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Found 25 results

  1. I've been driving my '18 IS300h for almost 3 months now and it's been an absolute pleasure so far. The only thing that bothers me is the noise level coming from the batteries' cooling fan next to the right hand side back seat. Usually this is not a problem for me though as I have the radio on most of the time, but if you have other people in the car it's quite embarrassing for a new car in this price range tbh. Of course it's not on all the time, but quite regularly though. Probably the dealer will say the noise level is normal, but I'm just curious about anybody else's experience on this? Wy does the fan need to cause a whistling sound? The HVAC blower fan doesn't whistle, so why does this cooling fan need to?
  2. Grateful for your thoughts on this start-up noise. Persists for about 20 secs from when the engine kicks in at start-up and cedes thereafter. Probably worth booking it in, but thought I'll check here first to see if anyone else has experienced s'thing similar (or whether this is 'normal'). Thanks in advance, Friso IMG_1090.MOV
  3. Hi guys great forum you have here! I have had a search and not found anything concrete about my issue. So I am going to post. If there is a post already I do apologise and feel free to point me in the right direction. My problem: I have a 2008 RX400h which i love. I have had it over one year now and it doesn't miss a beat. There is however a whirring noise coming from either the drivers front or rear wheel. It appears at random times and doesn't always stay for long. Sometimes however it can be on for a while. Sort of a whirring/light groaning noise but its not constantly on. I have tried to wind the window down however it doesn't seem to make it any easier to hear. I was wondering if it was a wheel baring but I have no idea how to check and it doesnt seem to get any worse etc so not sure if its something todo with the hybrid drive. Any ideas would be greatly received. Thanks in advance. Matthew
  4. Hi! I have a late 2010 IS220D F Sport which comes with electric seat adjustments. The passenger side works as it should and is very quiet. The driver's seat also works well, but when I slide it backwards it is quite noisy - not a squeal but the motor sounds a lot relative to all other movements. The forward movement is very quiet, and I believe its the same motor working in the opposite direction. Any suggestions?
  5. Hi guys Just started my LS400 MK4 1999 and it now makes an extremely loud whining noise. This occurred quite randomly as it was not making noise the other day. Any ideas what it could be? The noise gets worse as the RPMs increase and the pitch gets higher. Power steering seems to be working fine and have not had battery issues as of yet.
  6. Dear experts, Any thoughts would be appreciated... When breaking at low speed, I can sometimes hear a pulsating, grinding noise, which slows as I slow - when breaking. About 3 months ago I had a seized rear calliper replaced (under warranty) on one side. I'm wondering if it might be the case on the other side, or something else? i'll have to take it into Lexus I think, but am still wondering what it could be. Has anyone else heard similar grinding (on,off,on,off ... ) type brake related noises? Regards.
  7. Simonkent

    Noise possible steering

    I have a noise which is difficult to identify , believe it might be to do with power steering as seems more prevalent when turning but can only hear when roof is down and then difficult to separate from road noise. There is a posting on you tube with very similar sound but no suggestion as to how it was cured , old post and for USA Anyone any idea , Lexus dealer could not hear it but only tested with roof up
  8. Time ago I began to feel my car vibrating, especially at low revs. Driving another car with same engine confirmed this, older IS 300h was much quieter. I've noticed my car's engine start up is much harder than before, it feels like there is some resistance. Usually i drive only in urban areas, speeds below 100km/h. Today i drove on a highway and it was really problem to keep 130 km/h. My car for sure has lost a lot of power, or there really is some part making serious resistance in the drivetrain.
  9. Just listen. If don't hear anything, put volume to max.
  10. Hi folks, this is my first post here as I have only owned my CT200H Advance for 3 days! I'm running a 2014 model and notice that when I drive it on motorways, a lot of noise and rumble is being picked up from the road surface. When it drives over a bridge or recently repaired area, the sound changes or fades but never goes away. It is loud enough that I have to boost the radio volume to get a reasonable listening level. The noise starts to become noticeable at speeds over about 50mph and is pretty annoying. It certainly not the smooth elegant silence I would have expected from a luxury brand such as Lexus! I checked with my supplier (the excellent Lexus Cambridge) who advised me that the low profile tyres may pick up more noise than standard tyres. So I wondering, if I were to replace the tyres with standard profile ones, would this reduce the road noise? and can I safely do this without causing any other problems? Also, does anyone offer soundproofing kits that would help reduce noise pickup from the road? Another thing - has anyone else noticed - that the faster you drive, the less 'stereo' seems to come out of the radio/CD player. When its parked you can clearly hear sounds out of the left and right speakers. But when it is driving along, the sound appears to mainly come from the centre speaker and any left/right stereo signal seems to disappear. Most annoying, and again not what I would expect from a luxury vehicle (it is the standard system, not the enhanced Premier system). All the best from Cambridge, UK Paul
  11. Recently purchased a used (2013) IS300H. Really enjoying my first Lexus and the IS300H is a pleasure to drive. The car is generally very quiet. However, I am a little concerned about a 'howling' sort of sound coming from the rear of the car. This is most noticeable when travelling above approx 40/50mph. The sound doesn't sound like a tyre noise, diff whine or failed wheel bearing noise. As I haven't driven another IS300H, I'm not sure if this noise is 'standard'. Any advice?
  12. Hi After owning a 2010 60kmiles GS450 for three months started to notice the engine sound and Electric motor whining. I actually thought the car is dead silent and cannot hear a thing from inside but it is not at all true (at lease in my case). On a cold morning the Engine fires up to a rattles louder than normal noise. Like a Diesel engine. And i also clearly notice the whining noise of the electric motor. Is it just me or am i used to the silence that i hear such noises? Do you notice similar noises? Do you think I having a problem? Looks like i cant really show of to my mates how silent the car is. Thanks Hari
  13. ViperTheLex

