair OEM Brembo rear brake discs brand new in boxes £120 + postage Real Carbon (not wrapped or dipped) Rear wing/spoiler/lip like new GSF. Never fitted but was second hand when bought, couple of small scratches that would polish out, needs new fixing tape. £60 + postage Can provide pics as required Thanks
  14. Need some help and advice gents. So I've had enough of my OEM Bridgestones and wanted to change to the Michelin PS4s tyres all round. I thought I might as well upgrade the sizes from OEM to 245/35/19 fronts and 275/30/19 rears. Got to Costco today after ordering them a few days ago only to be told they refuse to fit them as the are not the manufactures recommended size and it will invalidate your insurance. 1st I've heard something like this as I'm sticking to the correct load and speed rating. Any advice please? You guys who have upgraded the size told your insurance company?
  15. Morning Team LOC. Plenty of threads on this but I just came across something that excited me a little and thought it may help our small community. I replaced my brakes all round some time ago and recall the trauma of finding original Brambo front discs (or discs at all for that matter) for the ISF. Well I just ordered another two sets of discs for my race car for the upcoming season and randomly thought i would take a punt and see if they made discs for the ISF. Result result they do! I can recommend these chaps and endorse the quality of their discs having proven them in racing for at least 3 seasons. For info my race discs exceed 800 deg C, never had a warp, crack or any concern with them so for the relatively sedate road puposes you cant go wrong. Anyway link and screen shot. When the time comes I know where I'll be heading.
  16. Got a reminder on Facebook today that I picked my ISF up a year ago today. She replaced an E90 335i which I also had for a year. Summary of ownership below... BMW 335i M Sport - MY2007 - 40k miles Failures... 2 x turbos 2 x turbo actuators 1 x Lambda sensor 1 x High Pressure Fuel Pump 6 x Injectors 1 x major oil leak Then on to Lexus ISF - MY2008 - 50k miles Failures... Zero In case of tempting fate I have just renewed my Lexus warranty for 2 years. Money well spent? ;-)
  17. Danny W

    Wanted: full set ISF 19" wheels

    Hi I'm on the search for a full set of isf wheels, good condition genuine ones with tyres preferred but would consider other options. Thanks Dan
  18. So dropped the ISF in to the local main dealer for it's (early) 70k service. Got a visual healthcheck back a couple of hours later indicating the following: Puncture OSF - £18 to fix, no problem, I'll authorise that Front pads down to 2mm - £540.66 fitted Front discs down to 28.74mm n/s and 28.71mm o/s (28mm limit) - £455.18 fitted So I phoned a local tyre / brake place (not KwikFit) who said they'd source the discs and pads from Lexus, then fit - £369.75 for the discs and pads (Brembos all round). Wow!! So £626.09 in their back pocket just like that. Just waiting on one more quote, and I'll get them sorted.
  19. Hi all, I don't contribute often to this forum but I do read it every day. I've seen a few posts where members are asking about various cars in dealers. I traded my ISF in today against a GSF and the Lexus dealer told me it would be going to the auctions as it was too old for their stock, so it will be appearing in a dealers sometime soon. Don't know where but if GU08VSN turns up on a forecourt it was mine. I've had this car for 4 and a half years and enjoyed every minute of it. This is a good car and I would have kept it for ever if a chance to buy a nearly new GSF at a substantial discount hadn't turned up. 30,000 miles and all it cost me apart from servicing was 3 tyres and some brake pads and discs. Only 2 things went wrong, the idler pulley on the drive belt and a seized caliper, both paid for by Lexus' warranty. It has full Lexus SH and about 75K on the clock so if it turns up with less than this someone's been at it. It's also going to need new front discs fairly soon as the thickness is near the minimum. I do have the new discs as I intended to do them later this year, so I'll probably put them on eBay. Watch out for this car, it's been loved .
  20. Picked her up last weekend from Southampton after trading in my 2007 335i M-Sport. She is a 2008 with 50k on the clock (Full Lexus Service History). I absolutely love her. She is called Lichelle :-) Apologies for poor photo quality. She's a little dirty as well as I picked her up in minging weather.
  21. Hello All, This is my first post in Lexus forum so sorry if I have missed similar thread. My main question is - where to buy IS (2nd gen.) "Windshield Mouldings". There is thread in US forum how to replace them, but first I need to find where to buy them and it seems there are nothing available in UK. (e.g. Part numbers are (at least US ones, probably EU/UK ones are the same): Right - 75551-53020, Left - 75552-53020, Clips - 75545-53011. There are few in ebay and amazon from US and the shipping costs more than the moldings themselves. Breakers are not a good option either as I assume used moldings not going to be much better than the ones I have. Additionally, it seems they are kind of disposable. For this reason I would prefer to go for a new ones. I guess Lexus meant to design them so blue clips breaks when removing and the moldings can be re-installed, but in reality every second clip of molding breaks as well. If there is anyone in UK who have replaced them please let me know where did you get them from, maybe somebody knows the price from the dealers? I guess my final option is to glue the broken molding pins to the clips and instal the clips as normal. If anyone have any suggestions or have experience with this thing please let me know, thank you in advance, Linas
  22. Hi Everyone, Just thought I would say hello as yet another newish ISF owner from Essex who has joined the club. It would appear that Essex is becoming a bit of an ISF hot spot given how rare these cars are!!. I have been enjoying following the ISF Club Forum since I bought the car in mid 2014. But since I have not previously been a member of any owners clubs/forums it seemed sensible to get a feel for how it all worked before posting anything. So please forgive any inadvertent slips in protocol. For a bit of background I nearly bought an ISF back in 2010, but needed 5 seats at that point so purchased a V8 Audi S4 instead. However my desire to own an ISF remained and I kept an eye on the market for them, waiting for the right time and the right car. My preference was for a low mileage car in blue with a black interior. This as it turned out was a rare combination as most seem to have white leather, which looks brilliant, but is not the most practical option with a family. I started looking with a view to buying in January 2014 and had been keeping an eye on a blue car for sale at Hedge End Lexus Southampton, but it had just been sold when I enquired; I think to a current member of the club. Still every cloud has a silver lining as they say and a very low mileage final model white car came up a few months later at Lexus Leeds. I had some reservations about owning a white car, but I have to say it looks brilliant and I have loved the 3k miles I have done in it so far. This is my first Lexus, having owned German cars for the last 20 odd years, but I did own a Supra Turbo back in the 1990's. I had that car for 6 years and it stayed in the family for a further 6 years without a single issue, just needing standard maintenance. I can't say the same for the various German cars I have owned to date!! From the lengthy research I did prior to buying the car it's clear that the ISF has a reputation for being pretty bomb proof like most Lexus cars. I am hoping that my Lexus ownership experience continues without a hitch, as it has to date, in contrast to my past experiences with the various German manufacturers. As I said earlier I have been enjoying following the posts regularly and hopefully I will be able to come along to a meet at some point. It was a shame I was unable to attend the recent Bluewater meet as it would have been great to have a chat with members in person and to hear the various exhaust setups in the flesh; they sounded brilliant. There have been some really useful and informative posts and hopefully I will be able to contribute something useful at some point soon.
  23. Hi, I'm after a new boot floor for a 2008 ISF, due to a white spirit spillage that won't go away after steam cleaning, soapy water, airing and febreezing :-( Replacements don't seem to be available on eBay. I've had my local dealer quote me *wait for it* £356 for one!! Essentially a 3x2ft piece of stiffened felt that sits on the spare tyre. Any other ideas, or just keep on airing it? The smell has to go away sometime, right?