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Found 18 results

  1. Grateful for any help with the following... My 2014 IS 300H F Sport has just failed it's MOT due to a faulty front tyre pressure monitor (constant warning light). The independent MOT garage said the tiny part is only available from Lexus, and it also needs a Lexus dealer to put in an authorisation code to make it work. My nearest dealer is a 2 hour drive away and they are quoting nearly £200 to fix and reset the system. Is this really the only way I can get my car through its MOT? Thanks in advance for any advice on a cheaper/easier alternative. Tom
  2. LennyLexus

    IS250 Emissions Results

    Here are my MOT results post resolution of P0171 and P0174 (system too lean errors), Carbon Clean in December and almost exlcusive fills with BP and Archooil AR6900P.
  3. Hi all! Having had my latest GS300 for a couple of months now, the MOT is due and I know the current exhaust is an issue (see pics). I have been desperately hunting for a stainless steel system in preference to an OEM seeing that the two used ones on eBay are a mighty £350! And MIJ have quoted me £445 for new S/S with life time warranty (as an FYI). So the questions are: 1. If I plug that hole in the back box, and make sure that and the awful paste all over the joint isn't leaking either (thats how I bought the car, not my handy work I'll add) might I stand a chance I wonder, as technically the fail is excessive corrosion. But I fear all that putty is an obvious giveaway of excessive corrosion even if its not leaking. 2. Another MOT requirement seems to be the correct number of baffles/mufflers, so should one slap a S/S cat back on would it be an issue. Or should I maybe say has anyone taken there car (any car) in for an MOT with a S/S cat back and had any issues other than possible noise or emissions? Many thanks! I am getting a little frustrated that in the last two months I've not found a single second hand S/S system and I'm not really wanting to throw to much on the car just yet until I've had it a while longer.
  4. Hi All, I'm new to the Lexus scene, previously owned a BMW 125i E82, which was perfect, but I ended up selling to clear a loan. I'm now in the market for a cheaper car (£2000 all in inc. insurance/tax) that will reliably get me from A-B for the next year as my other half and I move into a house. Unfortunately for her, I get bored of cars easily, but the IS200 seems to be a relatively good compromise. I have seen an IS200 Sport on Gumtree for £1,400, FSH at the correct intervals and 103K miles on the clock. Cambelt was changed at 68k, oil service with microfilter and sparkplugs at 90K. All sounds promising.... The problem is, it's been 11 months since the last MOT, and it's done 20k miles. It had new brake disks and pads at this stage, and there doesn't seem to be any reports of corrosion. I've asked for a new MOT, but the "story" is that the owner is the vendors sister, she's had it for 2 years but she's bought something newer and left him to sell the car. He works 7-5:30 and is not insured to get the car to an MOT centre. I have asked to view the car with price to be negotiated. Is this too much of a financial risk for an IS200 of this age, is there anything I could look for when viewing this evening? Any help would be appreciated, SpazaB
  5. I imported my car two years ago from Ireland and the speedo clicked over 96,000 miles on the way back. Put some work into the cosmetics then last year got the talented guys at Osaka Newport to replace all the fluids and consumables. Big bill, but a glowing report. Only omission was rear discs and pads which they reckoned had 10,000 miles left in them. Yesterday that was put right at service, and I picked up a new MOT with no advisories. Next year's job will apparently be the shoes on the parking brake, which are approaching expiry. 109,000 miles now and I am a very happy 430 driver. Jon
  6. I mentioned a few weeks ago that I have an aftermarket HID headlamp bulb kit (dip beams) fitted, that MoT regs had been tightened recently, and that my MoT test was due shortly. You can read the most recent MoT regs here: It's a 206 page pdf document - the section on lighting is 1.8. Pages 4 and 5 are relevant to us - that describes the beam patterns (main beams and dip) required for British American Headlamps (which are what we have). They are pages 33 and 34 of the whole document. My car passed today - no problem at all, either on test, advisories or even verbal chat with the tester. So there you go - aftermarket HID kits should be no problem at all on cars like ours with projector beam dip beams (as has been mentioned here frequently in the past). Don't put them in the main beams (on earlier cars?) though - conventional type headlamps are not suitable for the conversion kits. My only problem (advisory) is a small and non-zone 'A' stone chip on the windscreen but I've also got a scrape on the screen directly in my line of sight so I'm hoping the chip/crack will expand soon and then I can get the screen replaced mostly on insurance. (The tester did give me a tip on how to'encourage' this!)