    Noise on Braking?

    Ive got a '03 IS200 Sport and its only my second day driving her but ive got a previously un-noticed noise when I brake. From pretty much any speed as I slow down and it drops past 25-20mph theres a banging noise from the drivers side front wheel (or that's where it sounds like anyway). Its always at that speed and it does it 9/10 times when slowing down. harsh braking or soft braking makes no difference. ive replaced both front bottom ball joints and track rod ends and theres no play in the top ball joints. Anyone with any experience of this or any pointers of where I can look? Thanks in advance.
  14. Hello everybody! I am driving GS300H for about a month and i am very satisfied with it. This is not a real issue but i think it is interesting. I had many cars before this and all of them were much louder after cold start. Warmed up engines were always quieter. Now it is different. When I'm driving using power from cold ICE, car is extremely smooth. It feels like as smooth as 6 or maybe 8 cylinder engine. There are 100% no vibrations and only barely noticable engine whistle. Maybe You laugh but comparing to my previous turbo I4 it feels so nice. But... When ICE warms up, it's more like ordinary 4 cylinder, especially at low revs. It is not bad, but when ICE is cold, it is much nicer. Did You realized it too?
  15. I have posted this potential defect description on the "rattles" topic, but I think it's a good idea to start a new topic. The problem is as follows: Just a few days after I've changed my tires for winter ones, I found strange sound and intensive vibration when I'm cruising with a constant speed, about 90 kmph and when an engine is running low, on about 1200-1400 rmps. I don't know, why this effect wasn't appearing on the summer tires. Before changing tires, I met some guy with his IS300h, and he was telling me, that car is great, but when he changed tires to winter ones, the car drives completely different, that he feels like riding on a bad made tarmac. When I meet him, I was on summer tires, so it was clear to me that he has got bad tires, but I have now different tires than he had, and I have the same vibration. Update: On this Saturday I was in the Lexus Service and the service mechanic heard and feels this sound and vibration from the first seconds. Then we checked other IS 300h ("demo car") from the salon on another winter tires. Definitely,the same vibrations and sound are present, happens on the same speed and rpms. My service center wants to check if there are any other records of this issue on Toyota. I'll inform you about any update. Dominik.
  16. LEDMaestro101

