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Found 19 results

  1. Hi, I'm thinking of getting a Lexus IS250 Auto. I've been looking online and the tech specification show the following MPG: Urban 22.2 mpg Extra Urban 40.4 mpg Average 31.0 mpg Is anyone getting anywhere near these figures. I know normally they are not very accurate and I do a lot of mileage so need to check! Also I wanted to get the car LPG converted, but contacted a few companies and they said they can't as it s a direct injection system. Has anyone manage to get it done? Thanks
  2. abtx

    GS430 mpg

    Hi, I'm looking to buy a GS430 2005. What's your city/motorway MPG? I'm light footed most of the time with occasional tendency to speed a bit. Nothing extravagant tho. What's the best and worst you get around city and long cruise?
  3. Travelled from Warrington to Llandudno today and averaged 43.8 mpg. A trouble free run, mostly travelling at 70 mph on the A55. A proper cruising machine, shame the majority of my daily driving is urban.
  4. My last car was a Honda Accord Diesel which was very economical, but displayed 10% less consumption than you could demonstrate from full to full at the diesel pump. My IS300h which I love is similar. I tested it full to full and it said 54.8mpg, actual mpg was 51.6. I'll do it again and I'll get it's the same. Have any of you done this?
  5. Hi Guys first time posting on the forum but wanted to share my experience. I have a 07 Is220d for almost a year now with 120k. I drive about 400 mile per week motorway driving. When I got the car it wasn't great so got it remapped. I then got it carbon cleaned through the air box and put some fuel cleaner in it to and still not great. Low revs poor. Couldn't get 40mpg no matter what I done. Monday night I decided to pull of the egr valve and it was totally blocked. The fuel cleaner and 1 hour carbon clean was useless. I soaked the egr valve in brake cleaner and also the steel pipe. Used a tooth brush to get as much carbon off the manifold. Put it all back together and I'm not getting 50 mpg at 75mph. Takes any gear at low revs. Different car. It took me about 2 hours and it's only 6 nuts. Hope this helps some of yous.
  6. Hi Folks, I'll be arranging an extended test drive soon on a NX300h with a view to a purchase. I've already looked at some of the rivals, evoque too dodgy , GLC would mean having to deal with Mercedes dealers and so on. I've read the mpg stories with great interest and it doesn't bother me greatly. However I do have a 24 mile commute into and from work every day. My route is mostly winding country roads with some serious climbs up into the hills and obviously descents. I have an avensis tourer with cvt auto so I know how that auto works on the route. Does anyone have experience of running an NX over a similar kind of route.? Honest John review says the car is not one for the A roads, is that true in your experience? Thanks in advance
  7. Just through it out to you knowledgable Lexus 450h people, please see the attached photo and please give me a clue as how to reset . cheers.. Sorry it has appeared upside down , but hope you can see that I am not getting best mpg information and the date is showing some time last September . keith.
  8. Morning all, returned last night from a round trip to Disneyland Paris and thought I'd share my findings as I've only had the car a couple of weeks (f sport). we drove down to Dover from Burton via duxford to go to the imperial war museum on Thursday. Mix of Eco and normal mode but easily managed 50mpg with a fully loaded car - 2 adults, 2 children and a baby, also a jam-packed boot. I was pleasantly surprised I managed 50mpg, my only rule was to keep to the speed limit, so 70mph max. 50mpg was equally surprising as driving out of roundabouts I allowed the odd bit of sport mode to get her going (Eco mode + fully loaded car was problematic approaching motorway junctions). decided on that basis to fill up in Dover and see if we could make the round trip to Paris and back on one tank, which I'm pleased to say we did with around 90 miles range on the clock. MPG was averaging 45 in France though as the speed limit is 130km/h on the tolls (85 ish). That was also exclusively normal mode, again with the use of sport to get her going now and again. I was really really pleased with that performance on a fully weighted car :) the road network in France really is superb and made be realise what nonsense we have to put up with in the uk! Oh and the only lane-hogging -tailgating behaviour I saw was from GB plate audis. Made me embarrassed to share the same nationality. Everyone was comfy in the car, even my eldest son who was squished in the middle the whole way.