  7. Is it me? I can't find any MOT type details about this car - doubting my sanity.
  8. Good day, Someone might find my story informational - this is not a post to complain or anything. Maybe just to demonstrate how servicing costs can suddenly sky-rocket... Though it left me curious if I was taken for a ride? The guys at Lexus Edgware were so far nice and helpful - no complaints there. My RX400h just passed 100k on the odometer so I decided it needed to get serviced properly at an official Lexus shop. The official because timing belt needed changing as well - and I was thinking the official garage is the trustworthy place for this type of job. It also coincided with my MOT expiring - so booked for that one as well. Took it to Lexus Edgware (Jemca), since Twickenham (Currie Motors) do not provide the cheaper servicing option. Initial quote: £40 - MOT £399 - major service for 5+ year old cars (the value service as they call it) £395 - timing belt change = £734 Left it with them. Few hours later they emailed me a link to a where they had a video uploaded (I have attached it here as well) demonstrating and explaining the discovered faults - with a quote and a button to approve the quote. The manager also called immediately to go over and explain everything etc. Quite a nice touch the online video and quote - did not expect that. The issues were: Rear driver side shock absorber leaking Both shock absorber gaiters (rubbers protecting them, part no. 48760-48040) torn/split. Initial quote: £1250+ for parts and labor. This is the part of the story that got me confused. During the call I looked up on the price for 5+ year old vehicles to replace "Rear Shock Absorbers" - it is £395. So I did suggest that we replace both - the manager did agree and it was (for some reason!) a cheaper option than replacing just one (???). New quote to do both shocks and gaiters: £915.42 (in addition to the £734) => ~£1650 Later, the car does not pass MOT and I get another call. The reason: one of rear brake calipers is stuck and did not pass the brake efficiency test. To replace it is £350 (single caliper) To try and loosen it: ~£165 (cost for an hours labor since everything needs removing to try that - according to the manager) I decide that replacing it might be a better option in case it will stick again. New total: £2099 The car is still with Lexus Edgware, going to pick it up tomorrow. After all these repairs it must be golden now! Any second opinions? I can't help just wondering how much less it could have cost at a local garage - especially given that car does have a patchy official servicing history with some gaps. Maybe was not worth going the "official" way. I also had already been putting aside some savings for this 100k service as I did expect a lot of expense - but twice less than that :) Lexus_vv-video-92717_(1).mp4
  9. Got a pass with no advisories today - happy day. Members with long memories may recall that when I imported the car last year it failed its first MOT on the alignment of the nearside headlight. The garage sucked their teeth and warned me it's connected to the self-levelling suspension and could be expensive. I got it home, found an adjuster, lined the lights up on the garage door, went back and got my ticket. Today's inspector (different station) said it only passed after they discovered the reason the NS headlamp pattern was wrong was that the bulb was in upside down. Seems strange to me, but hey - I have a ticket! Good luck to all on their tests Jon
  10. If you haven't seen it, this is a really handy MOT checker ...
  11. well my Lexus gs300 passed MOT with only 3 minor problems, number plate bulb, head light adjust and hand brake adjust so very pleased
  12. I have just had my 13 year old 230K miles LPG 430 MOT'ed and it passed with no probs (as usual). I keep expecting to be in the market for another car but the beast keeps rolling :) I had some reservations this year because the engine warning light was on (Cat at low efficiency) which usually means apin hole in my exhaust (had some welded up) or a Lambda sensor failing - so I asked the guys to check and fix before they tested the car. No probs found and despite the light because they tested on LPG the emissions test was passed and I have an MoT - no advisories. For a couple of days I could not fill up with LPG so I put in 1/2 a tank of Shell Nitro V and after a few miles thewarning light went out. Back on LPG and no probs yet - the light has not come back on. This got me thinking - I don't keep much petrol in the tank 1/4 ish usually and it often dips lower, so have I been sucking crud from the bottom of my tank and this has caused my CAT problem? I'd like to think the filters would take care of any junk. I am thinking about giving my tank an 'enema' so has anyone had to or has done so and was it worth while? Does anybody know where to get hold of reasonably priced break ware sensor cables? Regards Bren
  13. emotionalgenius