    Transmission Whine

    Ok so basically had my IS200 for about 6-7 months and no problems. Just got back from a 500 mile round trip (mostly motorway driving) and now my once dead quiet gearbox is whining like there's no tomorrow. The only gear that doesn't whine is 5th for some reason. I've been through the forum and can't find anything like what I'm experiencing, as in where the car has been fine and then suddenly developed the problem. I've replaced the transmission oil but that hasn't solved it. Any help would be greatly appreciated :)
  17. Hi. some time with my engine emits the sound of this IS300 from the movie ... sounds like a diesel... I've tried different oils, also checked the valve clearance and are OK. I have no strength ... someone met with something similar and solved the problem? thank you in advance for your help.
  18. Hi guys, I'm a newbie to this forum but have owned a Lexus for 5 years now. I had a 57 plate is220D for 5 years without even having to change a light bulb and have recently bought a 4 year old is250C, which is a beaut! Unfortunately The heater has just packed up and it's very cold out! First noticed it last week; it didn't work, then it did, now it's gone again? I read a post that it could be coolant level, I checked it and it was low. I topped it up and still no joy. Thanks
  19. Hi all, First post here! And im now a very proud member of the Lexus Owners Club....Wahhooooo :-) anyway..... I have recently purchased my first Lexus, an IS 220d (2007) with approx 44k miles on the clock. I bought as needed a 4 door car due to a new arrival and absolutely fell in love with the shape and looks of the car, plus the fact i shall own a Lexus! I part ex'ed a new shape fiesta tdci zetec S, and the difference in comfort, power, and equipment is phenomenal! Although, NEVER BUY FROM EVENS HALSHAW!!!! Worst buying experience EVER!!! Anyway, im here to ask a few questions............. After reading here about poor MPG and the EGR valve, i took it upon myself to have a run around and see what mpg i was getting. in a mixture of dual carriageways, and town driving it was averaging 27-36 (it really couldn't make up its mind). I then took it upon myself to disconnect the battery in hope of resetting the ecu to learn my style of driving and clean the EGR valve. By the looks of how gunked up it was with carbon, it had never been done....Pictures to after a hour or so with a screwdriver and some carb cleaner it was looking alot healthier so i bolted it all back together. I then removed the MAF sensor and gave this a clean with the carb cleaner as well to get rid of the crap on the platinum resistance wires.....Battery connected, I started her up and with a cough and a splutter she came to life. I took it for a spin and it appears that the MPG has dropped and if im honest i cant really feel any gain in power, torque or smoothness etc......But at least i know that i have a clean EGR for the next few thousand miles.......To this i am miffed and if you could shed any light i would be appreciative! :-) Also in the engine bay there is a sticker over the ECU housing stating that in 2010 it had an eCU update by lexus dealer code 599.....does anyone know why this would be? I know that the Head Gaskets on this car are renowned for going pop, but at 44k miles im hoping i am the moment! I rang lexus to enquire about it being covered and they have told me that it should be but each case is individual and it depends on service history. It has 4 Lexus service stamps, 1 unipart independent and then one from Evens Halshaw (where i purchased from). Lexus then tried to offer me a warranty for 2 years @ £40pm....i was tempted but i have explained to them that i have a years warranty from Evens Halshaw already. They then told me that after it ends, im still able to have there extended warranty.........Is this something worth doing? Drive wise the car drives as every 220d does. When in gear fine, getting there a bit notchy and long winded due to the ratio......However.....When i depress the clutch i hear a spinning rattly noise.... It does not effect anything and you cant hear with the radio on but with it off you can, and as i only have this to compare with the fiesta diesel i had (as ive only owned these 2 diesels) this normal? The fiesta changed just like a petrol if im honest......? Also the wheels are BRAND NEW not a mark on them, i cant imagine anyone payin]g for a new set so im assuming this must be a warranty thing, and if it is how long are the wheels warranted for? I know i could ring lexus and find out some of the answers but its a right ball ache and makes me feel a bit stupid, plus i believe that people who own the cars can give more insight and better answers!! thank you for your time Liam P.S....heres the pics of the mucky EGR.
  20. Whosthebagdaddy

    Problems With Ct 200H Stereo.