  9. Not sure if this is under correct category but im new here. Basically i used to average around 17 mpg in the city, which was slow start/stop driving. I would get 40 miles out of £10 petrol. I then got timing belt/fan belt kit replaced, new water pump, idlers etc and a full service. I now get 40 miles out of £15 and have done around 70/80 miles since having the work done. I've read a lot of conflicting information, some people saying garage may have knocked a few sensors etc out of alignment or spark plugs may be loose. However also heard that apparently as battery would have been disconnected this resets the ECU and the car will have poor mpg until it re-learns my driving habits etc. One thing i noticed soon as i picked the car up was when i started it there was a split second clunk noise which sounded like it came from under drivers side at front of car. However only happens occasionally and as usual didn't happen when i told the mechanic. Not sure if related in any way. I doubt it is the o2 sensors etc as some people have said on other forums because it was immediately after i picked the car up. Also i always fuel up as soon as the petrol light comes on however when i picked the car up and put petrol in it barely budget above the limit when the light comes on. Therefore im guessing the garage must have really drained the fuel tank so i dont know if this maybe affects the ecu in any way because i know that is bad for the fuel pump. Dont know why they would have done that as i left plenty of fuel in the car for them. Any advice is appreciated because i dont really know what to do
  10. Hi all, About half of my driving is on motorways where I'll be averaging 125kph / 77 mph. I assumed that 6th was better for this type of driving both in terms of MPG and also not loading the engine, but from what I'm reading I'm wondering is this the case? I'm reading some conflicting stuff about both MPG and also Carbon build up in the engines. I can do a test with it; clear out my average MPG and drive 1 day in 5th and 1 day in 6th to check the MPG, but am wondering more about the engine / carbon side of it. Do people feel you'd be better off in 5th or 6th for a run like this? What measurements / tests / experience have you? Curious G :)
  11. I got my new car today. Black S-line with add-on sat nav, rear sensors and one or two other add-ons. I'd wanted Sonic Titanium but they couldn't get in in time. Car replaced a superb Honda Accord Diesel which I'd had from new for 9 and a half years and averaged about 44mpg. The only part I ever put in it was an accelerator sensor, just the other day. I did 112000km in it. I chose the IS300h because of what I read of its Honda-like reliability and very high UK owner satisfaction. I live in Cork in Ireland. I had taken it for a short test drive before I bought it. Impressions: 1. Salesman, a top chap told me to read the instructions on the Satnav. Said it was complicated. Others had said the same. I worked it all out in about 10 minutes use myself without instructions. I thought that the data entry system with the wheel of letters was really slick. My car has the rotary wheel rather than the pad thing. I'm really pleased with that. I've used a Garmin for years and it wasn't the best. 2. Gearbox. I love it. There is a little lag before it picks up, as people say, but then there's plenty of poke. The hill-start is a new thing for me. Brilliant. I'd driven an automatic for a week once in Canada but not for years. I love this. 3. Seats very comfortable. Didn't get electric or heated ones as I had in the Honda. 4. Quiet. Honda about the same at motorway speeds but much noisier crawling etc. 5. MPG. On my first day about 50 miles or so, 43mpg. I'll learn to improve this. 6. The foot/handbrake. The pedal cannot be felt through my shoes or my wife's shoes. You just press down with your foot against the side of the well and it works it. 7. Entertainment system great. I've a USB memory stick plugged it and it works and I've several megabytes of music on my phone which the Bluetooth plays without problem. 8. The cruise control is better than the Honda's in that you can reset it. The Honda did have a trim for it so you could tweak it up and down, but if you braked, you had to set it again, the slow way. Lexus better. 9. I'd read a good bit of the instructions before getting the car. A help. 10. Am I glad I bought it? I think I chose really well!
  12. What's the average mpg of the 250? Anyone done a miles per tank calculation?
  13. Evening all :), Straight to the point, I had my car serviced by an independent mechanic recently who claimed to have cleaned the egr valve and checked my dpf as well as standard, oil change filter etc. Travelling to London I had the VSC light come on and green flag rep came out and using diagnostic equipment suggested egr valve trouble. He proceeded to spray it with some lubricant, to be honest I can not remember, the code cleared and I drove high revs all the way to London (from Manchester) getting around 35mpg. For the past couple of weeks, driving my car locally it releases a heavy amount of exhaust fumes. To describe I would say greyish white maybe. Also, although I do not suffer any power loss, I am experiencing some sort of delayed acceleration action, where I will put my foot down, the revs will rise, say from 2000-4000 revs and my car will hesitate a couple seconds and then speed will increase. This all coupled with a now average of 32mpg has me a little worried. A couple of suggestions have been made, transmission oil, (this was on the american lexus forum) so I am not sure of it being relavent to the diesel, the head gasket but I am not sure how to check this, or clutch. Anyone experienced the same on their car or any suggestions would be most helpful, I intend on running my car for a few more years yet. Cheers all :)
  14. I am new to the Owners Club and came on here to find out if I was alone. There are so many posting "I regularly get 60mpg" or "even pushing the car I never get less than 50mpg" or "I have done 700 miles from new and averaged 55mpg in my F-Sport" that I was starting to think that my car (Executive edition with upgraded 18" F-Sport alloys) has a problem! Relieved in a way to see the posts above (because it means that my car is normal) but must say I am surprised and a touch disappointed with the economy. I have done just 400 miles in 4 weeks since new. Hardly anything I know! Yes it has been cold (average 5 degrees Celcius, heaters and heated driver seat on), yes my journeys are mainly to and from the station (3 miles, 10 minutes, up and down quite steep hill) but I am getting 30 mpg to the station and 25mpg home. I am driving like Miss Daisy, trying to hit the sweet spot as much as I can! On a bit more of a run I got 42mpg and doing 50 motorway miles today at 70mph (cruise control) I got 45mpg. Overall a disappointing 33.5mpg from new. The dealer says the engine will loosen up at around 8000 miles :-):-) Initially I had the car in Eco mode, but Normal is better as it gives better torque and gets you up to speed (where you can tickle accelerator to maintain speed) more quickly. That said I love the car to bits, and that is coming from an Audi S5 Quattro 3.0 supercharged where I averaged 24 mpg over 3 years of ownership and typically 25mpg to the station and 18mpg home. The IS is a totally different drive, more relaxed but just as much fun trying to improve my fuel consumption! Sounds like a gripe but not really, I just wish there was more "real world truth" in the Department of Transport published figures (no blame to Lexus). Would appreciate any thoughts, but it sounds like I am not in as much a minority as I thought I was!