    Suspension (Ls430) Question

    Hiya guys, am picking up a LS 430 next week, just been through its MOT today with no advisories, thing is, if the air suspension is iffy would this fail the test. I am aware of the issues but the LS 430 has been a dream of mine since my P reg GS...just worried about the air suspension really. The car is X reg with 190,000 on it and full Lexus history and is as clean as any 2 year old car on the road so I do feel confident about it generally. Cheers Glyn
  14. Sinister79

    Intermittent Abs/vsc/trc

    Hi, This is my first post and I am hoping someone on here can help me as I am struggling with this particular issue. I have a 2006 IS250 and have owned the car for 5 months. I have an issue where the ABS/VSC/TRC lights all come on at the same time once every 2-3 weeks. This never happens upon starting the engine, only when I am in motion. There is not a common factor for when this happens, it has happened when parking on a kerb, it has happened when moving slowly in traffic, it has happened when approaching a red traffic light. The lights will stay on until I arrive at my destination and turn the engine off, but don't appear again for another 2-3 weeks. I have contacted Lexus in Manchester and they have advised that they can only determine what is causing this if I bring it to them when the light is on. This is obviously a problem, as it always disappears once the engine is turned off. Now, all of this said, it does not concern me. It drives exactly the same and the brakes perform in the same manner. My concern is with regards to its forthcoming MOT in three weeks time. The lights being on would be an MOT fail, but how can I resolve it if Lexus can't diagnose the issue??? The chances are I will take the car for its MOT and it will pass, as it never occurs upon start up, but what if it does not? I am stuck between a rock and a hard place. Any suggestions would be welcome. Does anyone know why this might be happening? Is it likely to fail an MOT if it never happens on start up? Thanks
  15. kevinsgs300


    hi guys just to let you all know how good lexus cars are. I own a 1996 lexus gs300 sport mk1 ive had this motor for 5 years its an awesome motor. reason for this post is my car is 17 years old and its gone through its mot 5 times without needing and work doing only advisory is R/H top ball joint rubber is twisted but not split. ive had many other makes of cars and the lexus is the only one that's gone through every mot. what more can you say about LEXUS. cheers kev.
  16. Shah-Zeib Ahmed

    Charlesworth Motors Uk

    Dear fellow-enthusiasts, "I have an IS 220d (2006) with approx. 65K on it and it recently started to develop a squeaky noise, while pressing and depressing the clutch, the shifting seems flawless and there is no noticeable difference in driving, apart from the noise, which is a bit of a nuisance, when standing at a light and shifting into Neutral or 1st and making people's heads turn..." After various responds to my problem with suggestions, which made my stomach and my wallet turn upside down, I went with the worst expectation and here's a follow-up of my visit to a garage, which I found on the Owner's Club Forum. "Basically, the squeaky noise was coming from the operating arm that drives into a so called cup to operate the clutch, it needed greasing on both ends. Gearbox, clutch and flywheel were all perfectly fine." GBP 16,77 (incl. changing of the front vipers) So for now everything's perfectly fine *knockonwood* Here's the garage's link, if you live close by, it's definitely worth driving out, friendly staff and straight to the point service - no BS (excuse my French). Make sure you ask for Steve. Drive safely, Cheers.
  17. Just been reading that new MOT regs will mean that a warning light on your dash could mean a failure. Introduced in January of this year there has been a transition period of 'grace' due to end this summer (date yet to be released). I'm not saying that it's good to ignore any warning light, but from this year onwards, you will have no option. An example given by one guy was his Ford Focus (sorry about the double F -word) was showing an ESC warning light. On this occasion it passed but was warned that next time it would not, assuming that the light was still showing. The cost of a new unit £1740; value of his 2008 car - £4000. Anyone know how to disconnect a dash bulb in a Ford Focus?!
  18. Yet another reason to be a proud lexus owner,lexus comes top in mot pass rate table Top 10 pass rates by manufacturer 1. Lexus 2. Suzuki 3. Honda 4. Saab 5. Toyota 6. Audi 7. Smart 8. Mercedes Benz 9. Landrover 10. SEAT Bottom 10 pass rates by manufacturer 1. Renault 2. Mini 3. Citroen 4. Chevrolet 5. Peugeot 6. Fiat 7. Volvo 8. Vauxhall 9. Mitsubishi 10. Jaguar