    Is anyone else getting this problem. I have a CT 200h. When driving at speed during the day 70mph plus I get the noise of indicators, wipers when used, anything electrical through the stereo when listening to the radio. At night I get it all the time, at any speed. Always on any FM station. Also, Really fed up with bluetooth dropping out all the time, it loses my phone in the system and will only re-connect when I restart the car itself. So anyone else? Martin
  21. Hi, this is my first post so hope I have done it the right way. Well I have just purchased my first Lexus IS250 Auto in lovely black colour and all I can say is I LOVE IT!!! I have been driving BMW all the time but have moved to Lexus after my brother finally persuaded me (he drives the GS300) Okay so my car has been with me for two months now and used to run like a dream as if I was on water!!! No road noise, no tyre noise nothing what's so this has been all spoilt after I had to change one of my tyres (front passenger side). When I drive I can hear the road all the way up the accelerator pedal...also sometimes the Ouse is pour when I do left turning. I have taken it to the same garage and they say nothing is wrong and that the tyre should wear in with the other tyres in time....well I have driven almost 1000 miles and it is still the same. Has anyone experienced this? I have original 3 continental and one Pirelli part worn which is when all the problem started. Do you think I should get a continental again, I can't swap the tyres to see if it is the problem as my rear is wider. When they guy took the wheel off he tapped it to make it come out...the wheel feel on the hub!!!! Do you think this could be the problem? Pleas help, any advise will he helpful as I am trying to get the ride back to normal.....sweet and quite. Thank you
  22. Hi! I'm currently exploring a few different vehicles with the aim to buy the quietest car in terms of road noise (the noise coming from the tyres on the road). Based on your experience - and with a focus on road noise as well as overall noise experience inside the car - which would you say is the quietest vehicle? Lexus GS300 (around MY 2007) vs. Mercedes E Class Sedan vs. BMW 5 Series Sedan. I would appreciate your thoughts! Yes, I will test drive them all, but I'd still be interested in the experience of others. Cheers..
  23. I have a 2004 is 200 and recently have noticed like a rubbing/slight squeak noise from the front drivers wheel. its not that loud because when the window is up you cannot hear it,only when the window is open it can be heard and its driving me made. I ve had a new ball joint and new brake pads but it still hasn't cured the problem. The local garage must think im some sort of nutter keep ringing up and saying the noise is still there. I don't think its a bearing as the noise is still there when I load the other wheel on a bend Just wondered if there was anyone out there who could help PLEASE its driving me mad
  24. Let me start by saying that I have owned Lexus cars continuously since 2001 - The first was a new GS300 that I sold in perfect condition after 10 years and 200,000 miles. The current one is an LS430 that I bought with 95,000 miles on it a year ago and which has just had its 130,000 mile service. I have driven models from the whole range when lent a car by Lexus Guildford during servicing, and all of them have been simply great - including the IS whose suspension seems to me to be as good as the BMW 3 series I once owned. On the LS430's 130,000 mile service, due to an odd set of circumstances I ended up with the loan car for 3 days and about 350 miles. The loan car was a new CT200 F Sport. I really can't understand the raison d'être for the CT200. I'm still trying to figure out how a car that runs on electricity at low speed can have such a noise at 20 miles/hour, and at 80 miles/hour it's positively deafening - My journey from Gloucester to Guildford actually gave me a headache. As for the suspension, it's simply awful - It claims to be "sporty". It's NOT. it's just far too hard. I was starting to think "OK, it's not for me, but I expect someone younger would appreciate the better road holding" when I took a corner on the slip road from junction 12a to the Gloucester Business Park. I normally take this corner at about 50 miles/hour in the LS430 if I'm not in a hurry. If I'm in a hurry I take it at about 65 mile/hour. In the CT200 the corner was "exciting" as the car was jumping around due to the hard suspension. Imagine my amazement when I looked at the Speedo and found (and I am not exaggerating) that I was doing 40, repeat 40 miles/hour! The guys at Lexus pointed out to me that I have spent the last 12 years driving big luxurious cars, and that may have modified my perception. However, in the last year I've hired a 1.6 diesel Golf for a week in Italy and a 1.4 petrol Clio in Spain for week. Both of these cars was far superior to the CT 200 - They were both quiet and comfortable for three people to travel long distances. Although the performance of the Clio wasn't great, the Golf performed amazingly well. When the CT200 is stationery it's a great car - I just cannot see why it should be ruined by lousy suspension and a total lack of soundproofing. If this was my first experience of a Lexus I wouldn't have bothered to try another. In fact the only good thing I can think of is that it showed me just how staggeringly good my LS430 is and my GS300 was. - I can't imagine owning anything other than a Lexus, but it certainly won't be a 200!
  25. Hi. I'm a bit obsessive about trim rattles and refinement. I'm looking for a car that's nice to drive, suits a guy in his mid 20s, is within budget and on which none of the interior trim rattles, vibrates, buzzes or otherwise makes any noise it isn't designed to make. Someone suggested Lexus and I'm looking at spending £4-5000 on an IS200. IS200 owners - does your interior trim rattle or vibrate? I'd also be grateful for comments on overall refinement. How loud is the engine noise and tyre roar on the motorway? Do you find the ride harsh and jarring? I've read a fair few reviews and often they don't even mention this stuff, and when they do they contradict one another so I've come to the source to see what people who live with these cars daily think. Thanks a lot.