  15. Hi Everyone, Just thought I'd mention I have just had a minor service on my car and my MPG has rocketed! Before I was getting an average of 33 - 37 mpg to and from work (city and motorway). Since having the car back I am getting 42 - 46 mpg! I really think on a long run it will do 50 - 55 mpg! The Toyota dealer that did the service mentioned that the air filter was completely clogged up, the car could barely breathe, which is probably why I had inconsistent idling too! So, might be worth looking at your air boxes and just checking how clean they are, maybe it'll get you a few more mpg! Cheers
  16. 10K report. Not much to add from the 5000 mile report posted in November and on the next page of topics. Very happy with the car approaching 12K. First service well past and oil maintenance message came up at 9800 miles. Car doing 42 mpg in December and early Jan. I put this down to lights, heater, windscreen heater etc now back up to 46 back to 48 50 soon as light and weather gets better. I tend not to reset the mpg trip often. I have a niggle on the phone with favourites still not holding in. I have had to push to get this taken as a problem but now it is being taken seriously. Tyres all worn evenly and 1mm more tread on front tyres than on the back. Indicators, 3 flash is an issue for me on motorways and duals, it gets messy right left right. This is being re programmed by Lexus and there appear to be some choices. Overall really like this car.
  17. Hi All, Updated 5.2.2014 5 months in and a late 10K report. Not much to add from the 5000 report still v happy with the car approaching 12K. First service well past and oil maintenance message came up at 9800 miles. Car doing 42 mpg in December and early Jan. I put this down to lights, heater, windscreen heater etc now back up to 46. I tend not to reset the mpg trip often as it seems to be more consistent over time. I have had nightly issues on the phone with favourites still not holding in. I have had to push to get this taken as a problem but it is being dealt with. Indicators 3 flash is an issue for me on motorways and duals gets messy right left right, this is being re programmed by Lexus and hopefully the favorites will be sorted. Really like this car. Previously. 2 months in and 5000 mile report. MPG = 46.7 at the moment, has been up to 48 - using mixed road primarily A -B roads with 1/3rd motorway, car is at home on both. Acceleration on motorway is excellent, no lag etc. Oil use - none, discolouration none. Transmission - great. Tyres no sign of wear. Handling A+ Steering A + Need to be taught more how to use the car to enhance fuel saving, Lexus get on this it is not really explained. Comfortable - Faux leather seats - everyone complements my leather seats, unless you like the tech and colour options not necessary. Rear camera - good but now fogging in colder wetter weather so glad I have the parking sensors - a must on this car I have the expensive Sat nav option. Phone - Audio buggy and crashes, I can live with that at the moment, as an early adoptor this is expected, it need sorting. But considering the Apple OS update that appears to have trashed my mac recently :megaangry:this is not that bad. Particularly if you do not make to many demands on it by not over pressing the mouse click to often. Like the mouse. Like the DvD player Sat Nav - post code option must be on first page not second. :megaangry: Phone tried 4 is buggy but working. :eerrrmm: Driving - really good and no complaints at all on this aspect, in fact I look forward to driving it every day, our sports car has been neglected since the IS300h arrived! Tax saving is through PAYE bliss. Looking forward to the next 5000!
  18. Hello All, I would be interested to know what is the highest figures IS250 users (mines an auto) have achieved for distance (Odo) on a tank of petrol and highest Tank Average MPG. I recently managed 465 miles with 6 litres still in the tank and a tank average high of 41.1 that fell to 38.4. Interestingly the tank average figure is rather optimistic after doing the maths needing 58.8 litres to the brim. Cheers.
  19. Hi All, this is my first post. I am the new owner of a lovely but quite well travelled 2001 IS200. She has 108k on the clock and drives beautifully. I have just driven out my first full tank. from 59L I did 349 miles. That is about 26mpg, In my experience Jap NA engines usually score close to their official specs. I was hoping for 29mpg or a bit more. Do you have any tips based on experience of IS200 that are drinkier than usual? My car has a FSH and has only ever visited 2 garages. She is almost due her next service. I thank you for your constructive input. Matt PS: Please no snarky "Buy a diesel remarks" I am a petrol head, I just don't want my car performing worse than it should be.